Stay Weather-Aware at Events

July 23, 2015

Learn how to remain weather-aware and ensure people and horses are in safe places before severe weather strikes.... Read More


2015 International Helmet Awareness Day to Take Place Aug. 1

July 19, 2015

Riders can get discounts on helmets and take part in webinars on traumatic brain injuries, concussions, and more.... Read More


Racehorse Welfare, Safety Summit to be Live-Streamed Online

July 06, 2015

Among the topics to be covered are racetrack surfaces, injury databases, continuing education, and post-mortem programs.... Read More


Help, My Horse Won't Get Out of the Trailer!

May 14, 2015

A Facebook fan asks for help with his horse, who's become a reluctant unloader. ... Read More


Study Evaluates Horseshoes, Track Type, Thoroughbred Safety

April 15, 2015

Researchers examined the loading rates on a hoof of a galloping horse wearing different aluminum racing shoes.... Read More


Twitch Efficacy and Endorphin Levels

April 13, 2015

Learn about applying a lip twitch and the endorphin release that occurs during application.... Read More


Towing Safety and Horse Trailer Maintenance

April 01, 2015

Our equine emergency safety blogger offers tips to ensure your horse trailer is fit for the road.... Read More


Gulfstream Park Reaccredited by Safety, Integrity Alliance

March 30, 2015

Best practices cited included reporting of injuries and fatalities, post-race inspections, and more.... Read More


EquiMania! Celebrates 10 Years at Can-Am

March 22, 2015

EquiMania! is designed to educate visitors about equine safety, horses' skeletal and digestive systems, and more.... Read More


Sunland Park Reaccredited by NTRA Safety, Integrity Alliance

March 21, 2015

Best practices in use include out-of-competition testing, "supertesting" of suspect plasma or urine samples, and more.... Read More


Tiludronate's Safety for Navicular Treatment Studied

March 14, 2015

Researchers determined that tiludronate is safe to use in horses as directed.... Read More


New York Authorities Probe Horse Shootings

January 29, 2015

Two horses were shot by hunters; one horse died in the incident while the other is receiving veterinary treatment.... Read More


Coyotes Blamed for Michigan Horse's Death

January 29, 2015

Five or six coyotes attacked the 27-year-old mare, who was subsequently euthanized as a result of her injuries.... Read More


Catastrophic Equine Injuries' Impact on Jockey Injuries

January 26, 2015

Reducing the prevalence of catastrophic equine injuries and sudden deaths could help improve jockey safety.... Read More


Proposed Montana Law Would Protect Police Horses

January 15, 2015

Proposed legislation would protect horses used by Montana police from harm while in the line of duty.... Read More


New York Racing Officials Meet in Wake of Breakdowns

January 12, 2015

Officials said racing participants will be asked to be more vigilant in an effort to prevent injuries to racehorses.... Read More


WVRC Eyes Independent Review of Head-On Collision

December 19, 2014

The Dec. 13 collision led to a horse being euthanized after a race at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races.... Read More


Officials Investigate Head-On Collision During Horse Race

December 16, 2014

The Dec. 13 collision led to a horse being euthanized after a race at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races. ... Read More


Laurel Park Reaccredited by Safety Alliance

December 12, 2014

The 103-year-old racetrack received its initial NTRA Safety and Integrity Alliance accreditation in 2013.... Read More

Flat halters made of nylon are inexpensive, strong, versatile, and a popular choice for regular barn use. Their synthetic material wears well and comes in a rainbow of colors.


Poll Recap: Halter Preferences

December 09, 2014

Of the 1,228 respondents, 378 (31%) said they primarily use flat nylon halters for their horses.... Read More


2015 Racehorse Welfare and Safety Summit Scheduled

December 05, 2014

The summit will be held July 8 at Keeneland and is open to the public. A live webcast also will be available.... Read More


Electric Fencing

December 01, 2014

Can electric fencing be used to separate a stallion from other mares and geldings on the property?... Read More


Early Winter Wonderland

November 22, 2014

Winter's arrived with a vengeance in the Bluegrass. How are you preparing your senior horses for the deep freeze?... Read More


What Can I Do About My Horses Rushing the Gate?

November 13, 2014

An equine behavior expert and veterinarian offers tips on handling horses that crowd and rush the gate at mealtime.... Read More


How Your Horse Sees

November 13, 2014

Dr. Sharon Spier, U.C. Davis, Calif., explains the horses' vision. ... Read More