Stable and Other Vices


Equine Intermale Play

July 01, 2012

We have two males living together for the first time in the same pasture. One... Read More


Stall Kicking Solutions

June 01, 2012

Dr. Sue McDonnell helps a reader whose horse has developed a stall kicking problem.... Read More


Stallionlike Communication

April 01, 2012

My husband and I trail ride frequently, and we both ride geldings. When my horse defecates his horse will walk... Read More


Is Cribbing A Disease?

April 01, 2012

I have a horse that is a cribber. To make both our lives easier, I've deci... Read More


Tongue Games

February 01, 2012

My horse sticks out his tongue when he plays with his buddies. Why does he do it?... Read More


Can Horses 'Watch and Learn'?

November 25, 2011

One experiment showed a trend suggesting it was possible, but another refuted that evidence.... Read More


Behavior of Horses With, Without Gastric Ulcers Compared

November 08, 2011

A study shows that "ulcerated" horses didn't seem to look or act significantly different from healthy horses.... Read More


Could Vices in Horses be the Basis for a Legal Battle?

November 07, 2011

A researcher discusses what counts as an equine vice and where the fault might lie in a court of law.... Read More


Turnout's Effects on Stall-Kept Equine Athletes

October 28, 2011

A team of researchers found that a little turnout time can improve behavior in stall-kept equine athletes.... Read More


Pawing Prevention for Horses

October 01, 2011

A reader looks for help for their laminitic horse who hates being stall-bound.... Read More


Management Practices Could Help Reduce Cribbing

September 01, 2011

An analysis of cribbing research provides information about the behavior and suggests preventative measures.... Read More


Imprint Training and Future Performance

August 25, 2011

Dr. Sue McDonnell answers a reader's quesion about foal imprint training.... Read More


Researcher: Breed and Housing Impact Riding Horses' Temperaments

May 08, 2011

Finding great riding school horses is a perpetual challenge for instructors. There isn't a formula for selecting the ideal school horse--sometimes the perfect mount just comes along, and other times management methods dictate whether a school horse ... Read More


The Equine Compulsion to Crib

January 01, 2011

Sue McDonnel, PhD, answers questions about equine cribbing.... Read More


Naughty, Nipping Pony

November 01, 2010

Sue McDonnel, PhD, tells us why ponies bite and how we can put a stop to the painful behavior.... Read More


Causal Relationship Between Cribbing and Colic Examined

October 18, 2010

Scientists have established the link between cribbing (also called windsucking) and colic, but a "causal" relationship between the two remains to be proven say researchers from the University of California, Davis. Colic is an important and often ... Read More


New Gelding Trouble

October 01, 2010

Sue McDonnel, PhD, tells us how to deal with a new gelding who won't take orders.... Read More


Does Hand-Feeding Treats Promote Biting?

May 01, 2010

I am a novice horse handler/rider. I've been told that hand-feeding treats to horses promotes biting. What is ... Read More


Horses with Pica Lack Trace Elements, Researchers Report

April 05, 2010

A recent study found that horses with pica--a propensity for consuming non-food items--have lower iron and copper blood levels than horses who restricted themselves to food items, only. According to researchers from Turkey, "prophylactic u... Read More


Tongue Lolling

April 01, 2010

My Friesian filly will sometimes try to bite at her chest and stick her tongue out when I saddle her.... Read More


Consequences of Stall Confinement

April 01, 2010

When stalling your horse, consider the long-term effects this might have on general health and emotional state.... Read More


Posture, Behaviors Indicate Horse Well-Being

March 13, 2010

If a horse spends most of his time standing in the same position in his stall, would you say he's just bored? And what about a mare that threatens to bite when you approach her stall--is she vicious?

The latest behavior research ... Read More


Horse Stereotypies Vary by Discipline, Researchers Say

March 04, 2010

Some horses crib, some weave, some chew wood. Some have many in-stall habits, while others have practically none. But these equine stereotypies are not as random as they might seem. According to recent findings from an equine behavior research ... Read More


Student Research on Horse Behavior

March 01, 2010

Q: I am a third-year veterinary student at Guelph's Ontario Veterinary College. I am working on a paper for my Equine Health Management class, and I am focusing on equine behavioral stereotypies (cribbing, weaving, stall/box walking) and pasturing...... Read More


I'm Knocking, But Don't Answer!

February 01, 2010

Behaviorist Dr. Sue McDonnell discusses how a horse owner can get rid of her horse's incessant door-banging behavior in a week.... Read More