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Equine Piroplasmosis: Therapeutics and Immunity

Dr. Robert Mealey of Washington State University shares his team's research on equine piroplasmosis.


How to Properly Longe Your Horse

Tips on why to longe a horse and how to do it right from Michelle Motyle of Castro Valley, Calif.


How to Fit a Horse Blanket

Tips for checking fit on your horse's blanket from Karmen Mills of Around the Bend Farm in Newcastle, Calif.


How to Bandage a Horse's Leg with Vetrap

Learn how to properly bandage a wound on a horse's leg using padding and Vetrap with Dr. Isabelle Kilcoyne.


Equine Leptospirosis: Is It Time for a Vaccine?

Dr. Craig Carter, director of epidemiology, UK Veterinary Diagnostics Lab, discusses leptospirosis in horses.


Help Your Horse Settle In

Tips on how to prepare to move your horse to a new stable and how to keep him safe and calm.

Vet Procedures

In-Depth: Understanding Radiographs (X rays)

Dr. Liberty Getman of Tennessee Equine Hospital describes the different types of radiographs and their uses.


Cavalia: How to Build a Great Relationship with Your Horse

Learn how to improve your relationship with your horse from Benjamin Aillaud, equestrian director of Cavalia.


The Stress of Weaning

Amanda A. Adams, PhD, offers research-based advice about keeping foals healthy during the stress of weaning.


Take Your Horse's Temperature

Tom Cassleberry, DVM, of Fairfield, Calif., shows you how to take your horse's temperature.


Safely Remove Your Horse From a Herd

Becky Rodrigues provides tips on how to safely remove your horse from a herd setting.


Equine Parasite Control: Too Much or Too Little?

Dr. Martin Nielsen of UK's Gluck Equine Research Center presents recent equine parasite-control case studies.


How-To Poultice Your Horse's Hoof

Battle hoof abscesses with a poultice, Dr. Sharon Spier shows you how.


Equine Identification: Methods and New Technologies

Details on why equine identification is vital to owners, government officials, breed registries, and vets.


How Your Horse Sees

Dr. Sharon Spier, U.C. Davis, Calif., explains the horses' vision.


Morning Exercise of Thoroughbred Stallions

Exercise rider Brian VanSteenbergh shares his insight about keeping race stallions fit and happy.


Latest Technologies in Diagnosing Equine Lameness

Dr. Kent Allen discusses current options in diagnostic technology for lameness detection in horses.


Vet Check Frequency for Hallmark Horse Races

Dr. William Farmer describes the frequency of Derby horse vet checks, along with safeguards.


Regulatory Vet Checks at the Kentucky Derby

Dr. William Farmer describes regulatory checks designed to ensure a horse is fit to race in the Derby or Oaks.


Thoroughbred Race-Day Health Checks

Dr. William Farmer, Racing Vet for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, on location at Churchill Downs.


Being a Racetrack Veterinarian on Kentucky Derby Day

Dr. Foster Northrop, racetrack practitioner, describes Derby and Oaks horse care on location at Churchill Down


Trailer Safety Check

Learn how to perform a safety check on your horse trailer before hitting the road.


Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event: Cross-Country Recovery Box

Dr. Chris Newton explains the horse health precautions that take place after cross-country in eventing.


Case Studies in Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM)

Dr. Steve Reed presents case studies and videos of horses with equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM).

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