Ligament & Tendon Injuries


New Treatment for Tendon and Ligament Injuries

December 31, 2003

A medical device derived from the lining of urinary bladders of specially bred pigs shows promise for healing equine tendon and ligament injuries, according to Rick Mitchell, DVM, of Fairfield Equine Associates in Newtown, Conn. Mitchell recentl... Read More


Bursitis and Synovitis

December 01, 2003

A swelling on the limb that might or might not be accompanied by lameness could be the first sign of bursitis or synovitis. These are similar, moderately common inflammatory conditions of the structures that produce synovial (joint) fluid.... Read More


Suspensory Ligament Injuries: Mending With Marrow

December 01, 2003

"Our hypotheses were that horses with suspensory ligament desmitis, treated with bone marrow components from their own body, would hopefully return to soundness more rapidly than horses with conventional treatments, and have a lower rate of recurrenc... Read More


Effects of Cold Therapies

October 20, 2003

Horse owners everywhere cold-hose or ice their horses' legs to help reduce inflammation, but there hasn't been much agreement among researchers on its effects, or the success of various methods of cooling.... Read More


Shock Wave Therapy -- Does It Work?

September 01, 2003

What is shock wave therapy? Extracorporeal shock wave therapy focuses a highly concentrated, powerful acoustical (sound) energy source to a focal area. The shock waves induce increased activity of bone-producing cells and might also lead to increased... Read More


Tenoscopy for Tendon Injuries

July 01, 2003

Penetrating injuries near the fetlock can be very serious because of their proximity to the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT), which flexes the lower limb joints, and its sheath. While a horse might have only a small cut or puncture wound, the... Read More


Wrapping a Bowed Tendon for Exercise

June 01, 2003

Q: We have a 4-year-old Thoroughbred with a bowed tendon. He has been laid up for about a year and is now in training and doing well. My question: When we race him, should we wrap his leg to support the bow or leave it open? I... Read More


Treating Shoulder Lameness

March 01, 2003

There is an uncommon type of shoulder lameness in horses that produces a dropped elbow and flexing of the carpus (knee) and pastern at rest. At work, affected horses are typically severely lame with a significantly decreased forward phase of the... Read More


AAEP 2002: Kester News Hour

February 03, 2003

Probably the best-attended session of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) annual convention, the Kester News Hour provides brief reports of studies that were too new or too brief to be included in the longer scientific... Read More


2002 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention

February 01, 2003

Thousands of equine veterinarians visited Orlando, Fla., Dec. 4-8, 2002, with the health and welfare of their equine patients at heart. The annual convention of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) served up research... Read More


Juvenile Bowed Tendons and Racing Prognosis

December 17, 2002

“Juvenile bowed tendons, or ‘baby bows,’ are not uncommon in yearlings and weanlings,” said Johanna Reimer, VMD, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ACVC (cardiology), of the Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Ky., at the 2002 American Association of... Read More


New Surgical Treatment for Suspensory Injury

November 01, 2002

Suspensory injuries are common in athletic horses. The suspensory ligament extends down the back of the lower leg from the knee or the hock and lies between the flexor tendons and the cannon bone. There are a number of treatments for injured... Read More


Buddha Injury Still Uncertain

May 06, 2002

Diagnostics were still being done on pre-Derby second choice Buddha on the Monday after the race. His attending veterinarian, Dr. Ken Reed, said while they hadn’t found out a whole lot more, Buddha was sent on Sunday night (May 5) to Rood and... Read More


Jump Landings and Tendon Strain

May 01, 2002

Lameness in show jumpers is often caused by forelimb tendon injury. The superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT) is most frequently injured, followed by the interosseus tendon (IT), and the accessory ligament (AL), while the deep digital flexor... Read More


Tendons and Ligaments

April 01, 2002

It should come as no surprise that horses suffer from tendon and ligament injuries. When one considers these vital parts of the equine anatomy and the stresses placed upon them, it's a tribute to the horse's physical make-up that there aren't... Read More


Limitations of Diagnostic Ultrasound of Bowed Tendons

March 01, 2002

Diagnostic ultrasound has become a popular means of monitoring the healing of superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT) injuries, also known as bowed tendons. As image analysis software has been developed, the technique has become more widespread... Read More


AAEP Convention 2001: Kester News Hour

February 01, 2002

The Kester News Hour kicked off the scientific program of the AAEP convention. Named for the late veterinarian General Wayne O. "Sage" Kester, first president of the AAEP, the hour was designed to cover timely topics that were too brief and/or... Read More


Tendons and Ligaments: Dubai International Equine Symposium

October 15, 2001

The basic anatomy and physiology of tendons and ligaments is complex. Nathalie Crevier, DVM, of the Clinique Equine-Laboratorie D'Anatomie in France, revealed what has been learned of the microanatomy of tendons and ligaments.... Read More


Progress in Lameness Therapy: Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium 1997

October 11, 2001

Any treatment of laminitis must be prefaced by answering questions such as: "Do I save this horse regardless of the cost? Is it imperative that this horse race again?" What sort of care will be available to the horse following application of special ... Read More


Medical Messengers--British Equine Veterinary Association

October 08, 2001

The annual meeting of the British Equine Veterinary Association provided a wealth of information on topics ranging from tendons and ligaments to muscle diseases, from disorders of the back to conformation. Sue Dyson, MA, VetMB, PhD, DEO, FRCVS,... Read More


Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium 1999

October 02, 2001

The name of the conference might be misleading, because the 10th Annual Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium in Louisville, Ky., covered topics from how nutrition affects hooves to what stimulates hooves to grow. The theme of this year's symposium was... Read More


Bapten Taken Off Market

October 01, 2001

The equine tendon medication Bapten has been discontinued by its manufacturer, PR Pharmaceuticals, because of a lack of demand. The expense and length of treatment involved with Bapten therapy kept it from becoming popular, according to Keri... Read More


Training Young Horses

September 18, 2001

Dr. E.E. Watson was a veterinarian of some repute for many years in the Midwest during the middle decades of the 20th Century. He not only treated racehorses, but he bred them, owned them, and trained them. One year in the late 1950s, he had a... Read More


Young Horses in Training and Injury Risks

January 01, 2001

Everyone involved in the racing industry knows that one of the major problems in training horses is keeping them free from injury. Bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments are placed under considerable strain during training and racing,... Read More


Tendon Injuries: Treatments and Prevention

September 01, 2000

Tendon injuries quickly can end a performance horse's career. There are no definitive statistics concerning how many horses in the world suffer from tendon injuries of some sort, but the number is considerable. The most common injury is the one... Read More