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Graded Stakes Winner Williamstown Dead at 25

The 25-year-old son of Seattle Slew was euthanized Feb. 25 due to complications with equine protozoal myeloencephalitis. Read More

Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists Acquires Standing MRI

Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists signed an agreement to install the unit at its facility near Belmont Park. Read More

BLM Seeks Bids for Off-Range Pastures for Wild Horses

The BLM is seeking pasture facilities that can provide a free-roaming environment for horses removed from rangelands. Read More

Stakeholders Issue Statement on British Anti-Doping Rules

North America Thoroughbred stakeholders respond to the British Horseracing Authority's new Equine Anti-Doping Rules. Read More

Participation Sought in Study on JIE in Arabians

Researchers are working to identify the genetic cause of juvenile idiopathic epilepsy (JIE) in Arabian horses. Read More

Burlington Co., New Jersey, Horse Tests Positive for EHV-1

A 5-year-old Westampton horse was euthanized after testing positive for neurologic EHV-1. Read More

BLM to Gather Horses in Southern Utah

The BLM Utah Cedar City Field Office says the horses are causing public health and safety concerns along Highway 21. Read More

Additional Neurologic EHV-1 Case Confirmed in Virginia

The horse is recovering in isolation at the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center in Leesburg. Read More

Four Ways to Help Keep Your Horse Healthy

A wellness plan is a proactive approach in caring for your horse. Read More

Test Horses Annually for Equine Infectious Anemia

Here's why following testing regulations for equine infectious anemia is critical to maintaining good horse health. Read More

BLM Begins Fish Creek Wild Horse Gather

The gather, expected to last 10 days, will be followed by a wild horse adoption event on Feb. 28. Read More

Neurologic EHV-1 Confirmed in Galveston County, Texas

Officials have confirmed two cases of neurologic EHV-1 in horses at two stables in northwestern Galveston County. Read More

BLM Seeking Comments on Proposed Colorado Gather Plan

The BLM is proposing to gather excess horses in the West Douglas area and Piceance-East Douglas areas. Read More

Thoroughbred Incentive Program Approves 750 Shows for 2015

The TIP has approved awards and classes for nearly 750 shows in 43 states and Canadian provinces during 2015. Read More

Humboldt Herd Area Wild Horse Gather Concludes

A total of 303 wild horses were gathered from the range, located 10 miles northeast of Lovelock, Nevada. Read More

Time to Ride Invests in Growing the Horse Industry

The American Horse Council's Marketing Alliance has grown to include 20 organizations and businesses. Read More

Australian Veterinarians Defend Equine Hendra Vaccine

Equine veterinarians are responding to recent social media commentary criticizing the hendra vaccine's safety. Read More

Newborn Foals Could Offer Clues About Autism

Researchers at UC Davis are exploring a possible link between neonatal maladjustment syndrome and childhood autism. Read More

ASPCA Grants More Than $1.1 Million to Equine Groups in 2014

The ASPCA's Equine Fund awarded more than $1.1 million in grants to support 169 equine rescues in 2014. Read More

Time to Ride Stables Receive Grants to Welcome Newcomers

Time to Ride supports stables, businesses, and organizations attempting to connect new enthusiasts to horses. Read More

Studying Emerging Diseases in the Equine Industry

Dr. Scott Weese studies microbial populations in the horses' digestive tracts, infection sources and carriers, and more. Read More

Final Vesicular Stomatitis Quarantines Released in Colorado

In all, there were 556 livestock investigations in the state resulting in 370 quarantines. Read More

Drugs and Your Horse: The Dangers of Medicating

Improper use of some common equine drugs can impact our horses' health and safety more than some might think. Read More

Australian Vets Support New Racing Rule on Cobalt

The Australian Racing Board has set a threshold of 200 micrograms for cobalt. Read More

BLM Gathering Horses in Humboldt Herd Area

The BLM will gather and remove approximately 200 wild horses from the range. Read More