Group Studies Synthetic Racing Surfaces for New York

May 11, 2006

A fledgling group of owners and breeders in New York has launched a new effort to study a variety of issues affecting the safety of Thoroughbred horses, including whether some of the state's racetracks should install alternative racing surfaces.... Read More


Safe Paths, Safe Plants

May 01, 2006

Some elements of an equestrian facility shouldn't be taken for granted--solid fencing, sturdy shelter, and good arena footing among them. Then there are areas that sometimes get less attention than they deserve. Pathways around the farm often... Read More


Toning Up Rings

May 01, 2006

If your indoor or outdoor arena is less than you hoped it would be, join the club. ... Read More


Keeneland Going With Polytrack; Other Track Renovations Planned

April 20, 2006

The Keeneland Association board of directors gave its approval to install a synthetic surface known as Polytrack on the main racetrack during an April 19 meeting. Construction is scheduled to begin in May and the Central Kentucky track will be... Read More


Racing Surface Drawing Rave Reviews From Horsemen

April 12, 2006

Lone Star Park's main track is in its best condition ever, according to several horsemen who have been stabled in Grand Prairie, Texas for several weeks.

The 10th annual 66-date Spring Thoroughbred Season commences Thursday night at 6:35... Read More


California Requires Synthetic Racing Surface

April 01, 2006

The California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) decided on Feb. 16 that California racing associations operating meets of at least four continuous weeks will be required to install a synthetic racing surface by the end of 2007 or face a loss of race... Read More


Funding Bill Possible for Calif. Surfaces Plan

March 11, 2006

California Senator Dean Florez is developing legislation to address the issue of funding for the state's major Thoroughbred racetracks to install Polytrack-like surfaces in order to reduce injuries to horses and riders.

The California... Read More


California Horse Racing Board to Require Polytrack Installation at Tracks

February 19, 2006

California racing associations that operate meets of at least four continuous weeks would be required to install a synthetic racing surface by the end of 2007 or face a loss of dates, the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) decided Feb.... Read More


New Turfway Surface Well Received, But Test Comes This Winter

October 17, 2005

The Polytrack experiment at Turfway Park was deemed a success--especially for safety reasons--at the conclusion of the 22-day summer/fall meet, though the Northern Kentucky racetrack expects to get a more accurate picture of the synthetic surfac... Read More


Surface Switch

August 16, 2005

It is often said the key to real estate is "location, location, location." Well, listening to the speakers at the Aug. 8-9 conference of racetrack superintendents, it became clear the key to a good surface is "consistency, consistency,... Read More


Track Surface Conditions Influence Likelihood of Racing Fractures

February 01, 2005

A study recently published in the Japan Racing Journal found that as turf courses become wetter and softer, fracture risk is reduced. In contrast, muddy conditions on dirt courses lead to a greater risk of horses sustaining a fracture.... Read More


Above the Surface: Polytrack

October 04, 2004

Polytrack--polypropylene fibers, recycled rubber, and silica sand covered in a wax coating--has been used for training and racing for years in Great Britain, but Keeneland is the first U.S. facility to install it.... Read More


Mud Management

June 01, 2004

Flanders and Swann, a singing comedy team from the United Kingdom, once penned a song that went like this:

"Mud, mud, glorious mud,
Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.
So follow me, follow,
Down to the hollow,
And... Read More


Get A Handle on Your Footing

January 01, 2002

Good footing is important for optimizing performance and reducing the risk of lameness. The main reason why sport horses retire early is due to osteoarthritis from constant wear and tear of the joints, sometimes from long-term schooling on bad... Read More


On Equal Footing

October 02, 2001

Trainers and riders have become sophisticated about ground, and about how good footing protects horses' feet and legs. Many owners spend large sums to install the best footing at home. Indoors or outdoors, they control the type of ground their horses... Read More


Common Barn Injuries

September 13, 2001

Two of the saddest words in the English language. After an accident, we tear ourselves apart thinking how we could have prevented it. If only I had seen...If only I had done...Yet, as horse people, we are surrounded by thousands of pounds of... Read More


Sole Bruise Lameness

June 01, 2001

This morning when I went to the barn, my Quarter Horse gelding was lame, to the point where he did not want to bear any weight on his left hind foot. My barn manager thinks it might be a sole bruise. What is a sole bruise? What should I do?... Read More


Club Foot Concerns

April 01, 2001

Club feet might be one of the most common growth problems in young horses. Affecting youngsters primarily between birth and 6 months of age, the club foot actually is a flexural deformity of the distal interphalangeal joint (coffin joint) caused... Read More


Footing and Horse Performance

May 01, 2000

The type of footing on which a horse performs strongly influences whether the animal has a long and productive career, or whether it has that career cut short because of unsoundness or injury. Footing also influences how well the horse performs.... Read More


Breakdown Breakthrough

June 25, 1999

New research has identified a promising diagnostic technique that should decrease the incidence of breakdowns of elite equine athletes at the track and help save the lives of young foals with infections at the breeding farm.... Read More


Run-In Sheds

January 01, 1999

Dallas Goble, DVM, thinks quite highly of run-in sheds. "They offer better quality health for the horse than enclosed barns," says the associate professor of surgery, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee. "Run-in sheds have... Read More


New Surface At Sportsman's Park To Be Tested

October 09, 1998

Even while bulldozers and construction crews work to make Sportsman's Park accommodate auto racing, a small corner of the Stickney, Ill., facility will remain the preserve of the Thoroughbred horse.

On Sept. 30, Sportsman's Park... Read More


Working Horses on Hard Surfaces

September 01, 1998

Hard surfaces come in many forms. There's that parking lot where you lunged your horse last weekend at the horse show. There's that cracked-clay pasture where your horse was turned out all last summer. There's that poor-excuse-for-an-arena down at th... Read More


Injuries Put Del Mar Surface Under Microscope

August 21, 1998

The unusual concentration of catastrophic and career-ending injuries during the opening weeks of the current Del Mar meet hit home in dramatic fashion Aug. 13 when Prosperous Bid, a 3-year-old son of Mr. Prospector owned by... Read More


Footing that Forgives

April 01, 1996

Every horse appreciates sure footing, either on the track or the trail. For the equine athlete, sport-specific footing helps him achieve his best perform-ance. Every athlete, human or equine, must traverse through an environment. His body impact... Read More