Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

North Carolina Mill Recalls Horse Feed

Bartlett Milling Co. has recalled some of its horse feed due to possible Rumensin contamination. Read More

Nevada, Wild Horse Advocates Clash over Estrays

In a statement, authorities said gathers only take place when horses pose a danger to themselves or the public. Read More

Wyoming Legislators to Study Wild Horse Management

A state committee voted to draft a resolution to study the animals' environmental impact on the state's rangelands. Read More

Smartphone App Helps Animal Cruelty Investigators

The app allows users to record videos of suspected animal cruelty and to establish GPS coordinates of the alleged crime. Read More

Wild Horse Advocates Seek Lawsuit Dismissal

The lawsuit asks the Bureau of Land Management to remove excess horses from public and private land in Utah. Read More

Walking Horse Advocates Target North Carolina State Fair

Advocates targeted the fair to protest the inclusion of Tennessee Walking Horse performance classes in its horse show. Read More

Rare South Carolina Ponies Relocated

A trio of wild Marsh ponies has been relocated to a safer location after another pony was killed by a motorist. Read More

Tennessee Horseman Petitions for Equine Rights

But one city official believes the petition is intended to promote equestrian use of a municipal trail in Johnson City. Read More

Ohio Authorities Probe Horse Hair Thefts

The Oct. 12 incident is the latest in a series of horse hair thefts in central Ohio. Read More

Texas Authorities Probe Horse Abandonment

The older mare was found with a broken jaw and an injury to her left hind leg. Read More

Horses Removed from Illegal Slaughter Farm in Florida

Authorities removed 10 horses--including three off-the-track Thoroughbreds--from a property in Southwest Miami-Dade. Read More

When to Leave the Boarding Barn

Deciding when to move your horse is a subjective decision, but here are a few factors that could influence your choice. Read More

Ponies Perish in Kentucky Barn Fire

The blaze claimed the lives of 10 ponies residing near the Oldham and Shelby county line in Kentucky on Oct. 6. Read More

Louisiana Man Charged in Horse Theft

A Louisiana man has been charged with theft after allegedly stealing a horse before selling the animal at an auction. Read More

Woman Charged in Nevada Equine Cruelty Case

A woman is facing multiple cruelty counts after authorities removed more than 30 horses from her ranch near Las Vegas. Read More

Mutilated Mare Receiving Care in Texas

The allegedly malnourished 4- or 5-year-old Paint mare had her vagina cut out and was stabbed inside that initial wound. Read More

Horse Drowns on Oregon Beach

The horse reportedly fell and was unable to rise before being washed into the ocean, where the animal drowned. Read More

Owner Charged in Utah Horse Deaths

A Utah owner has been charged in the deaths of 10 horses found without access to water in July. Read More

How Many Horses Makes a Hoarder?

One rescuer says hoarding has less to do with many animals than with abuse. So is it time to redefine a horse hoarder? Read More

TWH Celebration Veterinary Group Releases Preliminary Report

Officials say X rays at the event showed no signs of improper pressure shoeing or foreign objects in shoeing devices. Read More

Horses Removed from King Fire Path

While firefighters battle the California wildfire, more than 20 horses are receiving care at a county fairgrounds. Read More

Horses Removed from Black Forest Farm

The allegedly maltreated herd--including a high-profile cutting horse--were found living among several dead horses. Read More

FBI to Report Animal Cruelty Statistics

The FBI's Uniform Crimes Report will add animal cruelty statistics to its National Incident Based Reporting System. Read More

Horse Thief Charged in Texas

An Oklahoma man wanted in connection with the theft of four Texas horses has turned himself in to authorities. Read More

Reward Offered in California Pony Shooting

Authorities hope a cash reward will help identify those responsible for shooting a pony in its Sonoma County pasture. Read More