Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Florida Woman Accused of Grand Theft Involving Horses

Elena Escoda allegedly stole three show horses valued in excess of $220,000 and attempted to sell one of them online. Read More

BLM Cites Herd Growth as One Cause of $1 Billion Shortfall

But some wild horse advocates believe the shortfall is due to the agency's failure to manage the animals effectively. Read More

Tax on Horse Sales Proposed in Oklahoma

Oklahoma currently levies a sales tax of 8.357% on livestock, but horse sales are exempt. Read More

IHC Considers Alleged Viral Horse Trainer Incident

Leadership is considering its response to the incident and whether or not to revoke Logan Allen's championship title. Read More

Legislation Protecting Salt River Horses Becomes Law

The bill protects the feral horses and places them under Maricopa County Sheriff's Department and USFS jurisdiction. Read More

Reward Offered in Arkansas Horse Shooting

The owners of Jarratt Stables, in Forrest City, reported finding one of their horses dead in a pasture on May 4. Read More

Congressman's Email Draws Ire From Oregon Dressage Riders

A group of Oregon equestrians are concerned that a letter from a Congressman might erroneously link soring to dressage. Read More

Los Angeles Police: Horse Death Appears Accidental

Investigators believe the horse probably died of strangulation after being improperly loaded into a trailer. Read More

Adopting a Mustang: What It Takes

Considering adopting a mustang? Here's what you need to know. Read More

Veterinarians Balance Economics With Equine Welfare in Haiti

Learn how vets are trying to improve working equid health and welfare within their owners' economic confines. Read More

Florida Police Seek Miniature Horse Shooter

An owner in Palmetto reported April 18 that her Miniature Horse had been shot during the overnight hours of April 17. Read More

House Committee Passes Anti-Slaughter Amendment

One bill sponsor said the legislation is designed to protect horses while keeping the U.S. food supply safe. Read More

More Than 100 Horses Rescued From Houston Floods

Dozens of equids have been moved to higher ground while five endurance horses remain missing. Read More

Jury Awards Millions for Polo Pony Deaths

In 2009, 21 polo ponies died after receiving an improperly compounded selenium, vitamin B, and potassium product. Read More

Bill Would Put Salt River Herd Under State Jurisdiction

The bill would protect the feral horses and place them under Maricopa County Sheriff's Department and USFS jurisdiction. Read More

Dead Horse Found on Los Angeles Street

California police are searching for whoever killed a horse, then tied the dead animal to a pole on a Los Angeles street. Read More

On the Mend, 'Lily' Released from Hospital

The mare shot more than 100 times with a paintball gun will continue treatment at an undisclosed location. Read More

Utah Man Charged in Horse Dragging Incident

A Utah man is facing animal cruelty charges after allegedly dragging a draft horse behind a truck. Read More

APHIS Seeks Anti-Soring Rule Change

The proposed role would place the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service in charge of enforcing the law. Read More

Accused Florida Slaughter Farm Owner Convicted

A man accused of operating an illegal slaughter farm in Palm Beach County has been found guilty of cruelty to animals. Read More

Former Virginia Horse Rescue Operator Indicted for Fraud

Anne Goland was indicted on several embezzlement counts related to an animal cruelty investigation that began last year. Read More

Man Accused of Maltreating 'Lily'

A Rhode Island man is facing charges for allegedly maltreating the mare who was shot with a paintball gun. Read More

Horse Hit in Drive-By Shooting

Oklahoma City police are seeking those responsible for a shooting that injured a rider and a horse. Read More

Men Accused of Maltreating Horses at Ohio Fairgrounds

Five men were charged in connection to two allegedly maltreated horses residing at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. Read More

Reward Offered for Information on Lily's Abusers

Investigators hope a $10,000 reward will help them find whomever who shot an elderly mare with a paintball gun. Read More