Nancy S. Loving, DVM

Nancy S. Loving, DVM, owns Loving Equine Clinic in Boulder, Colorado, and has a special interest in managing the care of sport horses. Her book, All Horse Systems Go, is a comprehensive veterinary care and conditioning resource in full color that covers all facets of horse care. She has also authored the books Go the Distance as a resource for endurance horse owners, Conformation and Performance, and First Aid for Horse and Rider in addition to many veterinary articles for both horse owner and professional audiences.

Articles by Nancy Loving

Oral vs. IV Bute Administration and Drug Testing (AAEP 2012)

Researchers evaluated if half-doses of Bute resulted in different plasma concentrations than full doses. Read More

New Test Could Detect Equine Lyme Disease Sooner (AAEP 2012)

The new Lyme disease test can reportedly detect antibodies as early as two to four weeks following infection. Read More

Top Equine Reproduction Studies of 2012 (AAEP 2012)

Dr. Pat McCue gives a rundown on a number of 2012's practical equine reproductive studies. Read More

Building a Veterinarian-Farrier Relationship (AAEP 2012)

Veterinarians and farriers must work as a team to manage a horse's athletic soundness and performance. Read More

Podiatry Table Topic: A Focus on Laminitis (AAEP 2012)

Laminitis is a devastating disease that does not discriminate based on a horse's age, breed, or discipline. Read More

Selecting the Best Joint Therapy Approach

One veterinarian reviews different non-steroidal joint medications commonly used in equine joint therapy. Read More

Hind-Limb Flexion Test Times Compared (AAEP 2012)

In this particular study, the 5- and 60-second flexions did not yield the same results. Read More

Optimizing Piroplasmosis Treatment Protocols (AAEP 2012)

Researchers examined ways to minimize gastrointestinal complications when treating EP with imidocarb. Read More

Using Intra-Articular Corticosteroids (AAEP 2012)

With appropriate care and use, vets can mitigate some risks associated with intra-articular corticosteroids. Read More

Top Medicine Studies of 2012 (AAEP 2012)

Dr. Stephen Reed recaps studies on endocrinology, neurologic and muscle disorders, foal health, and more. Read More

BLM Board Member Describes Wild Horse, Burro Management (AAEP 2012)

One veterinarian provides insight on BLM wild horse and burro project and the challenges it faces. Read More

Two Supplements' Effects on Nonglandular Ulcers (AAEP 2012)

Some nutritionists have speculated that certain dietary supplements might assist with equine ulcer management. Read More

Selecting, Administering Joint Injection Drugs to Prevent Sepsis (AAEP 2012)

Veterinarians must take several steps to minimize the horse's chances of developing a joint infection. Read More

Recognizing a Club Foot: Foals to Adults (AAEP 2012)

Horse owners and veterinarians can identify a club foot based on classic signs and grades of severity. Read More

Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship Overview

One vet says an active veterinarian-client-patient relationship is needed to provide the best care for horses. Read More

Hoof Radiographs' Role In Practical Farriery (AAEP 2012)

One vet says radiographs can help in assessing a horse's feet and developing a plan to maximize soundness. Read More

Laminitis Research Group Still Recruiting Cases (AAEP 2012)

Owners of laminitic horses can speak with their veterinarian about registering to be included in the study. Read More

Factors Associated with Surviving Potomac Horse Fever (AAEP 2012)

While PHF has a serious clinical impact on affected horses, some parameters are associated with survival. Read More

Law, Morals, and Ethics in Equine Practice (AAEP 2012)

One vet says the best way to ensure equine welfare is "through a synergism of law, morals, and ethics." Read More

OSHA and the Equine Practitioner (AAEP 2012)

Safety in the workplace is as important in veterinary medicine as anywhere else. Read More

Flunixin Meglumine Doses: More or Less? (AAEP 2012)

A double dose of the drug proved no more effective than a single dose and presented a higher toxicity risk. Read More

Speaker Coaches Veterinarians on Effective Communication (AAEP 2012)

Dieken said If veterinarians can effectively influence their communications they'll have clients for life. Read More

Tumors and Treatments

These lumps and bumps can mean trouble, but researchers are making headway in defining treatment strategies. Read More

How Much Does a Horse Cost?

A look at what it really costs to own a horse besides the initial purchase price. Read More

Gallium Nitrate and R. Equi Shedding (AAEP 2011)

Treatment of mares with oral gallium nitrate significantly reduced fecal concentrations of virulent R. equi. Read More