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Equine Body Worker Certification

  • Jul 28 - Aug 05
  • Location: Petaluma, CA, USA

Petaluma, CA with Debranne Pattillo, MEEBW with Cyndi Saling, EEBWII. The Equinology® Approach was developed by Debranne Pattillo, MEEBW, founder of Equinology Inc. and co-founder of the International Equine Body Worker Association. She has used this approach successfully for her own client base for over 25 years, and has shared it with thousands of students, many of them already equine professionals, all over the world. This unique hands-on system addresses the whole body, implementing specific manual palpation methods to assess soft tissue and symmetry of muscle and structure, and utilizing detailed static and dynamic evaluation to inform the practitioner. Different bodywork techniques — including sports massage, soft tissue mobilization, stretching, range of motion and positioning exercises, as well as “focal” point work (stress and trigger points) — are combined to provide optimal support for horses working in every discipline. Reflecting Debranne's passion for academic precision with regard to equine musculoskeletal anatomy, the Equinology® Approach stands out because it is comprehensively anatomically referenced. The Equinology® Approach continues to evolve from Debranne’s extensive experience and ongoing learning from her colleagues and mentors — both human and equine. For more details please visit: http://www.equinology.com/info/course.asp?courseid=5 Equinology, INC (707) 884.9963 M-F 8am-1pm equinologyoffice@gmail.com www.equinology.com

Level 1 Livestock Investigation Training

  • Aug 05 - Aug 07
  • Location: Morehead, Kentucky, USA

The Kentucky Horse Council's Livestock Investigation Training is back this summer and will be held from August 5th-7th at Morehead State University. Registration is now open to all county and state officials, such as Animal Control Officers, Sheriffs, and Police Officers. Developed by the Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) in partnership with the Kentucky Cattlemen's Association (KCA) with input from experienced enforcement officers, veterinarians, and livestock producers, this three-day course is tailored to the needs of the Commonwealth. This summer's training is a Level I training, where attendees will learn how to handle horses and cattle, assess body condition score in both species, identify situations that need intervention, and apply Kentucky statutes to animal cases. Attendees also practice handling and evaluating live horses and cattle as well as examining Kentucky statutes and enforcement procedures. Peace Officers attending the training are eligible for Continuing Education Units through the Department of Criminal Justice Training. Cost to attend the three day training is $100 per officer. Out of state officials may attend at $250 per officer. Limited scholarships for tuition are available. For more information or to register for the class, visit www.kentuckyhorse.org or contact the Kentucky Horse Council at 859-367-0509.

Clinical Reasoning for Licensed Pros

  • Aug 11 - Apr 14
  • Location: Petaluma, CA, USA

Petaluma, CA. Dr. Kerry Ridgway, DVM presents this unique clinic which has been developed specifically for the advanced equine health care provider. This four day course focuses on the musculoskeletal system; a system often overlooked in the well being of the horse. Dr. Ridgway has had repeatable successful results using acupoints and advanced soft tissue mobilization techniques to investigate musculoskeletal issues on horses especially the performance horse. In this 4 day course, a portion of the course will focus on equine laterality, from the perspective of the treating veterinary clinician; the focus will be on the manifestations and pathology that the syndrome creates. Gait aberrations, muscle and myofascial patterns, tendonitis, desmitis, foot balance, saddle fit, degenerative joint disease, including facet joint pathology are all critical aspects of the "non-straightened" horse. The lectures will discuss therapies that best address the root causes of this condition. As always, Dr. Ridgway and his wife, Christine share insights and latest soft tissue techniques with the participants. For full course details visit: http://www.equinology.com/info/course.asp?courseid=79 Equinology, INC (707) 884.9963 M-F 8am-1pm equinologyoffice@gmail.com www.equinology.com

Equine Science and Management Program Reception

  • Sep 08
  • Location: Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Equine Science and Management Program Reception Spindletop Hall Lexington, Kentucky

Welcome Back BBQ

  • Sep 17
  • Location: Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Welcome Back BBQ E.S. Good Barn


  • Sep 18
  • Location: Petaluma, CA, USA

Petaluma, CA. If you noticed all the pretty tape during the Olympic on athletes you might wonder if it was a fashion statement or wonder if it actually serves a purpose. Four legged athletes like your horse benefit from the Kinesio tape (KT) that you saw on the two legged athletes. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of Kinesio Taping concepts for your horse join us for a special evening dinner event/lecture with instructor Dr. Sybille Molle. This dinner and lecture is open to everyone. Dr. Molle will explain how the tape works, how horses benefit from the Kinesio Taping® Method, various applications and programs utilizing the KT and more importantly, who should be applying the KT on your horse and why it is important that they liaison with the attending veterinarian. The event is free for those attending and registered for the 2 day hands on course (EQ1700LP). For those not registered in the EQ1700LP course the fee for the evening is $50USD. We will have meat and vegetarian entrees, salads and desserts. For full details please visit: http://www.equinology.com/info/course.asp?courseid=107 Equinology, INC (707) 884.9963 M-F 8am-1pm equinologyoffice@gmail.com www.equinology.com


  • Sep 19 - Sep 20
  • Location: Petaluma, CA, USA

Petaluma, CA Dr. Sybille Molle, DVM leads this two day course designed for individuals who work professionally in the equine health industry to develop skills in the Kinesio Taping Method for horses, in relation to functional assessment. Techniques taught include muscle and joint application for Kinesio Taping in horses. The course is also attended by those already in the equine health care field to incorporate the Kinesio Taping methods into their existing therapeutic and clinical rehabilitation practices. The objectives for these courses are as follows(1) identify the areas of the horse that may require these taping methods, (2) list and identify contraindications to the use of taping methods, (3) understand when the fundamentals of properties and uses of Kinesio Tex Tape, (4) utilize the muscle applications presented in the course and make positive changes for their client horses, (5) design a suitable session using the five Corrective Techniques of the KTM (functional, space, fascia, ligament/tendon and lymphatic system), (6) integrate the knowledge of conformation and movement in regards to the realistic capabilities of the client's horse and tactfully discuss these findings with them and (7) interpret the response from the horse in regards to his adapted movement and redirected movement to gain insight on whether if they are improving or require veterinary intervention. For full course details please visit: http://www.equinology.com/info/course.asp?courseid=104 Equinology, INC (707) 884.9963 M-F 8am-1pm equinologyoffice@gmail.com www.equinology.com