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AAEP 2011 Convention Preview

Joint therapies, business education, networking, and student opportunities highlight the 2011 AAEP convention.


Treating Lower Respiratory Diseases

Evidence-based approaches to treatment of airway disease in horses such as heaves and IAD.


Intravenous Catheter Care for Horses

How to properly use, care for, and identify problems with intravenous catheters in horses.


Horse Worms: Learning to Live With Them

Are you concerned about worms in your horses? You should be! Learn about new concepts in worm control.


How To Wrap a Horse's Legs

Learn the dos and don'ts of how to wrap/bandage a horse's legs for wound care.


Parasite Study: Winning With Worms

Dr. Martin Nielsen describes a recent study that found some winning racehorses had significant worm burdens.

Vet Procedures

Dentistry in Horses

Horses' teeth are very different from humans, and they need special dental care at least annually.


How to Stretch Your Horse

Learn about why and how to stretch your horse with Dr. Heather Woodruff of Hagyard Equine Medical Institute.


The Many Faces of EPM, Take 2

Four veterinarians discuss equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) diagnosis, rule-outs, and treatment.


Horse Wounds Part 2: First Aid, Wrapping, and Bandaging

Learn horse wound first aid, including cleaning, antibiotic use, and wrapping/pressure bandage technique.


Horse Wounds Part 1: Types and Assessment

Punctures, lacerations, abrasions, and avulsions, oh my! Learn about the different types of horse wounds.


Muscle Power: Muscle Mass in Growing Equine Athletes

Managing muscle mass in growing athletic horses and in aging horses, includes dietary considerations.


How to Prepare for a Trip With Your Horse

Tips on getting your horse, truck, and trailer ready for a trip, and on hauling horses safely.


Pain Management in Horses

How can you tell if your horse is in pain, and what's the best way to manage that pain? What shouldn't you do?


Case Study: Stifle Lameness in Tennessee Walking Horse

Follow along with the diagnosis of subtle lameness in this two-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse in training.


Sheath Cleaning for Male Horses: How-To

Cleaning the sheath of a male horse is an unpleasant, but often necessary task. Learn how in this video.


Equine Melanoma: We Need to Help the Old Gray Mare

What exactly is malignant melanoma in horses, how does it progress, and how can we control it?


How to Make Your Horse's Stall Safer

Dr. Christy Corp-Minamiji discusses how you can build a safe stall for horses or make an existing stall safer.


Conformation and Limb Deformities in Horses

Learn about leg conformation and limb deformities in horses with Dr. Christy Corp-Minamiji.


Equine Abortion Diagnosis and Beyond

Learn about the latest microbiological methods for detecting the cause of equine abortion with Dr. Erdal Erol.


Infectious Upper Respiratory Tract Disease in Horses

Flu, equine herpesvirus, and strangles can cause upper respiratory disease with coughing, runny nose, & fever.


Case Study: Fetlock Bone Chip

A Thoroughbred filly receives arthroscopic surgery to remove a bone chip from her left hind fetlock.


Equine Herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) Neurologic Disease and Abortion

Discussion of equine herpesvirus-1 neurologic disease and abortion, prevention, treatment and recent research.


Compounded Horse Medications: Legal and Ethical Issues

Compounded or customized medications are important in horse care, but aren't always of high quality or legal.

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