Horses Free to a Good Home

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Adoptable Horses

Listing Horse Name Gender Breed Color Height State Foaled Posted
Free gentle horse to good home only BATKID Gelding Thoroughbred Chestnut 15.2 hh OR 3/19/2012 1/15/2018
2 older ladies Aztec/Shelby Mare Appaloosa Other 15 hh VA 4/15/1993 1/13/2018
Beautiful Morgan gelding Stitch Gelding Morgan Bay 14.2 hh NH 4/20/2004 1/10/2018
Free Pony Buckwheat Mare Shetland pony Dark Bay/Brown MD 1/1/2010 1/9/2018
Companion horse Sally Mare Thoroughbred Chestnut 16 hh VA 1/1/2004 1/8/2018
Companion horse Leda Mare Thoroughbred Bay 16.1 hh VA 1/1/1995 1/8/2018
healthy, just never trained Dane Gelding Mustang Bay 14.2 hh PA 12/31/2001 1/6/2018
Never trained healthy sweet Strider Gelding Rocky Mountain Horse Black 14.2 hh PA 4/10/2001 1/6/2018
A Sweet Companion Horse Flint Gelding Arabian Chestnut 14.3 hh NV 12/31/1999 12/30/2017
good riding pal Butterfly Mare Appaloosa Other 14- hh NC 4/1/2005 12/29/2017
Beautiful Bay Kennedy Mare Thoroughbred Bay 15 hh MD 4/21/2004 12/28/2017
Pasture mate Sally's Legacy (Sal) Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 16.2 hh VA 6/1/1999 12/28/2017
Great Companion Horse in San Diego Milton Gelding Dutch Warmblood Chestnut 16 hh CA 6/5/1994 12/5/2017
Free Horse Black Gelding Mustang Black OH 1/1/1995 11/30/2017
Pasture Mate Dr JJ Gelding Spotted Saddle horse Other 14.3 hh FL 5/10/1997 11/29/2017
Free Quarter Horse Andy Gelding American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15 hh WA 4/19/1993 11/24/2017
Will work for food Pete Gelding Thoroughbred Chestnut 16.1 hh CA 3/15/2000 11/22/2017
28 year old saddlebred gelding Beck Gelding Other Dark Bay/Brown 14.1 hh CA 1/1/1989 11/18/2017
young 21 year old former shown horse Ziggy Gelding Thoroughbred Chestnut PA 11/17/1996 11/17/2017
Cremello mare Bailey Mare American Quarter Horse Other 15 hh WA 11/26/1995 11/7/2017
Quarter Horse Bufford Gelding American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15 hh NC 1/1/1997 11/5/2017
paso fino aba Mare Paso Fino Other 14- hh IL 11/15/1993 11/3/2017
Stormy Shadow Boxer SHADOW Gelding Tennessee Walking Horse Black 15.3 hh VA 5/19/1997 10/31/2017
Beautiful Cisco Cisco Stallion American Quarter Horse Other 15 hh MN 5/1/1998 10/31/2017
Pasture Mate - Free to a good home Sugar Mare American Quarter Horse Other 15.1 hh SC 1/1/1991 10/22/2017