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ACVIM 2013: Steroids, Management Changes to Treat Heaves

Learn about a study using corticosteroids and antigen avoidance to treat RAO from Dr. Mathilde Leclere.


ACVIM 2013: Signs of Colic vs. Botulism

Horses with botulism often present as if they're colicking. Here is how to tell the difference.


Tying Up: A Breed-Specific Disease

Dr. Erica McKenzie of Oregon State University shares the horse breeds and diseases associated with tying up.


Tying-Up Explained

Dr. Erica McKenzie describes the common causes of exertional rhabdomyolysis in horses.


Red Urine Risk After Tying Up Episode

Dr. Erica McKenzie of Oregon State University shares why red urine is a concern in horses that are tying up.


Rest is Recommended When a Horse Ties Up

Dr. Erica McKenzie answers a common question. Should a horse walk or rest when tying up?

5 Things You Need to Know

5 Things You Need to Know: Senior Horse Dental Care

Dr. Dominic Dawson explains common old horse dental issues and makes recommendations for care.


Dealing with Dirt Being Kicked in Racehorses' Eyes

Dr. Scott Palmer discusses how trainers deal with dirt being kicked in racehorses eyes during races.


Or You Could Just use West Nile Innovator

WEST NILE-INNOVATOR has helped protect more horses than any other.


Novel Equine Metabolic Syndrome Therapies

In this UK Lecture Series presentation, Dr. Amanda Adams discusses management of horses with EMS.


WVC 2013: Early Signs of PPID (Equine Cushing's Disease)

Dr. Hal Schott describes some early clinical signs of PPID horse owners should be on the watch for.


AAEP 2012: Sarcoids and Tumors

Dr. Kelly Farnsworth discusses treating sarcoids, melanomas, and squamous cell carcinomas in horses.


AAEP 2012: Endocrine Disease

Dr. Nick Frank discusses managing endocrine diseases such as equine Cushing's and metabolic syndrome.


Burn Injuries in Horses

R. Reid Hanson, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, ACVECC, discusses the treatment of burn injuries in horses.


Equine Piroplasmosis: Therapeutics and Immunity

Dr. Robert Mealey of Washington State University shares his team's research on equine piroplasmosis.


Equine Leptospirosis: Is It Time for a Vaccine?

Dr. Craig Carter, director of epidemiology, UK Veterinary Diagnostics Lab, discusses leptospirosis in horses.


How Your Horse Sees

Dr. Sharon Spier, U.C. Davis, Calif., explains the horses' vision.


Case Studies in Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM)

Dr. Steve Reed presents case studies and videos of horses with equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM).


Sepsis- and Pasture-Related Laminitis

Jim Belknap, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVS, of The Ohio State University compares sepsis- and pasture-related laminitis


New FDA-Approved Pergolide Product

A new FDA-approved Pergolide product offers options in the management of equine Cushing's disease.


Case Studies in Equine Toxicology

Equine toxicology experts Drs. Cynthia Gaskill and Laura Kennedy present case studies of poisoned horses.


Equine Internal Medicine (AAEP 2011)

Dr. Steve Reed updates us on the internal medicine discussion at the 2011 AAEP convention.


In-Depth: Respiratory Problems (AAEP 2011)

Dr. Brett Woodie describes lower and upper respiratory problems and inflammatory respiratory disease.


Neurological Disease Mini Symposium: S. Neurona and EPM

An in-depth discussion of the protozoan parasite <i>S. neurona</i> and EPM, which it causes.

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