Communication With Your Horse


Watching the Herd

January 18, 2018

How can watching horses interact in a herd help improve my relationship with my horse? ... Read More


Horses, Humans, and Trust

November 02, 2017

Do horses experience trust the same way humans do? ... Read More


Study Confirms Horses 'Talk' to Human Handlers

June 09, 2016

New research has revealed that horses do, in fact, try to intentionally communicate with us to achieve certain goals.... Read More


Can My Horse Read My Thoughts?

March 31, 2016

A certified equine behavior consultant addresses the seemingly telepathic relationship some of us have with our horses.... Read More

The study used a mechanical horse to measure the rein pressure applied by riders.


Rider Handedness Affects Rein Tension

October 07, 2015

Average rein tensions in riders' dominant hands were 34-45% greater than in their nondominant hands, a study found.... Read More


Tail Blocking's Effects on Horse Communication

September 03, 2015

If a horse's tail has been nerved, is he at a social disadvantage when turned out with others? ... Read More


How to Clip and Bathe Safely

April 17, 2014

Clipping and bathing can be safe, efficient, and positive experiences for you and your horse.... Read More


Water Bucket Blues

December 26, 2013

Why do horses tip water buckets, defecate in waterers, and/or dip hay in their water?... Read More


Rolling in Dirt

November 21, 2013

Almost every time we let our horses out of the stalls after feeding them, they roll. Why? ... Read More


$50,000 Available to Researchers Investigating the Therapeutic Effects of Horses on Humans

February 08, 2013

HHRF offers grant funding for research into the therapeutic effects of horses on humans. ... Read More


Mapping Future of Equestrian Sports with Equitation Science

December 03, 2012

"The road ahead is all about what science can do for the horse," one international rider says.... Read More


Equine Oral Health Exams

April 01, 2012

Until recently, owners and vets considered equine dental floating the most important aspect of dental care. ... Read More


Hand-Feeding Treats

February 01, 2012

Hand-feeding treats creates the nuisance of horses and ponies constantly nudging and nipping at people.... Read More


The Whole Horse (A Step Back From Machines)

February 01, 2011

These days it's not unusual to set up more than $100,000 in equipment for a routine horse exam. ... Read More


Rescue Horse Rehab

February 01, 2011

Do you have any advice on the emotional rehabilitation of horses coming to rescues from abusive situations?... Read More


The Science Of Saddle Fit

February 01, 2011

A saddle can either encourage comfortable movement and clear communication between rider and horse, or it can result in discomfort and behavioral problems. Evaluating a saddle's fit requires an understanding of saddle construction... Read More


The Equine Compulsion to Crib

January 01, 2011

Sue McDonnel, PhD, answers questions about equine cribbing.... Read More


Panicky Horse? Vitamin B Might Help

December 01, 2010

Sue McDonnel, PhD, tells us what we can do to decrease the likelihood of a horsey panic attack.... Read More


New Gelding Trouble

October 01, 2010

Sue McDonnel, PhD, tells us how to deal with a new gelding who won't take orders.... Read More


Defensive Horsemanship Keeps Owners Safe when Working with Horses

August 09, 2010

A person who practices defensive horsemanship is less likely to be hurt while handling a horse, Robert M. Miller, DVM, of Thousand Oaks, Calif., said at the recent American Veterinary Medical Association meeting July 31-Aug. 3 in Atlanta, Ga.... Read More


The Equestrian Athlete (Excerpt from Riding For Life)

July 19, 2010

If you're a seasoned equestrian, you know how physically demanding and mentally challenging riding can be. Even if you're a newcomer to the sport, it probably didn't take you long to realize riding is much more than just sitting on a horse.... Read More


Rescued Horses: Looking For A Universal Companion

June 01, 2010

Sue McDonnel, PhD, tells us how to choose rehabilitation companions for rescued horses.... Read More


First Steps for Foal Handling

March 01, 2010

Discussion of the many ways to teach young horses/foals to submit to humans; from imprinting to halter training, tying, grooming, and much more.... Read More


Listen Up: Horses Demonstrate Auditory Laterality

January 20, 2010

A neighborly neigh is processed in a different way than other whinnies, meaning that horses have brain side preferences for sounds, according to a new study by French researchers.

The phenomenon, known as &... Read More


Rider Position, Horse Back Movement Evaluated

December 22, 2009

A rising trot is less loading to a horse's back than a sitting trot, producing less vertical force as measured through new biomechanical techniques, according to Dutch researchers. From the kinematic data of 13 riders on two horses, scientists were ... Read More