10 Winter Horse Care Resources on TheHorse.com

10 Winter Horse Care Resources on TheHorse.com

Our horses handle cold much better than we do. They have several unique ways to stay comfortable in severe weather and do well if allowed to adapt to colder temperatures gradually.

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Horses have been surviving brutal winters in the wild for centuries. Today, humans have the ability to make their horses comfortable in even the coldest and most brutal winter conditions. As many parts of the United States are facing brutally cold temperatures and mounting snow accumulation, the staff at TheHorse.com took a look through our archives to find some important winter horse care articles that can help you keep your horses happy and healthy this winter.

For more winter horse care resources, search "winter" or visit the winter care subtopic on TheHorse.com.

ARTICLE: The Hardy Horse  Our horses handle cold much better than we do. They have several unique ways to stay comfortable in severe weather and do well if allowed to adapt to colder temperatures gradually. Read More

ARTICLE: Horse Health Recommendations for Extreme Winter Conditions Pamela Wilkins, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ACVECC, offers some recommendations for horse safety in extreme winter conditions. Read More

ARTICLE: To Blanket or Not to Blanket? A Good Cold-Weather Question Primary considerations in horse blanketing are hair coat and environmental temperature. Here is some information that will assist you in making the right blanketing decision for your horse. Read More

SPECIAL REPORT: 10 Tips for Winterizing Your Horse Whether your region’s winter weather consists of cooler temps and occasional rains or you’re in for months of frigid winds and endless snowfall, you can take steps to make the season more manageable.  From blanket maintenance to caring for the coat and adjusting feed to assessing body condition, these tips will help you prepare your horse for winter. Download Now

ARTICLE: Winter Hoof Care for Horses It's here. Maybe it's where you are, too. Snow, ice, wind ... and worry. How do you know what to do to protect your horses when bad weather sets in? What can you do to prepare yourself, and your horses? Here are a few tips. Read More

ARTICLE: Internal Combustion Horses can be amazingly hardy. On a below-freezing day, your horse can stay warm and snug. So warm, in fact, that if you put your bare hands into his coat, you can actually warm them up. It's hard to imagine how a horse can keep himself comfortable when you are bundled up in so many layers it looks as if you could mount an expedition to the Arctic Circle. Read More

SLIDESHOW: Winter Horse Keeping Use these tips to keep your horse healthy during the winter months. View Now

ARTICLE: Formidable Frostbite Healthy horses handle frigid temperatures better than we do, but their extremities still are vulnerable to frostbite. While frostbite isn't common in horses, if you live in an area where your horses could be exposed to frigid temperatures for long stretches of time--especially if there's rain, ice, or snow--keep an eye out for the signs of frostbite. Read More

ARTICLE: Winter Workouts Winter doesn't have to be--and shouldn't be--a time of hibernation for your horse. Consider how current weather conditions will affect your horse and adapt your workouts accordingly. Read More

SPECIAL REPORT: Winter Health Concerns Horses are hardy animals when it comes to weathering the cold months. This doesn't mean you can slack on their care, however. Learn about six common cold weather conditions owners should watch for. Download Now

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