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10 Retired Racehorse Resources on

Get tips and information on considerations for choosing and transitioning racehorses for second careers. Read More

Readers Share Cold-Weather Horse Care Survival Tips

Extreme winter weather conditions can make horse care and barn chores challenging. Stay warm with these tips. Read More

Purdue Horsemen's Forum Scheduled for Feb. 10

Presentation topics will include metabolic issues, breeding, melanoma, lameness in prepurchase exams, and more. Read More's Top Podcasts of 2017

Listen to audio features on equine learning, behavior, dentistry, metabolic syndrome, parasites, and more. Read More's Top Infographics of 2017

Find information on stress in horses, skin conditions, conditioning, metabolic syndrome, serum amyloid A, and more. Read More's Top Slideshows of 2017

Learn about horse coat colors, skin conditions, pasture weeds, parasites, horse properties, and more. Read More's Top Videos of 2017

Find videos on fear in horses, body condition scoring, hoof adaptability, sweet itch, and more. Read More's Top Articles of 2017

Articles on laminitis, colic, hoof abscesses, licking and chewing, and wound care are among the most-read in 2017. Read More

The Horse's Top Instagram Posts of 2017

View some of the most popular moments captured on The Horse's Instagram account this year. Read More's Top Downloads of 2017

Find reports and forms on horse identification, scratches, supplements, harmonious housing, senior horses, and more. Read More

10 Navicular Syndrome Resources on

Learn about veterinarians' current understanding of navicular syndrome with these articles, downloads, videos, and more. Read More

2017 AAEP Trade Show Tour

Join The Horse as we meet vendors on the AAEP Trade Show floor. Read More

Monday's Top Tweets From the 2017 AAEP Convention

Top tweets and take-homes from Monday's educational sessions and the AAEP President's luncheon. Read More

Sunday's Top Tweets from the 2017 AAEP Convention

Top tweets and take-homes from sessions on biosecurity, ethics, handling rank horses in the field, and more! Read More

Saturday's Top Tweets from the 2017 AAEP Convention

Top tweets from the opening session of the 2017 AAEP Convention in San Antonio. Read More

Infographic: SAA: Infection Detection in Horses

Learn about serum amyloid A and how veterinarians can use it for early identification of inflammation in horses. Read More

Top Tweets and Take-Homes: EPM Society Meeting

The EPM Society met last week in Lake Tahoe, California. Here's a look at what attendees discussed. Read More

Time-Saving Tips: Grooming, Riding, and Transporting Horses

Our staff offers tips to help save time during your daily grooming, riding, and exercise routine. Read More

2017 BEVA Congress: Saturday's Top Tweets and Take-Homes

Tweets and take-homes from Saturday's educational sessions on equine dentistry, ultrasound, hoof care, and more. Read More

2017 BEVA Congress: Friday's Top Tweets and Take-Homes

Tweets and take-homes from Friday's educational sessions on osteoarthritis, tendon injuries, strangles and more. Read More

2017 BEVA Congress: Thursday's Top Tweets and Take-Homes

Tweets and take-homes from Day 1 educational sessions at the 2017 British Equine Veterinary Association Congress. Read More

Time-Saving Tips: Equine Veterinary and Farrier Visits

Veterinarians and farriers often have busy schedules. Here are some tips to help expedite their visits when they arrive. Read More

Social Media Scenes: Hurricanes and Horses

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are bringing equestrians together to ensure horse safety as Mother Nature takes a toll. Read More

10 Severe Weather Preparation Resources on

Learn how to prepare your horses and farm for natural disasters before they occur. Read More

Time-Saving Tips: Horse Barn Chores

Our staff and sources share ways you can save time and reduce the hassle of barn chores. Read More