Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Horse Herd Removed From Texas Riding Stable

Nearly 30 horses are receiving rehabilitative care after bring removed from a riding stable near Galveston, Texas. Read More

New York Authorities Probe Horse Shootings

Two horses were shot by hunters; one horse died in the incident while the other is receiving veterinary treatment. Read More

Coyotes Blamed for Michigan Horse's Death

Five or six coyotes attacked the 27-year-old mare, who was subsequently euthanized as a result of her injuries. Read More

Arizona Pair Accused of Horse Theft

Two Arizona women are facing felony theft charges after being arrested for allegedly stealing a Mohave County horse. Read More

Cox Voluntarily Recalls Equine Ulcer Drug

Cox Veterinary Laboratory has recalled and ceased production of Gastroade Xtra because it is not FDA-approved. Read More

Arabian Association Rescinds Horses' Registrations

The registrations were revoked after it was determined the champion horses were not, in fact, half-Arabians. Read More

Oklahoma Farm Owner Rebuilds After Fire

A farm owner in Norman, Oklahoma, is rebuilding after a barn fire claimed the lives of three horses. Read More

Horses Removed from Houston, Texas, Neighborhood

Eight allegedly malnourished horses from four locations within a single neighborhood are receiving rehabilitative care. Read More

Maryland Street Vendor Horses Removed

Fourteen horses used to pull vendor wagons are receiving care after authorities removed them from their stables. Read More

Allegedly Maltreated Horses Relocated

A herd of 41 allegedly maltreated horses from Nevada County, California, is receiving rehabilitative care. Read More

Proposed Montana Law Would Protect Police Horses

Proposed legislation would protect horses used by Montana police from harm while in the line of duty. Read More

Appeals Court Rules AQHA Can Reject Clones

The ruling overturned a lower court decision mandating that the AQHA include clones in its registry. Read More

Heater Blamed for Deadly Ohio Barn Fire

A portable heater used to heat water is being blamed for the barn fire that killed 15 horses in Tallmadge, Ohio. Read More

Cold Claims Illinois Horse

An Illinois owner is facing charges after a horse died after being exposed to severe winter weather. Read More

Hialeah, Florida, Horse Found Slaughtered

Police said an owner found his horse slaughtered in his barn when he went to feed then animal on Jan. 7. Read More

State of Florida Fines Contaminated Horse Feed Manufacturer

Florida agricultural officials fined Lakeland Animal Nutrition $4,000 for the contaminated feed on Jan. 6. Read More

Arizona Authorities Probe Alleged Animal Cruelty

Several horses are receiving rehabilitative care after being seized by Maricopa County, Arizona, authorities. Read More

ADM Releases Statement on South Carolina Horse Feed Incident

A farm owner says three horses died and another was sickened after consuming contaminated feed produced by ADM. Read More

Oklahoma Horse Left for Dead Now Recovering

The horse's injuries include a fractured jaw, missing eyelids, a missing ear, and other wounds. Read More

Contaminated Feed Blamed for South Carolina Horse Deaths

Contaminated feed is being blamed for the deaths of two South Carolina horses and the illness of another. Read More

Feds Seek Seizure of Crundwell Trophies

Prosecutors hope to seize competition trophies and other items belonging to convicted embezzler Rita Crundwell. Read More

Settlement Reached in Florida Horse Deaths

Owners of horses that ingested recalled feed have reached a settlement with Lakeland Animal Nutrition Inc. Read More

Couple Files Lawsuit Over Horse, Donkey Deaths

The lawsuit alleges a Wisconsin county is responsible for the deaths after the animals were allegedly unlawfully seized. Read More

Horse Rescue Operators Share Christmas Wish Lists

The holidays are prime time for supporting charities, and horse rescues often top equine enthusiasts' lists. Read More

Good Horse Keeping and Other Advice From Equine Rescuers

Rescue operators share advice on small steps owners can take to keep their horses out of less-than-ideal situations. Read More