Stephanie L. Church, Editor-in-Chief

Stephanie L. Church, Editor-in-Chief, received a B.A. in Journalism and Equestrian Studies from Averett College in Danville, Virginia. A Pony Club and 4-H graduate, her background is in eventing, and she is schooling her recently retired Thoroughbred racehorse, Happy, toward a career in that discipline. She also enjoys traveling, photography, cycling, and cooking in her free time.

Articles by Stephanie L. Church

The ABCs of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine for Horses

Researchers are studying and using everything from MSCs to PRP and ACS to BMPs. Here are the basics you should know. Read More

Proper Hand Hygiene Prevents Equine Disease

A veterinarian reviews proper hand hygiene techniques to help prevent equine disease spread during exams and procedures. Read More

Mending Tendon and Joint Injuries with PRP

One vet says early treatment and rehabilitation techniques are key to successful platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Read More

Choose Tendon Injury Cases Carefully for Stem Cell Success

Practitioners should choose cases and prepare cells carefully for the best chance of treatment success, one vet says. Read More

Horse Nutrition Tweets from the Purina Horse VIP Event

Read our editor's take-home equine nutrition tweets from the Purina Professional Horse VIP Meeting Sept. 15-17. Read More

Working Equid Disease: A South African Vet's Perspective

Veterinarians must consider both athletic and working horses when preventing equine disease in South Africa. Read More

Epizootic Lymphangitis: A Working Equid Disease

Epizootic lymphangitis (EZL) causes skin and eye lesions and loss of use in working horses and donkeys. Read More

Belgian JEB Carrier Rate Steady; Mare Testing To Be Required

Such testing requirements aim to prevent the birth of JEB foals and reduce the number of carriers. Read More

Friesians' Blood Work Alike but Different

Vets caring for Friesians should interpret a few tests differently than they would in the average horse. Read More

CEM Screening Techniques Tested

Researchers sought to find the optimal test method and swab sites for CEM screenings in South Africa. Read More

Grandin on Keeping Horses Calm During Handling

Dr. Temple Grandin gave the keynote at the 2013 American College of Theriogenology Symposia and Conference. Read More

Horse Pain and its Impact on Reproduction

Learn how equine pain might influence reproduction ability, along with how to detect subtle signs of pain. Read More

Accessory Sex Glands in Geldings: Establishing the Norm

Geldings can still develop problems in the reproductive tract, particularly in the accessory sex glands. Read More

The Horse, Win Media Awards

The Horse and collected seven awards from American Horse Publications. Read More

Road to the Horse Q&A with the Remuda Veterinarian

Glenn Blodgett, DVM, of the 6666 Ranch described caring for horses selected as Road to the Horse participants. Read More

Florida EHV-1: Another Farm Quarantine Lifted

Quarantine was lifted on a Wellington farm housing a horse that had shared HITS stabling with an EHV-1 case. Read More

Colic Researchers: Tight Junctions Crucial in Gut Function

A research team is examining how infectious disease and inflammation impact cells in the horse's gut. Read More

Microbiomes: It's All About Balance

Veterinarians are starting to understand the complexity and diversity of equine microbiome. Read More

Equine Infection Control Management

Veterinarians are uniquely equipped to tailor infectious disease prevention programs, one researcher says. Read More

Regulatory Veterinarian Checks in Horse Racing

At the center of vet checks is a close examination for signs of general illness, injury, or lameness. Read More

Kissing Spines: Common, But Not Career-Ending (AAEP 2011)

Kissing spines are more likely to cause clinical problems in certain breeds, disciplines, and age groups. Read More

Starving Horse Series: Freeway Shows Signs of Improvement

Freeway, the starving horse that Sue Thompson of Clayton, Calif., rescued in late 2007 and has rehabilitated over the past year, could be a step closer to recovery. The Quarter Read More

Saving a Starving Horse: Part 2

The second part in aseries on saving Freeway, a horse rescued from starvation and neglect by a passer-by. Read More

Saving a Starving Horse: Part 1

She could've just kept driving. But instead of dismissing the idea of intervention as someone else's sad Read More

UK Group Organizes Skydives for Strangles Research

The British Horse Society (BHS) has announced that it's recruiting volunteers from across the U.K. for fundraising skydives aimed to support researchers examining strangles.

A release from the U.K. organization noted that participants Read More