Readers Respond: Herbs For Horses

More than 1,600 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Would you consider using herbal supplements, such as aloe vera juice, milk thistle, ginger, etc., in your horse's feed or as a topical application?"

results of herbs for horses poll

Results were as follows: 
  • Yes: 73.48% (1,205)
  • Only if my veterinarian or a nutritionist recommended it: 19.45% (319)
  • No: 4.63% (76)
  • I don't know: 2.44% (40)

Readers shared their thoughts in the comments below.

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Due to the clinically unproven nature of most supplements I use only those those recomended by vet.
I've tried some and they work.
i dont know if my horse will need it or if he/she will have a reaction to the herbal suppliment
I've used them and they seem to work better.
Witch hazel is great
To do things as natural as possible for the horse.
My equissage/nutritionist recommended daily aloe juice after finding my mare was sore in her kidneys
They could be toxic!
Only after I researched it completely
I really don't know that much on herbs for horses...
horses use herbs naturally; why not use appropriate herbs for your horse
I use many on myself with good results, why not on my horse?
They work for me!
dont do nuttin
If helpful to my horse, will try anything that vet approves.
I am of the theory.....if it "ain't broke, why fix it??"...
They are effective, natural remedies that have been used for centuries
I believe in supplements, for exampleI feed my horse ground flax seed added to their grain.
anything is worth a try
We have used herbal supplements and found them to be effective for their intended use.
I currently use Aloe, indide and out. It helps ith digestion and also on the outside helps with swel
I would want to know more about them
because I have used them and they really do work with my horses. they help with the fly irritation.
only if there is some sort of money-back guarantee on the product, or comes well recommended.
Yes and have used successfully and had vet insight on use of them
they work
I use herbs
I have used medicinal herbs for horses with positive results.
Herbs if used appropriately can be very benificial for our equine friends.
Horses eat herbs more readily and they can produce great results.
Looking to calm my hormonal mare down.
It has been used successfully for many years
i trust natural remedies
It would be those items that are not out of the ordinary.
Herbs were some of our first medicines and still are components of new medicatons
i have been for 20 years
natural health has "cured" my MS. I do not hesitate to use it on my animals.
ihave used them myself for a variety of treatments with no side effects, that is absolutely the best
mare aborted due to herbs
it si an old reamedy
I'll always choose an herb or food before drugs.
Depends upon the amount and integrity of scientific testing of these herbs and the data outcome.
natural and herbal are best
absolutely i would & do with success & few to no side-effects
I give my old 25 yr old Paint gelding Antiflam, which is an herbal supplement for pain, he has sore
If it's not typically apart of a horse's diet, then I would rely on my vet for recommendations.
Devil'sclaw/yucca mix in BL Solution works dramatically for my horse's pain/soundness.
I am in the medical field and know the dangers of medicines. Natural is OK for some things.
I have seen positive results with herbs.
when you got a ill horse you will try anything you think might help.
If the herbal treatment is proven safe I would.
If it would help my horse feel better then absolutely
We have used herbs on our OTTB's for years with great success.
many do just as good a job as the real drugs
I use witch hazel for insect bites
love the natural approach
Herbal supplements are a good thing for people or horses.
I currently feed my horses blue/green algae which has had a positive affect on their coats and hoove
I already do use devil's claw, garlic, milk thistle
It works!
80% of my supplements are herbal, especially for my mares.
I believe herbal supplements are very safe and effective
I already use them with great success in my equine massage business.
what would be the benefits?
Always, my horses are real healthy and I am always getting compliments on it
i got a herb for them
Because many are proven safer for horses and humans than DRUGS!
If the supplements I was considering
Product quality is questionable; all side affects & interaction with other substances aren't known
I use several herbal supplements (both oral and topical) with my two OTTB's who respond quite well.
Used numerous "old-timers" remedies with excellent results.Unless it sounds too weird or toxic.
I use herbs to treat PPID, with great results at lower cost than drug therapy.
Since herbal supplements aren't tested as much as drugs, I'd be careful
I use herbal supplements and remedies with great sucess
If i know it is safer than a drug,synthetic supplement,etc. Some herbs are dangerous if over used.
Natural products are better than using chemicals on them.
we already use supplements. Our vet is aware.
What's the point? Herbs can do damage just like anything else if not used properly.
I already use a large variety of natural supplements
Because many of them will throw a positive drug test
My horses are doing fine with the grain, hay and mineral suplements they receive. I would have to s
Used them once, they were expensive and I couldn't tell if them worked. Gave them up.
Its been proven to work great on humans, it works on horses as well. not everything you use has t
Not likely to help, may hurt.
Possibly healthier for the horse where applicable.
Consider as complimentary to medical care, not in place of
they work
I feel natural know supplements are a better avenue then chemicals
I already use garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar
I don't think my vet would have a clue but a herbalist might
Just like in humans, some can react w/prescribed meds. Even short term meds.
They work! Less Chemicals/more natural
have used some successfully in the past on horse (and human!)
Natural Medicine has always been a first option for my horses
Of course! I already use aloe vera on cuts and dry, itchy spots - tail rubbing, etc.
We use several products that are OTC and prescribed Chinese herbs etc. with good effect.
animals are intended to consume plantsand natural substances:metabolic compatability, lower toxicity
there are many books and resource information which contain valuable information on herbs
herbs potency varies too much and makes them dangerous
No scientific reason to do this. The reccomendations are generally made by a non-qualified person
A 'healthy' alternative really isn't needed...
aloe soothes the gut
These are ages old proven remedies, many of which I use myself.
Already is use, very effective
I don't know alot about these types of herbs, so npt knowing I would need advice.
Herbal remedies are an effective way of healing without using harmful chemicals.
I am currently give herbs to my horse with great results! Where do we think modern medicine started?
I use herbs now on my mare, called moody mare, and raspberry leaf on my gelding, along w/garlic wrks
IR horse, not messing with her feed program
Another ploy to separate horse owners from their money unless somebody produces affordable products
zero scientific proof they work
All natural is my preference
I'm a scientist and I want a scientific basis for doing things.
eco friendly and they work
I already do
I use, algae for minerals, essential oils for any breathing issues, Schreiners Herbal solution al
currently use
if health warranted
I have used them. They work. Case in point, the vet left her to die. She's still here!
I've seen unusual items work, w/knowledge & common sense.
I already work with a nutritionist
have used - mare w/ kidney failure. Lasted 5 more years!
I have used aloa vera juice myself. With in 3-4 months my stomach pains went away
Used several types with great results.
We have used milk thistle and others on our race horses with excellant results!
I use Aloe Vera only on my horses sunburned nose.
we use aloe cream on cuts and scrapes now
Mother nature provides a lot of natural supplements that are better than man-made stuff.
Herbs are my first line of defense with my horse.
They are natural substances, and of great value.
Would rather try something natural first before hitting the pharma.
I do use herbal supplements and with great results, honey is a great antibacterial and antifungal
Absolutely if research shows that it would be beneficial.
yes, garlic, to hopefully help with bugs
but I would want to run it by my vet
Would use with careful research
If a trusted friend recommend an herbal that might help my horse, I may try it and see what I think.
I rely on the expertise of my herbalist so my horses have a balanced diet and I don't waste money.
If it's proven to help, why not? I would be careful of side effects, though.
I use straight Glucosamine now because I don't want any other additives, also I would try natural pa
It would depend upon what it was and if there was any credible data to prove it could help
I have watched horses select wild herbs on their own in the pasture
Only after study because they work.
I have no reason to doubt the good ones
I already use herbs and the change is wonderful.
herbal remedies have been used long before vets came into the picture
I do already: horses are after all planteaters
prefer natural to chemical
I already use many herbs with my vet's blessings
I have found herbal medicine to work very well internally and topically.
I already use(d) milk thistle; kelp; dandelion in 2 of my horses for different reasons
If there was documented evidence of its effectiveness.
I use them for me so why not my horse too!
I would use because they work. I use hatural products for myself too.
I do for me, why not my horse who eats 'herbs' every day.
But I would first check with my vet.
Already do. Have one horse that is alergic to most store bought fly sprays.
God gave us cures for everything
because they work! I use chinese herbs I get through my vet - they help my horse's osteoarthritis
30+ years of success
Because APF works.
Only topically to treat minor scraps or cuts
Compare with other options available cost effectiveness, etc.
I have, I do, and they WORK!
I use a concoction of about 5 herbs for my horse now for skin, etc.
I use spirulina on a mare with heaves. Really helps.
It really depends on what I'm using it for...
I use natural products and have not had any negative side affects. I use friendly bacteria when swi
Most of these things are ineffective, but some of them have real side effects. Too much risk.
believe in homopathy
I would use if research data supports
total waste. horses have very delicate systems plus most natural cures are strictly placebo
I already use several herbal supplements from the advise of my veterinarian. I feel they work.
With proper instuction, herbal remedies have a place in human and horse med.
I already use herbs for marey behavior, skin irritations, calming for a cribber, gastric distress
I use them on me with great success, why not my horse?
I think a natural supplement is always the way to go as long as you do your research.
Aloe vera is great for wounds; arnica is great for muscle soreness
depends on what herb it is and what it is used for.
I had previously used a Chinese Herb for respirtory issues, spent a small fortune and it didn't work
I have used Aloe Vera juice in the past and it has helped with stomach issues.
Verernarian medicine is wonderful and has extebed the horses life but sometimes simple is better.
Sometimes the old ways are the better way without side effects.
Dependant on condition/circumstance presenting
I am currently having GREAT success reliving my horse's navicular pain w/ an herbal bute alternative
I already use natural and herbal supplements.
aloe vrea juice is very soothing for horses with GI irritation
depends how well it actually works
As long as I had reliable info on use/toxicity I would try them but I would also ask my vet
Herbs, used correctly can be beneficial
I've discovered that they work in many cases.
they have worked for thousands of years and 90% of drugs are derived from plants.
In some cases it could be a cheaper and safer solution to treatments
Topically, yes; internally, no. Not enough is known about them.
I am currently giving my mare burdock, ginseng, butcher's broom, hawthorn berries, and pomegranate e
I use them now
I currently employ an herbaist and ALWAYS consult her b4 a vet. Works everytime.
Currently using Devil's Claw as a long-term bute substitute.
I have been using them for some time with good results
ONLY if effective; I have been given some very ineffective herbal treatments/supplements by my vet.
Vets are more receptive to using herbals than medical drs and they are effective in a lot of cases
would want to know the horse needed such a supplement before administering it to him.
We rely on herbal remedies for D/E where other options are ineffective.
I have tried tumeric for inflammation.
a horse cannot be a horse if it has to wait for anything to be given to them
good luck in past with herbal treatments for cronic illness vs drugs for symptoms
Herbs have many medicinal qualities, and are often gentler to the system than artificial products.
After research and consultation with professional herbalist.
I've used them for years and they work wonderfully.
I use herbal remedies all of the time for my allergy prone horses with good results.
if there are good healthy benefits to feeding it. Would want to research to prove the benefits of fe
I use silver linings for joint health--33 yr. old horse It is great!!
I believe in the power of herbs. I use them myself.
Must know how safe any supplement is, especially since my horse has chronic medical conditions.
I have a mare who developed an ulcer after a bad allergy attack. hives. Put her on aloe vera juice .
I use some of them now with very good result but only after consulting my vet.
Herbal supplements can be effective (e.g., Jiaogulan for laminitis)
Herbs are rarely around in a domestic situation would be in the wild
We have found aloe vera to protect the stomach lining when a horse is on maintenance bute.
I would like to add seeds of certain herbs to pasture mix when reseeding. Chammomile, rosemary, etc
Cost to much
My horses eat herbal supplements daily; everyone comments on their lovely coats and overall health.
already using things like this - they WORK
I already use herbals
I do use herbs, find some very helpful
I use herbs with much sucess, after all herbs were the first "medicines years ago."
historic use and general safety
Many are safer and have fewer side effects than other chemicals.
At this time there is no good studies in humans or animals to support the use of herbs and what dose
We show and can not risk a positive test for a seemingly harmless ingredient but one that is banned.
I have used herbal supplements with success for my horses, having consulted books on herbal therapy
Far more conclusive research needs to be done on the benefits (or not) of herbal supplements.
It finally cured his ulcers.
If appropriate and safe for the individual horse, absolutely!
I would consider it with my vets approval.
I use devil's claw for pain management of an old injury.
I use herbal supplements both internal & external whenever I see the need
Not a big supplement fan unless absolutely necessary
For those of us who use herbs in our own diets, we know how powerful herbs can be if used effectivel
Have done so with good results
I currently use aloe, garlic and spirulina regularly for my horses
Favor natural vs chemical
They work for me, What we call modern medicine has been around for maybe a few hundred years. Herbs
Better testing needed
I have recently started mine on herbs for kidney cleansing, it works.
most of the horses in my training barn benefit from herbal and botanical supplements
But they would have to convince me of the NEED for it.
I ask my vet first & if she says it's okay, I use it.
only if I am 100% sure that they are safe to use and what the herbal supplement is used for.
I have used herbal supplements for years...internally and topically.
Already do and find them very helpful.
I use tea tree oil(topical) colodial silver on my horse now w/great results, for wounds/rain rot,etc
I use herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils on all my animals
withc hazel contains alcohol.
I believe that we put way too many chemicals (i.e. paste/daily wormers) into our horse.
it works!!!
only if I was given enough evidence from several experienced and wise professionals
If he needs it. The right herbs can have benefits for your horse's health.
It's easy to overdo a good thing
If I had continued with conventional medicine, my horse would now be blind, or dead.
have found benefit in the past
Have used herbal supplements for years but will used prescription meds when necessary
I've used herbs for years with great results
Drugs are wonderful but sometimes the old world stuff is best
I have used Aloe vera juice several times for colicky bellies and it is great!
already use
Depends on the supplement and what it was supposed to do.
It works. Alternative therapies are less invasive and healthier.
Why Not?
because herbal supplements are more natural healing product and are much easier on a horses system
Because they work WAYYY better than pharma-poison.
I use echinacea all the time for inflamation and imune boosting
I treid arnica (?) on my mare when she tore a ligament and it worked. I applied it twice a day for a
many herbs have been used for years
natural is better!!
I am very interested in herbal supplements. My Arabian mare got cushings and would not eat the medic
Yes, I've used both cinnamon and dandialions to help a horse. to
Because she could be allergic to something in it
I have used aloe vera for my mare who has a sensitive stomach and have had great results with it.
they work!
open mind to alternatives if one suggested remedy isnt working
I have used natural products and had great success with them.
they work so well treating many of my health problems I feel they would do the same for my horse.
I prefer something tested in controlled studies.
I use them successsfully for myself, why not horses?
I have found GREAT success with herbal supplements with my horse.
They work
I tried herbal remedies b4 on household pets. It's expensive and not that great
maybe a few of them but i don't know enough about what they do & the interactions with others.
My horses are already on an all Herbal *diet*
If I had a reputable source of info for what would work
I use aloe vera for all my animals, myself included. Great stuff!!
I currently use Chinese herbs for my horse and they are very effective for his situation.
we already use aloe and marshmallow root for diarrhea...and it's a miracle for our horses in rehab!
If it serves a purpose for treatment
yeast guard for white line disease
I think drugs are used too freely & too indiscrimantely for the littlest issues.
already use devil's claw & aloe vera
Although herbs themselves are drugs, many are safe and enhance digestion, mood, etc. in proper amts.
I'm a board certified naturopath. Common sense and precautions should always prevail though
I work with an herbalist who helps me keep things as natural as possible for my horse.
Aloe vera (pnly the real 99.9 pct aloe stuff) cured my diarrhetic pony when nothing else worked
I use a herbal product instead of bute it works better & doesn't cause ulsers & can use more often.
Used wisely, herbals can be a great help.
My 3 Arabs receive garlic, dandelion, kelp, flax seed meal, etc.
my horses are on natural diets. Supplementary herbs for many problems
they are much better for the animal then chemicals. I use Mare Magic for my one mare.
because they WORK
already use tea tree oil for a number of things from wound care to fly spray ingredient
I've done it for years with good results.
Aloe Vera seemed to be a grat ulcer soother for a cribbing horse that we rescued.
sometimes they do work.....worth a shot as long as it isn't a life threatening illness
I use them successfully on myself
its witch craft I tell you
Been using them for years. Those "old wives" can be pretty smart.
Currently use many herbals, but get info. from reliable sources.
I have used many types of herbs including aloe vera juice, jiaogulan, ginseng, with great results!
Sure; why not?
I am open to using nutraceuticals when they have been proven efficacious.
herbs are natural sources of healing and medications. may or may not be beneficial.
I already do, for heaves, Wendells Respiratory and garlic.
I use them myself with success!
I have been using Devil's Claw-Yucca for years for my arthritic 23 year-old horse
Yes I have used herbal supplements with success.
Aloe Vera juice was literally a life saver after severe colic impaction-vet ok'd
Not enough research, too much money, unproven, ?safety?
already have, works great.
If I knew which ones to use, I would use them because I think they are healthier.
I have used herbal remedies for years. My Veterinarian agrees.
i give my mare b-l solution; young horse has been on aloe vera for ulcers
I do now. FM 11 and CS Flex from
Has helped in my experience
Herbal remedies can be a non-toxic, less expensive way to enhance health, or heal, if used correctly
for topical use only
If there was a legitimate reason to use and reasonable chance of success with using it
Because they need a variety of minerals, vitamins etc
I use Silver Lining herbs daily and it has decreased my vet bills to nothing!!!
I have used them, on advice of a vet for a medically complicated horse & to avoid a lifetime of pred 8/5/2008 8:08:25 PM
I already use alternative therapies on my DSLD horse. 8/5/2008 8:07:28 PM
stuff is NOT inspected. Falls under non food and non perscription drugs 8/5/2008 8:04:17 PM
a sarcoid tumour removed by the Vet regrew and I got rid of it with castor oil poultices 8/5/2008 8:00:19 PM
I would expect vets to recommend based on scientific principles. When they rec. herbal, will use. 8/5/2008 7:51:21 PM
use only homepathic remedies now. Have great results and only half the price 8/5/2008 7:40:08 PM
traditional western medicine does not have all the answers. 8/5/2008 7:38:34 PM
they are highly benifical to us as humans so it would only make sense that it would also be for them 8/5/2008 7:31:51 PM
I've used herbals for my horse and myself with much success. 8/5/2008 7:23:19 PM
Most medicines are herb or flower based and homeopathic equine practitioners have been using them 8/5/2008 7:20:57 PM
many times herbs work better without the side effects of alopathic meds 8/5/2008 7:15:59 PM
Western Medicine only treats the symptoms where as alternate medicine can help the problems 8/5/2008 7:14:31 PM
Herbals are found to be a safe and effective treatment for some horses. 8/5/2008 7:13:06 PM
If it's good enough for me it's good enough for my horse 8/5/2008 7:12:46 PM
For topical things 8/5/2008 7:11:02 PM
I'm all for using natural herbs to help keep my horses healthy. I use some of them now. 8/5/2008 7:02:03 PM
I have seen them work. 8/5/2008 7:01:29 PM
I've used herbs both internal/external. Horses respond extremely well to them. 8/5/2008 7:00:55 PM
Witch ahzel is good for topical remedy 8/5/2008 7:00:13 PM
They have a long history of safety and effectiveness 8/5/2008 6:59:12 PM
I use herbs on myself, my dogs and cats. Have used on horse with success.
I have been using herbs for years, they are much safer then drugs and without all the side effects.
my horse absolutely loves the human-grade chunks of dried ginger, even without sugar, as a treat
Used Hilton Herbs Easymare for spring heat for years it's helped my mare get thru it w/no colic
The 'ole timers' used herbal supplements with success & had better horses.
under vet's auspices
i have used spirulina and garlic - great stufff
I run a horse rescue and have used herbs for a variety of healing purposes for over 20 years
I already use aleo
I prefer all things natural.
They sometimes work better than traditional meds and are more cost effective
I am an equine herb alist and aromatherapist, so I'm convinced
Would prefer to use under the supervision of a vet, esp. for potential ineractions with other meds.
Yes, because I have used various herbs for my horses and they work just fine.
Because they work and there are no side effects. I have been using them for years.
but only if they were proven to work!
Been sing them for years - they work.
Many popular linaments contain herbs;other herbal preparations (internal & ext.) are quite effective
I use aloe vera juice
i have had great success, already, with alternative and herbal remedies and supplements.
I use herbal and homeopthay, works great
Absolutely, if there is proof of the advantages and curative abilities of these remedies.
I use chaseberry and it is helping to keep a 28 year old mare looking and feeling like 18.
I believe some things are compatable to the horse and some are not
Most herbal remedies have not been tested enough for 2ndary effects & can do more harm than good.
Scientific studies showing it worked would make me consider it.
It is important to be aware of what exactly one is feeding one's horse
Have been using them for over 25 years with some great results
I believe the secret for health is found in nature.
Already use some. Vet and nutritionist recommended.
many herbal and other natural remedys work as well as modern drugs often without the damaging side e
Have used several supplements recommended by vets with good success
some herbal supplements are very beneficial to horses; just as they are for humans.
For the same reason I use them myself. Natural, no/or less side affects, less expensive.
They all aren't FDA approved
I give my horse dandelion root & rescue remedy already.
Natural herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies are wonderful compliments to traditional medicin
I have been succesfully using herbs for a variety of conditions and situations for the past 6 years.
yes, but w/ caution & lots of info first. Herbs from my naturpathic vet I would prefer
Herbs are more natural than chemicals. Horses seek out herbs on their own to self medicate.
Used them on advice from a 'holistic' vet and they helped.
I am an herbalist and there are many books on it. They work gently and well.
aloe vera for ulcers seems to help
Some of them are effective.
have used them with success
I've heard herbal supplements are very good for horses
very sensitive skin - chemical products have even burned her skin
have previously used herbs
have been using for 10 years
have used them before on many occasion for rain rot, pretty severe wounds, and wormings...they work!
Horses respond great to anything natural, including energy work and chiropractics.
It's only natural. Whats good enough for me is good enough for my horse.
I believe there are natural therapies that can be very helpful
I like products that are natural as opposed to chemical. It's safer for my horses.
I use seaweed now and its fantastic for his coat.
Because I already use them.
I will be using tea tree oil to treat fungus.
And I have used some herbals - very effectively
Yes, but only the supplements that I'm familiar with.
I have tried a few, including colloidal silver, though that is not an herb.
I have successfully used Aloe on skin wounds and scratches.
I've used Devils Claw & Yucca for my horses and it works!
natural and not synthetic!
OTC availability & valid history of efficacy
I would need to see research on efficacy since herbs are not regulated.
Not any more! They are unreliable due to potency diffenences and unverified claims!!
We already use a product called Silver Lining
Have already done so and have seen positive results.
I use garlic and raspberry leaf already
I prefer natural to synthetic for both my animals and I
The horses body knows how to use plantbased herbs
we use lots of natural supplements on our rescue horses with great success
I already have used some herbal supplements with varying degrees of success.
Veterinary medicine is still a "practice", not a "perfect". Alternative meds. should be considered.
I use spirulina and jaiogulan to help stabalize my mare with COPD. It makes a huge difference in her
because i have had positive improvements from using them.
I think there are many more natural ways to treat horses.
Whatever works - herbs have been used in care for humans for centuries; why not horses too.
I am very careful to be sure they are safe for horses
Many herbal remedies are safe and effective, though some are not
Because most modern medicine has some basis in herbal remedies.
i use them for myself
I've been using them for years with some success.
I already do--raspberry leaves for my mares
They are helpful.
used aloe vera for colicy horse
Already use some herbs & alo vera juice
mnay herbs have benefits that people are unaweare of.
lots of recognised meds are plant extracts
I use seabuckthorn oil for my horse suffering from "sweet itch" and it cleared it up immediately!
I already give garlic cloves (to help with the flies) sunflower seeds for protein .
i have used herbs for myself for years and have been quite sucessful. my vet has even recommended s
Have used them on myself with success. Expect the same with horses.
my vet practices eastern and western med. and has great success with the eastern side, I have used w
I use them & they work
Most meds are derived from plants/herbs/Natural supplements (if efficacy+need match) make sense.
With me I always try natural first, comes to reason with the horses too!!
I feed raspberry leaves to my mare to clam her
Already do!
It works - traditional remedies used for hundreds of years!
I already use some herbal medications, including lavender-based wound gel.
Unsubstantiated claims!
Use various herbs whenever indicated
I currently use DMG and have used others in the past
There is much to be said for integrative veterinary treatments.
If I knew it would not harm my animal and was helping why not?
they work wonders!
Use herbs regularly
I already provide my own supplement made from Aloe Vera, Apple Cider Vinegar, ground flax and garlic
Have been doing it for years, with excellent results and no side-effects
I already do
isn't a herb a beneficial, or useful plant? Stretch a point, so is alfalfa.
Yes, but I want PROOF that whatever I'm spending my money on works!!!
Definately would
they have been around for centuries and are all natural
Yes- but only those that have been tested for safety in horses
I do now.
already do with very good results
I do now
I think their proper diet has all the nutrients they need- this would be a desire for $ by companies
I have used herbs for many years with great results.
I've used them myself and they work! But I would want solid information on dosage amts. , etc.
I have used herbs before and they work wonderfully and are safer than other meds
Because I know that alternative modalities work for humans and our companion animals. Used in conjun
currently use them for many reasons...teh ones I've tried have generally worked
I already use giogiluans as a lamminitis treatment
I have have great results using herbal supplements on my "Cushings" horse and recommend to everyone!
I think Aloe Vera is incredible for what it does as a preventative and theraphy.I use Aloe Advantage
Use all the time.. animals are more receptive to herb/homepathic treatment than humans.
Had GREAT results combining herbs with traditional meds in my horses, especially my EPM horse
I am open minded about atternative medicine-herbs, accupuncture, massage, supplements -- all good!
Most medicines today are chemical formulations of old herbal remedies. Herbs are natural & effective
I have used them successfully
Not proven safe or effective. Like people, all horses react differently
conventional medicine can be facilitated at times with herbal remedies, I say, Sid Gustafson DVM,
Yes, intensive research is DEFINATELY REQUIRED... even with the ads for ALL Horse products !!!!!
Any thing I use on myself, I think I can use on my horse...soap,shampoo,conditioner,cuts,wounds
They work on me, why wouldn't they work on my horse?
have used them plenty

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Erin Ryder

Erin Ryder is a former news editor of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care.

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