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Take-Homes from February KENA Discussion on EHV-1

Read our editor's take-home EHV-1 tweets from the Kentucky Horse Council's KENA meeting held Feb. 21. Read More

Are You Ready for Spring?

Join The Horse's Countdown to Spring Challenge and get your horses and farms ready for warmer weather! Read More

10 Equine Dentistry Resources on

February is the AVMA's national pet dental health month. Brush up on your equine dental knowledge with these resources. Read More

The Horse's Top Instagram Posts of 2016

View some of the most popular moments captured on The Horse's Instagram account. Read More's Top Blogs of 2016

Read posts from Horses and the Law, Smart Horse Keeping, Old Horses: Better With Age, At Home with Horses, and more. Read More's Top Podcasts of 2016

Audio features on behavior, old horse care, mud management, skin issues, caring for your new horse, and more. Read More's Top Infographics of 2016

View information on skin conditions, deworming, staying sane on stall rest, feeding, conditioning, and more. Read More's Top Videos of 2016

View videos on vision, fear, the hoof, assessing the foal after birth, EIPH, trimming old horses' hooves, and more. Read More's Top Slideshows of 2016

Popular slideshows included those on skin conditions, horse properties, pasture weeds, the Rio Olympics, and more. Read More's Top Free Reports of 2016

Popular topics included body condition, bisphosphonates, horse identification, hoof problems, deworming, and more. Read More's Top Articles of 2016

Articles on behavior and equitation science, wound care, laminitis, beet pulp, hoof care, and more were popular in 2016. Read More

Join The Horse for an AAEP 2016 Trade Show Tour

The Horse hit the trade show floor to learn more about a few of the exhibitors and their companies at AAEP. Read More

Wednesday's Top Tweets from the 2016 AAEP Convention

Top tweets and take-homes from sessions on PSSM, laminitis studies, equine tongue tumors, and more! Read More

Tuesday's Top Tweets from the 2016 AAEP Convention

Tweets and take-homes from sessions on lameness, rehabilitation, equine back issues, and more! Read More

Monday's Top Tweets from the 2016 AAEP Convention

Tweets and take-homes from sessions on biosecurity, equine collapse, MRI, industry issues, and more! Read More

Sunday's Top Tweets from the 2016 AAEP Convention

Tweets from the Kester News Hour and other sessions on dental care, soft tissue injuries, saddle fit, and more. Read More

Zoetis, The Horse Partner for Flu Week

Look for special equine influenza educational information Dec. 4-10 as part of National Influenza Week. Read More

The Horse 2017 Calendar is Here! Order Now

Each month features a question and answer from an Ask TheHorse Live podcast to make a practical addition to any barn. Read More

The Horse Readers, Staff Share Why They're Thankful

Take time this Thanksgiving to reflect about the people, experiences, and horses that you're thankful for. Read More

10 Skin Tumor Resources on

While some lumps and bumps are typically of little consequence, others can pose serious problems. Learn more. Read More

Tips for Preparing Horses for Cold Weather

Use these 10 veterinarian-approved tips for keeping your horse healthy and comfortable as winter approaches. Read More

Infographic: Sweet Itch in Horses

Do you have an itchy horse? Learn more about insect bite hypersensitivity with our visual guide! Read More

Enter's "Why Does My Horse Do That?" Contest

A video of your horse's behavior could win an evaluation by Dr. Sue McDonnell and a prize pack from Zylkene Equine. Read More

'Romeo' Tops's Sun-Sensitivity Contest Facebook fans selected Romeo as the overall winner of the "Help! My Horse is Sun-Sensitive" contest. Read More

2016 BEVA Congress: Friday's Top Tweets

Top take-homes from presentations on regenerative medicine, eye issues, racing performance and injuries, and more. Read More