Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH)


Opening the Airways

August 01, 2001

Only racehorses get exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH), right? Aren't they the only ones working hard enough to rupture blood vessels in their lungs? The answer to this question is not so simple. Research has shown that EIPH occurs in... Read More


Humans And Horses Sport Nasal Strips In Sydney

September 01, 2000

Endorsement deals are a dime a dozen during the Olympics. But how many companies can say that its product will benefit both human and animal athletes during this summer's Sydney games?

Minneapolis-based CNS, Inc might be the only compan... Read More


Double Dosing?

February 01, 1999

And down the stretch they come! With the track announcer's call, each pair of eyes turns toward the head of the stretch. The crowd roars in anticipation as the big chestnut, the favorite, lies just behind the front runners. His jockey moves him... Read More


CNS Expands Nasal Strip Technology to Include Horses

September 01, 1998

CNS, Inc., is developing a nasal strip that eases the breathing of horses during racing and other high-performance events, the company announced today. The strip performed as expected in an initial clinical trial at Kansas State University, and... Read More


Equine Respiratory Disease Part 2: The Lower Airway

August 01, 1998

The lower airway consists of the lungs and the air tubing (bronchi) that supplies them. The lungs have some very interesting and unique protective mechanisms that put forth a great effort to prevent infection. Obviously, the air... Read More


British Paper Offers Theory on Bleeding

May 01, 1998

British scientists on April 27 released a paper with a new theory which they think explains why horses bleed during exercise. The authors, who include Professor Bob Schroter of Imperial College, London, and Dr. David Marlin o... Read More


Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage

September 01, 1997

The debate goes on. That brief statement is about the most accurate way to open a discussion on exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) in horses. The condition has been a concern for 300 years and, during that time, has been addressed,... Read More