Pigeon Fever & Dryland Distemper


Horse Remains Found in Impounded Van

May 28, 2010

The contents of a van discovered parked in a Miami-Dade, Fla., neighborhood earlier this week included horse remains, according to Miami-Dade Police. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The probe is the latest investigati... Read More


Spike in Pigeon Fever Cases Reported in Colorado

August 17, 2009

Equine owners should be extra vigilant for signs of pigeon fever in their horses, according to Colorado State University... Read More


Pigeon Fever

December 01, 2008

Pigeon fever is the common term for an infection caused by the bacterial organism Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (also referred to as Dryland Distemper). C. pseudotuberculosis bacteria tend to localize and form abscesses in the... Read More


Widespread Pigeon Fever Reported in Oregon

October 17, 2008

Veterinarians in Oregon are reporting a surge in cases of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (also known as pigeon fever or dryland distemper), a bacterial disease that can linger in a horse for months. Jessica Evans, DVM, of Bend Equine... Read More


Oregon Vets Reporting Increase in Pigeon Fever Cases

October 18, 2007

Clinical signs of a contagious animal disease called pigeon fever (also known as dryland distemper) have been found in dozens of horses in Eastern Oregon this fall, according to area... Read More


Pigeon Fever: Abscesses Within and Without

April 01, 2005

The first thought that might run through your mind as you approach your horse in the pasture and see his swollen chest or belly is that he has been kicked. As you await your vet, you think back over the past few days, and realize that perhaps he... Read More


AAEP Convention 2004 Wrap-Up: Medicine/Treatments

March 03, 2005

Equine Malignant Hyperthermia

We've all heard of people and animals that are "sensitive" to anesthesia. Monica Aleman, MVZ, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, head of the neuromuscular disease lab at the University of California, Davis, reported on a... Read More


Pigeon Fever Research

February 13, 2005

This disease has nothing to do with birds; it got its name from the inflammation seen in the chest region of some affected horses that makes them look like they have a puffed-out pigeon's breast. Also known as dryland distemper, the disease is... Read More


More Pigeon Fever in Kentucky

March 01, 2003

The bacterial disease "pigeon fever," also known as dryland distemper, usually is seen west of the Mississippi--especially in California and southwestern states--but it has been recognized in Kentucky and Florida in increasing numbers in recent... Read More


Pigeon Fever Update

February 03, 2003

There are hundreds of cases of pigeon fever each year in California, said Nathan Slovis, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, from his experience working at the University of California, Davis. Slovis, who currently is an internal medicine specialist at the... Read More


Pigeon Fever (Dryland Distemper) in Kentucky

January 01, 2003

An unusual outbreak of the bacterial disease "pigeon fever," also known as dryland distemper, occurred in Kentucky in early and mid-November 2002, according to Doug Byars, DVM, a specialist in internal medicine and equine critical care. He said... Read More


Pigeon Fever in Colorado and Wyoming

November 26, 2002

There has been an unusual rise in cases of pigeon fever detected in Colorado and Wyoming, according to recent reports from Colorado State University (CSU) and the Wyoming State Veterinary Lab.

Seventy-six cases from Colorado's Front Rang... Read More


Pigeon Fever in Kentucky

November 20, 2002

An unusual outbreak of the bacterial disease “pigeon fever,” also known as dryland distemper, has been occurring in Kentucky over the past three weeks, according to Doug Byars, DVM, a specialist in internal medicine and equine critical care. He... Read More


Dryland Distemper

November 02, 2001

One of the most commonly diagnosed bacterial problems in California (and several other western states) is dryland distemper, otherwise known as pigeon fever. This disease is caused by Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis and is seen... Read More


Wildlife Disease: Contagious Critters

May 01, 2001

Diseases from other animals pose a constant threat to our horses. Disease-causing agents, or pathogens, lurk in local wildlife, fly overhead in birds, and lay in the next field inside cows peacefully chewing their cuds. These disease agents--whether ... Read More