Horse Identification


Panel Says Microchips in Horses will not be Mandated

December 09, 2005

Putting microchips in racehorses for identification purposes will remain secondary to standard identification procedures such as tattooing and DNA testing, according to a panel of industry experts Tuesday afternoon at The Symposium on Racing and... Read More


USDA Announces Grant Program for National Animal Identification Trials and Projects

November 14, 2005

The USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service announced on Nov. 9 it will award $3 million in cooperative agreements to states and tribes for conducting research to develop or test potential solutions for animal identification and... Read More


Reflecting on Katrina: A New Orleans Vet's Perspective

November 09, 2005

"It's just so amazing to me that in one day, it can all be lost and suddenly you live in a dangerous place," said Allison Barca, DVM, who has served many of the equines in and around New Orleans for years. Barca's home is just north of New... Read More


Animal ID Moves Forward

October 26, 2005

United States Department of Agriculture officials announced at the ID/INFO Expo 2005 that they are pursuing an industry-funded animal tracking database to trace the movement of animals in the event of a disease outbreak. The privatization of the... Read More


Microchip Interest Increases After Hurricanes

October 18, 2005

At least two microchip manufacturers said they experienced recent increased interest in their products, presumably as a result of the animal identification problems following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. These companies said they worked with... Read More


More Louisiana Hurricane Horses Identified

October 13, 2005

A tattoo or a microchip and some good record keeping can go a long way in reuniting horses with their owners. So says Bonnie Clark, president of the Louisiana Equine Council, who has been heading up the horse hurricane relief effort at the... Read More


Event Celebrates Equine Volunteers at Lamar-Dixon

October 10, 2005

The scene at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center during the past five weeks has been all business. Veterinarians, veterinary students, and volunteers have dutifully cared for the facility's residents--Katrina's equine refugees that were rescued from their... Read More


Only Four Rescued Horses Are Unidentified at Lamar-Dixon; Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony to be Held Oct. 9

October 05, 2005

Nearly 400 horses and mules have been processed at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, La., since post-hurricane rescues began, and according to Bonnie Clark, president of the Louisiana Equine Council, all but four have unique identificatio... Read More


Maryland Launches National Identification System

September 16, 2005


CONTACT: Sue duPont, 410-841-5889 or Kate Wagner, 410-841-5888

Maryland Launches its part of the National Animal Identification System first phase to register all livestock premises in the State Open House... Read More


Louisiana State University Equine Rescue Operations

September 14, 2005

Whereas the needs of horses and local equine facilities have changed somewhat in the two weeks following Hurricane Katrina, the rescue efforts of the Louisiana State University (LSU) team continue on a daily basis. Horses continue to be brought... Read More


Horses Saved; Rescuers Live the Highs and Lows

September 05, 2005

Eighty-nine equines rescued from areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina are alive and well and staying at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, La. They are being cared for by a dedicated team of Louisiana State University (LSU) veterinarians,... Read More


Hurricane Horses Being Reached

September 05, 2005

As southern Louisiana reaches the one week anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, rescue efforts continue on a large scale for horses affected by the storm and subsequent flooding.

Lamar-Dixon Expo Center, the central staging area for horses... Read More


AVMA: Teams Ready to Assess Hurricane Damage

September 01, 2005

According to the latest Hurricane Katrina disaster update from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) at 9:00 pm CDT on Aug. 31, four Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams (VMAT) were deployed and awaiting mission assignments for... Read More


Katrina Strands Many; Rescuers Wait for Evaluation of Worst Hit Areas

August 30, 2005

Katrina's fury has been felt widespread in Louisiana and Mississippi, scattering storms and high winds across hundreds of square miles. Many horse owners are likely stranded in the storm's wake, says Bonnie Clark, publisher of the Horseman's... Read More


Identity Mix-Up Regarding Dubai Excellence

August 16, 2005

 By Ric Chapman with additional reporting

Authorities are conducting DNA testing to determine the identity of a horse shipped to stand in Australia after preliminary tests proved it is not Dubai Excellence. Th... Read More


Horse Smart Card in the Works in Colorado

June 01, 2005

The horse industry in Colorado is instituting an Equine Smart Card identification program that will meet National Animal Identification System (NAIS) standards. The NAIS is being developed by the USDA and state agencies, and it is intended to... Read More


Microchip Proposed as Required Form of Equine ID

April 18, 2005

"The advancement of animal ID is currently one of the NIAA's greatest missions," began Amelita Facchiano, consultant for GlobalVetLink and chair of the National Institute of Animal Agriculture (NIAA) Equine ID Subcommittee at the NIAA annual... Read More


Horse Smart Card in the Works

April 15, 2005

The horse industry in Colorado is instituting an Equine Smart Card identification program that will meet National Animal Identification System (NAIS) standards. NAIS is a national program being developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and... Read More


U.S. Horse Passport Program Gaining Popularity

April 12, 2005

The list of states accepting equine passports is growing longer as Florida is implementing its own passport program in order to fulfill state and federal initiatives as part of the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). Greg Christy, DVM,... Read More


2005 National Institute for Animal Agriculture Annual Meeting

March 22, 2005

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) is holding its annual meeting April 3-7 in St. Paul Minn., and will address issues ranging from zoonotic diseases to animal identification, animal health emergency management, equine health,... Read More


Freeze Branding a Horse

March 01, 2005

I am interested in freeze branding my horses. What is involved in the process? Can I do this myself?... Read More


USDA Launches Web Site About The National Animal Identification System

February 16, 2005

The USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service recently announced the launch of a new web site to inform stakeholders about the national animal identification system (NAIS). The web site, Read More


U.K. Passport Regulations Enforced Beginning in March

February 09, 2005

Less than a month remains before horse passport regulations go into full effect in England. Nearly a half-million passports had been issued by Jan. 31, according to the U.K.'s Department of Environment, Food, and Agriculture (Defra).

The... Read More


USDA Takes Another Step to Establish National ID System for Animals

November 22, 2004

The American Horse Council (AHC) reports that the USDA has taken another step toward the implementation of the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) to trace animal movements in case of a major disease outbreak.  "This action has bee... Read More


Equine Working Group Provides Views to USDA

November 01, 2004

The Equine Species Working Group (ESWG) said it supports the approach the USDA is taking to organize a national animal ID system to deal with animal diseases and their effects. But, the group cautioned, the horse industry has unique issues and... Read More