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Vet Check Frequency for Hallmark Horse Races

Dr. William Farmer describes the frequency of Derby horse vet checks, along with safeguards.


Regulatory Vet Checks at the Kentucky Derby

Dr. William Farmer describes regulatory checks designed to ensure a horse is fit to race in the Derby or Oaks.


Thoroughbred Race-Day Health Checks

Dr. William Farmer, Racing Vet for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, on location at Churchill Downs.


Being a Racetrack Veterinarian on Kentucky Derby Day

Dr. Foster Northrop, racetrack practitioner, describes Derby and Oaks horse care on location at Churchill Down


Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event: The Role of Veterinarians

Dr. Chris Newton of Rood & Riddle talks about the vet’s role during the Kentucky Rolex Three-Day Event.


Eventing Safety Improves with Breakaway Cross-Country Jumps

Learn about the latest jump safety features being used to keep horses and riders safe during the cross-country


In-Depth: Equine Lameness (AAEP 2011)

Tim Lynch, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, of Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital, Ocala, Fla., describes lameness topics.


Biologic/Therapeutic Lameness Treatments (AAEP 2011)

New insights on stem cell harvesting, antibiotics with stem cell use, and many more lameness treatments.


Cushing's Disease and Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Three veterinarians discuss equine Cushing's disease, equine metabolic syndrome, and associated laminitis.


Joint Therapies In Depth (AAEP 2011)

Dr. Larry Bramlage discusses the latest research on treating joint problems in horses.


How to Stretch Your Horse

Learn about why and how to stretch your horse with Dr. Heather Woodruff of Hagyard Equine Medical Institute.


Muscle Power: Muscle Mass in Growing Equine Athletes

Managing muscle mass in growing athletic horses and in aging horses, includes dietary considerations.


Pain Management in Horses

How can you tell if your horse is in pain, and what's the best way to manage that pain? What shouldn't you do?


Case Study: Stifle Lameness in Tennessee Walking Horse

Follow along with the diagnosis of subtle lameness in this two-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse in training.


Case Study: Fetlock Bone Chip

A Thoroughbred filly receives arthroscopic surgery to remove a bone chip from her left hind fetlock.


Laminitis and Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Learn how to recognize and manage at-risk horses to prevent laminitis.


Racehorse Health (AAEP 2010)


Joint Issues in Horses (AAEP 2010)

Summary of presentations on joint issues in horses from the 2010 American Association of Equine Practitioners.


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