Heat Stress


Veterinarian's Input On Olympics Horse Events Has Had Global Impact

October 16, 1998

The 1996 Summer Olympics may be over, but a success story involving veterinary medicine and horses that went virtually unnoticed then has had a lasting impact.

Despite the heat and humidity... Read More


Texas Horses Cooler Than Humans In Sweltering Heat At Racetracks

July 24, 1998

The United States is experiencing a record-setting summer, with temperatures in the Southwest topping the 100-degree mark day after day. The suspects among the causes of this heat streak range from global warming to La Niña,... Read More


Cooling Overheated Horses

July 01, 1998

Q: With summer upon us, I am concerned about exercising my horse in hot weather. What can I do to make sure my horse is properly cooled out? Are there steps I can take before, during, and after exercise? ... Read More


Electrolytes and Endurance Horses

November 01, 1997

Not all horses are alike in their needs for electrolyte replacement after strenuous exertion. Some deplete the... Read More