Transport Stress


Ulcers in Horses: Problems of Domestication

August 25, 2004

Domestication has created problems for the horse, including stomach ulcers. Stress of confinement and unnatural conditions, stress from emotional and physical aspects of athletic careers--all the stresses that go with trying to adapt to human managem... Read More


Trailering Older Horses: On the Road Again

April 01, 2003

Horses in their late teens and older require extra attention, especially during a long haul. ... Read More


Horse Trailer Safety and Value

October 15, 2001

At home, on the road, and at your destination, a horse trailer must safeguard the horse. And as long as you own it--which could total the lifetimes of several horses and towing vehicles--a safe trailer proves the worth of your investment.

A... Read More


WEVA: On the Move

October 08, 2001

They met in Italy to exchange information about reproduction, sports medicine, infectious diseases, transportation, and surgery. The more than 300 delegates from 29 different countries, including Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark... Read More


Hauling Horses--National Exposition on Equine Transportation

June 01, 2001

The first National Exposition on Equine Transportation (NEET) had a wealth of information for people who haul their own horses for competition or pleasure riding, or for those shipping horses commercially. Information ranged from live... Read More


Weanlings for Education and Profit

March 01, 2001

The horses were used to teach a class of inexperienced students horse care, and then were sold as yearlings in a private auction benefiting the Rutgers equine research program. The program was so successful the college currently is working with ... Read More


Olympic Transport

July 01, 2000

How would you like to have a dozen or so concise, easy-to-understand pages put together as a how-to of keeping your horse healthier and what to do before, during, and after you load your horse in a trailer and ship him? Include some... Read More


USDA Issues Heat Advisory For Traveling Animals

August 06, 1999

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service advises animal owners to be aware of the daily temperature and its effect on their animals, especially when transporting them.... Read More


Transportation Safety for Horses

July 01, 1999

Nearly every horse owner has trailered a horse from point A to point B. Many horse owners do it on a regular ... Read More


Equine Respiratory Disease Part 2: The Lower Airway

August 01, 1998

The lower airway consists of the lungs and the air tubing (bronchi) that supplies them. The lungs have some very interesting and unique protective mechanisms that put forth a great effort to prevent infection. Obviously, the air... Read More


Avoiding Travel Fatigue

April 01, 1998

Although most horses seem to tolerate travel it is a stress to some degree to all horses. Horses lose body weight and run the risk of respiratory disease during travel. Because of the risks no matter how seasoned the showman moving horses... Read More


Trailering Your Horse: The Movable Feast

April 01, 1998

Alas not only are horses dedicated herbivores but the average horse trailer doesn't fit that easily into a fast-food drive-thru. Other solutions must be sought. If you travel with your horse in tow whether it's to the local Sunday morning gymkhana... Read More


Transporting Horses

April 01, 1998

Moving horses from place to place is recorded to occur as far back in history as 3,500 years. At that time, horses were transported by sea and either were confined in boxes to the bowels of the boat or placed in slings on the deck of the boat.... Read More


Transporting: Room To Breathe

April 01, 1998

Transporting horses for long distances can be a contributing factor in the development of respiratory disease, which can last long after the trip is over. Although horse owners cannot control all elements, keeping in mind these few guidelines will... Read More


Transport to Slaughter: Searching for a Good Ride

October 01, 1997

In the past, much of the transportation of horses dealt with smaller trailers and how travel affected athletic performance or breeding. This is the first research dedicated to the quest for answers in how best to transport horses to slaughter. ... Read More


Transporting Foals

April 04, 1997

The necessity of foals being shipped can arise for a variety of different reasons, including traveling with the mare to a breeding farm, moving to a new farm after purchase, or traveling to a hospital due to illness or injury of the foal or mare.... Read More


Moving Your Horse Safely

March 01, 1996

I will be moving my horse from Kansas to Virginia in the near future. What preparations can I make to ensure the health of my horse in transit?

With the very mobile population of the United States, this is becoming a very... Read More