Pasture and Fencing

June 01, 2006

It's worth the time and expense to establish productive and nutritious pasture, then maintain it. And if you maintain your pasture, you'll want to keep your horses secure with a safe fencing system.

The following are tips on management of your... Read More


Ridin' Fence

May 01, 2006

There are many options available today for horse owners when installing or redoing pen and pasture fencing. The first thought should be the safety of the horses. Sometimes a fencing makeover will mean tearing out all of the old fence and... Read More


Fencing: The Art of Good Neighbors

March 01, 2004

To build and maintain good horse fence does take time and effort, but in the end it can be very rewarding. We shall assume that the proper fencing materials have been chosen. However, a quick review of good, safe choices is helpful.... Read More


Safe and Healthy Fencing: A Place Apart

February 01, 2004

In the end, remember that a pastured horse's safety isn't just determined by the materials and construction of the enclosing fence. Other factors to consider include his temperament and age, the number and choice of pasture mates and neighbors... Read More


Purchase, Design, and Management of the Farm

August 20, 2003

So you want to have your own horse farm. Should you build or buy? Hire a real estate agent or go out looking on your own? What about once you've acquired a facility--how do you manage the soil, fencing, employees, security, and manure? Four... Read More


Traveling With Your Horse: Home Away From Home

April 01, 2003

You've decided to hit the road with your horse for a competition, overnight trail ride, or a pack ... Read More


Camping With Your Horse

April 01, 2003

Whether it is the increased stress of daily life or the baby-boomer generation wanting to experience the roots of their pioneer forefathers, more and more people are setting out to see the country from horseback. As a result, equestrian... Read More


Putting Up Boundaries (Fencing)

April 01, 2002

Horses are nomads by nature, with an inclination to travel far and wide searching for forage and water. Along with their wanderlust, horses possess a strong sense of curiosity, and they are constantly investigating their surroundings. Turn a... Read More


Housing Your Horse

October 05, 2001

In the back of your mind somewhere there lurks a Dream Barn. Go on, admit it. You've planned it down to the last luxurious detail--from the Olympic-sized riding arena (with the climate-impervious perfect footing) right down to the automatic fly... Read More


Safe And Secure Fencing

October 01, 2001

Sandra had installed her fencing in good faith, on the advice of "experts" - yet in only weeks, one of her horses had been seriously injured. Would another kind of barrier have been any safer? It seems everyone's got at least one fencing horror story... Read More


Posting The Guard

September 17, 2001

With more land owners deciding to use their acres to house a horse or pony comes the inevitable question, "Which fence should I use?" Because you are trying to contain living creatures who are nomadic by nature, and accident prone by design, you... Read More


Common Barn Injuries

September 13, 2001

Two of the saddest words in the English language. After an accident, we tear ourselves apart thinking how we could have prevented it. If only I had seen...If only I had done...Yet, as horse people, we are surrounded by thousands of pounds of... Read More



July 01, 2001

ElectroBraid Fence Limited is offering a chance for a charitable organization to win free fencing. ElectroBraid President David Bryson wants to donate enough of his equine electrical fencing so that a therapeutic riding program, horse shelter, o... Read More


Create Protective Barriers

April 01, 2001

You've heard it a hundred times before, and you'll probably hear it a hundred times again: "If there's a way a horse can get into trouble, it will." That means if you have abandoned machinery at the far end of your 900-acre spread, your horse... Read More


Horsekeeping On Small Acreage

October 01, 2000

When it comes to small horse pastures, pasturettes, or ranchettes, less equals more. More stress on pasture grasses, more likelihood of overgrazing, more pressure on fencing, more routine maintenance. But with proper management, pasturettes can... Read More


Your Interactive Fence

February 01, 2000

Interactive is a common word in our language now. It means an immediate and personal response. You click--your computer displays a response. Your horse "clicks" an electric fence, and it shocks him. The interactivity cues the horse to respect th... Read More


Safe Fencing for Horses

May 01, 1998

Selecting reliable confinement for a horse often is no easy matter, as safe fencing relies upon individual circumstances. Matters of consideration include the amount of area to be enclosed; the number of horses to be contained within a fence; th... Read More