AAEP Releases White Paper on Equine Blood Products

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) has released a white paper to help practitioners make informed decisions regarding the use of equine plasma and serum products.

The white paper, titled "Information on Equine Plasma and Serum Products for the Equine Practitioner," provides factual information regarding licensed and unlicensed serum and blood products used for therapeutic treatment. The document was developed by the AAEP's Biological and Therapeutic Agents Committee to reduce confusion among practitioners when considering the therapeutic claims, efficacy, safety, and regulatory oversight of these products.

The paper, which was approved by the AAEP board of directors in February, does not seek to advise practitioners on the clinical use of these products. A list of licensed manufacturers of these products is also included. Access the paper (link directs to PDF download).

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