Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Dozens of Horses Displaced by Smoky Mountain Wildfire

Some horses and ponies have been evacuated as their owners wait to see the full extent of the fire's damage. Read More

Arizona House Members Seek Salt River Herd Growth Control

The bipartisan group called for Salt River mares to be treated with porcine zona pellucida to manage herd growth. Read More

Arrest Ends Man's Nearly 700-Mile Horseback Ride

A man is facing charges for riding an allegedly maltreated horse from Greenwood, South Carolina, to Miami-Dade, Florida. Read More

Meet the U.S. Army Caisson Horses

These iconic horses serve an important role and receive meticulous consideration when it's time for them to retire. Read More

Florida Man Arrested for Selling Horsemeat

Manuel Coto-Martinez is facing multiple charges after selling horsemeat to undercover law enforcement officers. Read More

Texas Horse Herd Seized

More than 50 allegedly maltreated horses are receiving rehabilitative care after being seized from a Hill County farm. Read More

Wild Horse Sanctuary Must Rehome Horses Before Dec. 1

Any horses and burros not adopted by Dec. 1 will be sold at auction. Read More

Reward to Find Salt River Foal Shooter Grows

A reward for information being offered in connection to the fatal shooting has grown to $25,000. Read More

Settlement Lets Ohio Girl Keep Service Horse

The disabled girl will be permitted to keep her Miniature Horse on residential property in Blue Ash, Ohio. Read More

Kansas Authorities Probe Horse Killing

A 22-year-old Quarter Horse mare was shot and killed; her 7-month-old foal was unharmed. Read More

BLM Off-Range Facilities Inefficient, OIG Finds

The OIG also says the off-range facility use is noncompliant with some federal regulations and lacks strategic planning, Read More

Louisiana Man Accused of Horse Theft

Jonas Gibson is accused of stealing at least three racehorses. Read More

New York Horse Shooter Sentenced

Robert Webster Jr. will serve a prison term and pay restitution to the owner of the horse that died after being shot. Read More

Vermont Horse Shooter Arrested, Charged

Quinton Clayton is facing multiple charges for allegedly shooting and killing a Quarter Horse with a bow and arrow. Read More

Making it Legal: Equine Lease, Sales, and Boarding Contracts

Getting any horse agreement in writing can help you avoid a trip to court. Here's what you should know. Read More

Yoho Urges Soring Rule Approval Before Administration Change

Representative Ted Yoho (R-FL) is the primary sponsor of the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act in the current Congress. Read More

Deputies Seek Shooter of Salt River Foal

Authorities found that a foal belonging to the Salt River herd, which is protected under state law, was shot and killed. Read More

Trailer Crash in Knoxville Kills 10 Horses

A veterinarian treated several surviving horses for superficial wounds. Read More

Court Rules Borells Have No Claim to Seized Horses

The ruling noted that Charles Borell relinquished his ownership of the horses in connection with his Alford plea deal. Read More

ND Authorities Offer Reward in Horse, Cattle Killing Cases

The North Dakota Stockmen's Association offers a $10,000-plus reward after a mare was shot and skinned. Read More

ISPMB President Says Horse Deaths 'Misrepresented'

Karen Sussman was accused of maltreating horses; a former employee alleged that 30 animals had died of malnutrition. Read More

New Beginnings Horse Rescue Operator Indicted

Cassy Newell-Reed was indicted on animal cruelty charges months after officials declined to prosecute previous charges. Read More

Crash Claims Show Horses En Route to Quarter Horse Congress

Two horses were euthanized after being ejected from a trailer that overturned in Ohio. Read More

Court Tosses Wyoming Mustang Removal Appeal

Wyoming had been seeking the removal of wild horses from the state's Checkerboard area. Read More

Wild Horse Sanctuary Herd Impounded

The impoundment is part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of horse maltreatment at the South Dakota facility. Read More