Taking Care of Your Horse's Teeth

Is your horse's dental care current? Learn about dental disease, oral care, and tooth-related behavior issues.

Is your horse up-to-date on his dental care? Learn about equine dental disease, proper oral care for horses, behavior issues caused by tooth problems, and get your questions answered!

We’ve also compiled 10 important resources on equine dental care available to you for free on TheHorse.com.

About the Experts

Lynn A. Caldwell, DVM

Lynn Caldwell, DVM, a 1993 graduate of Purdue’s College of Veterinary Medicine, owns Silverton Equine Veterinary Services in Silverton, Oregon. Her professional focus is equine dentistry, and she's served on the American Associate of Equine Practitioners’ Equine Dentistry Committee as a member and chairperson. She frequently speaks on the subject of equine dental care.