The Rear Leg

October 15, 2001

This month we shall begin a discussion of the rear leg: conformation, function, problems. There is at least one good reason to start with the rear rather than the foreleg. It seems to be the case that as man selects certain animals to breed to... Read More


Focus on Discipline: Hunters/Jumpers

October 10, 2001

Ears forward and eyes fixed, the horse concludes his gallop in front of the fence. He gathers himself and leaps gracefully into the air, clearing the obstacle with ease and landing on the other side of the obstacle to gallop on to the next... Read More


Tendon Injuries in Horses

September 13, 2001

Tendon injuries can be extremely frustrating. The best way to deal with them is to make every effort to prevent them, or if possible, limit the degree of damage that occurs. Certainly some tendon injuries occur acutely without any warning, but... Read More


Are Straight Hocks a Problem?

January 01, 2001

Does having straight hocks cause a horse to trip or to react any different than a horse without this? Will they tire more easily climbing hills when on a trail? What safety considerations should I be thinking about? --Lynn... Read More


Conformation in Horses

October 01, 2000

Conformation...what does it mean? If you've spent any time around horses or horse people, you've heard this word or related words used again and again. "Wow, that horse has great conformation!" or "My trainer said not t... Read More


Your Horse's Limbs: Does Form Follow Function?

October 01, 1999

We asked several leading experts for their take on the conformation-performance-soundness issue.... Read More


There Was a Crooked Foal

May 01, 1999

A newborn foal, teetering on spidery legs, has a knock-kneed, awkward charm that can melt hearts. ... Read More


Out On A Limb: Young Burro Receives Artificial Leg At Colorado State

October 16, 1998

A five-month-old burro named Primrose got a leg up on life in the form of a prosthetic hind limb at Colorado State University recently, and her owner, a professional storyteller, put a happy ending on a sad tale.... Read More


Capped Hock Injury

July 01, 1998

I have a three-year-old Thoroughbred filly who was shipped from Texas. When she arrived, she had a swelling on her hock that was called a capped hock. What exactly is a capped hock and how should I deal with it? Will it affect her ability to race ... Read More


Hind End Lameness

October 01, 1997

I have a 4-year-old hunter who has become lame in his hind end. He routinely goes over 2' 6" jumps, but never anything larger. Being only 5'3", I do not think that my problem is the weight I am asking him to carry. There are... Read More