Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP)


Muscle Disorders (AAEP 2006)

March 01, 2007

Careful inspection of a horse's muscle mass and symmetry and hands-on palpation educates the examiner about the horse's muscle tone and comfort level. The examiner also evaluates the horse in motion and conducts a full lameness exam.... Read More


Feeding to Prevent and Control Disease

August 24, 2006

Various equine diseases can be caused and/or cured by using specific feeding regimens. ... Read More


Feeding to Prevent and Control Disease

August 01, 2006

Dietary management can work like magic for specific equine diseases.... Read More


Equine Genetic Disease: Who's At Risk?

October 01, 2005

Many DNA sequence variations are fine; they just give rise to the broad spectrum of colors, sizes, and other characteristics we see in the horse population. Some variations, however, cause problems. These might range from a genetic predisposition... Read More


Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis and Colic

September 01, 2004

I have a 4-year-old Quarter Horse gelding who is HYPP N/H positive. This horse is very gassy and tends to colic... Read More


Feeding HYPP Horses

May 01, 2004

Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP) horses need careful dietary management to reduce attacks.... Read More


AQHA Board of Directors Votes on Key Rule Changes at Convention

March 11, 2004

The American Quarter Horse Association Board of Directors voted Tuesday on the recommendations of the AQHA standing committees as approved in the general membership meeting. The following is the final results of the vote regarding hyperkalemic... Read More


The Future of Horses with HYPP

December 30, 2003

Letter to the Editor:

This letter must begin by saying how proud I am of a man whom I have never met.  His name is Steve Stevens of Houston, TX, the current president of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA).  Mr.... Read More


HYPP: Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis

October 10, 2001

They gave the muscular Quarter Horse colt an ambitious name: Impressive. He lived up to the name in such dramatic fashion that it became a household word in Quarter Horse circles - especially among breeders and exhibitors involved in showing... Read More


Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP) and Breeding

May 01, 2001

Is it safe to breed a Quarter Horse mare N/H (heterozygous) for hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP)?... Read More


Genetic Testing: The Secret World Of Genes

December 01, 1998

Genetic testing in horses helps us learn about their physical characteristics, diseases, and much more.... Read More


Genetics Primer

September 01, 1997

Progress in the field of genetics has been moving by leaps and bounds during the past few years. It wasn't long ago that researchers discovered ways to unravel and study DNA, that elusive strand of genes that inhabits each and... Read More