Soring Suspension List Now Posted on FOSH Web Site

Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH) has developed a Web site for reporting all current Horse Protection Act suspensions.

Under the USDA Horse Protection Operating Plan for 2007-2009, signed in mid-2007 by most of the horse industry organizations (HIOs) with USDA-certified inspection programs, all signatories agreed to provide their most recent list, or a combined HIO list, of all new and current HPA suspensions to the general public by:

  • Posting the list on its public Web site;
  • Publishing the list in its organizational publication; or
  • Supplying the list upon request at the cost of reproduction and postage.

Violations that result in the listed suspensions include soring, scarring, pressure shoeing, and the use of foreign substances on horses' legs.

The suspensions can be viewed at the FOSH Web site, at The suspensions include those imposed by the USDA, and those current suspensions that have been reported to the USDA by the Operating Plan signatories as of when the HIO signed the Operating Plan in mid-2007. The Web site will be updated as FOSH receives new suspension lists.

The USDA is the government agency responsible for enforcing the federal Horse Protection Act, which prohibits the showing, sale, auction, exhibition, or transport of sored horses. Soring is the deliberate infliction of pain on a horse's front legs, via chemical or mechanical means, to make it painful to bear weight.

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