HSUS Applauds AAEP White Paper on Horse Soring

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) today applauded recommendations set out in the American Association of Equine Practitioners' newly released white paper, "Putting the Horse First: Veterinary Recommendations for Ending the Soring of Tennessee Walking Horses."

The Association's recommendations include: immediate implementation of a drug testing program at horse shows; the abolishment of the industry-run Designated Qualified Persons self-regulation program, turning inspection duties over to qualified veterinarians; 24-hour security personnel and inspectors in the stabling areas of show grounds where violations are known to occur; and the establishment of much more severe penalties for Horse Protection Act violations than in the past. 

"The soring of Tennessee Walking Horses is one of the most egregious forms of equine abuse and it is time for it to be brought to an end", said Keith Dane, HSUS director of equine protection. "Ending soring is a top priority of The HSUS and the AAEP paper echoes many of the same concerns we've raised and the changes we've been recommending. We are very pleased that AAEP has taken a stand for the welfare of the horse and believe its influence will be a valuable asset in the continued fight to end soring. We urge the Walking Horse industry to immediately end the cruel treatment of its horses." 

Visit the society's Web site to read the full statement.

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