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'Revel' Tops's Rescue to Rockstar Contest

Jessica Gonzalez's story about her former carriage horse Revel garnered 691 reactions from Facebook fans. Read More

Infographic: Staying Sane on Stall Rest

Confinement is difficult but often necessary for healing. Learn how to keep horses healthy while on stall rest. Read More

10 Horse Behavior Resources on

We've scoured our archives and gathered 10 resources you can use to decode your horses' behavior. Read More

Enter The Horse's 'From Rescue to Rockstar' Contest

Submit your rescue horse's story for a chance to be featured on and entered to win a prize pack! Read More

Infographic: Sunburn and Horses

Sun damage is serious in horses. In this infographic, find how to protect you pink-skinned horses from the sun. Read More

10 Equine Skin Problem Resources on

Learn about a variety of skin issues and prepare to battle tricky-to-treat conditions with these free resources. Read More

10 Severe Weather Preparation Resources on

Get 10 severe weather resources you can use to prepare your horses and farm for disasters before they occur. Read More

Five New York Horses Confirmed With Equine Infectious Anemia

Officials have quarantined the farm where all five infected horses reside. Read More

2016 Western Veterinary Conference: Wednesday's Top Tweets

Tweets and take-homes from the 2016 Western Veterinary Conference's equine acupuncture and emergencies sessions. Read More

2016 Western Veterinary Conference: Tuesday's Top Tweets

Tweets and take-homes from the equine lameness and colic sessions at the 2016 Western Veterinary Conference. Read More

Equine Rabies Reported in Florida

This is Florida's first reported equine rabies case of 2016. Read More

2016 Western Veterinary Conference: Monday's Top Tweets

View some of our news editor's tweets and take-homes from Day 1 of the 2016 Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas. Read More

10 Vesicular Stomatitis Resources on

Learn about this pathogen that's spreading across the country and how to keep your horse from contracting it. Read More

Do You Vaccinate Your Horse for Rabies? Readers Weigh In

Readers share their thoughts on vaccinating horses for rabies following a recently confirmed equine case. Read More

Manure Management Workshops Scheduled in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania law requires any operation that generates manure to complete and implement a manure management plan. Read More

The Horse's Top Special Features of 2015

Learn about donkeys, leptospirosis, West Nile virus, influenza, preparing for disasters, and working equids. Read More

The Horse's Top Infographics of 2015

Topics included stress, scratches, hoof abscesses, deworming, vaccinations, metabolic syndrome, healthy coats, and more. Read More

The Horse's Top Podcasts of 2015

Learn about winter care, hay options, conditioning horses, rehabbing after injury, beet pulp vs. rice bran, and more. Read More

The Horse's Top Free Reports of 2015

Popular report topics include navicular disease, hay, blanketing, evacuation planning, and more. Read More

The Horse's Top Slideshows of 2015

Topics included navicular syndrome, equitation science, feeder and waterer options, rescue horses, and more. Read More

The Horse's Top Videos of 2015

View videos on topics including navicular disease, saddle fitting, body condition scoring, joint treatments, and more. Read More

The Horse's Top Blog Posts of 2015

Popular blog topics included pasture management, old horses, saddle fit, trailer safety, and more. Read More

The Horse's Top Instagram Posts of 2015

Glance through 10 of the most popular moments captured on The Horse's Instagram account. Read More

The Horse's Top Articles of 2015

Readers learned about a variety of topics from sweat marks under saddles and laminitis to beet pulp and hoof cracks. Read More

Wednesday's Top Tweets from the 2015 AAEP Convention

Tweets and take-homes from sessions on equine respiratory health, medicine, wobbler's syndrome, and more. Read More