Disaster Recovery


Santa Cruz County, California, Horses Displaced by Wildfire

September 29, 2016

Several horses have returned to their homes, but others remain at the county animal shelter and fairgrounds.... Read More


(Un)certain Change: Climate Shifts and Horse Keeping

September 10, 2016

Learn how rising temperatures and extreme weather events are affecting horse keeping.... Read More


Oregon Emergency Wild Horse Gather Concludes Successfully

September 07, 2016

In total 155 horses--33 foals, 55 mares, and 67 stallions--were gathered and transported to an adoption facility.... Read More


Horses Evacuated From Louisiana Flood Heading Home

August 31, 2016

Most of the evacuated horses have returned to their owners' farms, but 149 horses are still waiting to go home.... Read More


BLM Vale District Conducting Emergency Wild Horse Gather

August 30, 2016

The gather comes in response to the Cherry Road Wildfire, which has burned 90% of the area in which a herd resides.... Read More


GoFundMe Page Benefits Louisiana Animal Shelters

August 24, 2016

Contributions will be used to provide supplies and equipment necessary to care for horses and other animals.... Read More


Horses Impacted by Floods in Louisiana in Need

August 20, 2016

Find out how you can assist with the rescue and care of horses impacted by the flooding in Louisiana.... Read More


Flooding Challenges Humans, Horses in Louisiana

August 17, 2016

Owners are working to locate horses displaced by the flood and evaluate property damage as waters subside in some areas.... Read More


Hundreds of Horses Displaced by California Wildfire

July 27, 2016

More than 300 horses and other animals were evacuated ahead of a raging wildfire in Los Angeles County.... Read More


Lightning Strike Kills Horse at North Carolina Trailhead

July 21, 2016

A lightning strike is being blamed for death of a horse tied to a trailer at a popular trail riding destination.... Read More


More Than 200 Horses Displaced by California Wildfires

June 24, 2016

Most of the evacuated horses are residing at the Fairplex fairgrounds, while some are stabled at Santa Anita Park.... Read More


Kentucky Barn Fire Claims Saddlebred Horses

June 14, 2016

The farm owner unsuccessfully attempted to save 13 horses inside the barn.... Read More


Horses Displaced by Calabasas Fire Return Home

June 08, 2016

Nearly 90 California horses were evacuated to the Pierce College Equestrian Center, in Woodland Hills.... Read More


Horses Rescued From Texas Flood Waters

June 03, 2016

A half-dozen horses were rescued from rising flood waters from the Brazos River. ... Read More


More Than 100 Horses Rescued From Houston Floods

April 20, 2016

Dozens of equids have been moved to higher ground while five endurance horses remain missing.... Read More


20 Disaster Planning Questions

March 12, 2016

Community disaster planning begins at home and in neighborhoods, and with understanding your farm.... Read More


Indiana Horses Removed From Flood Zone

December 29, 2015

Thirteen therapeutic riding horses were rescued this week after their Brownsburg, Indiana, pasture flooded.... Read More


Horses Perish in Tennessee Barn Blaze

December 01, 2015

Fire authorities said an electrical connection caused the fire that killed 11 horses on Nov. 28.... Read More


Colorado Horsecare Foodbank Creates Video on Evacuations

November 17, 2015

The video features tips on training horses for evacuation during natural disasters.... Read More


Disaster Education From Extension Programs

October 18, 2015

Horse owners should rely on information refereed by experts and civic authorities for validity during disasters.... Read More


East Coast Horses Weather the Storm

October 05, 2015

Despite heavy rain and wind, many East Coast horses appear to have made it through the storm as well as possible.... Read More

After fire swept through Amanda Eggleston's farm in January 2015, she's been rebuilding with safety in mind.


When Disaster Strikes

October 05, 2015

After a tornado, fire, or other disaster hits your farm, how would you respond and rebuild? Here's what to remember.... Read More


Idaho Horse Owners to Get Emergency Help

September 23, 2015

Volunteers have devised a plan that allows first responders to them in to help move horses to evacuation sites.... Read More


Rescuers Cope With Influx of Horses Displaced by Wildfires

September 17, 2015

Horse rescuers and evacuation site personnel are managing hundreds of displaced horses in California.... Read More


BLM Completes the Soda Fire Emergency Wild Horse Gather

September 08, 2015

The BLM gathered a total of 279 horses from the Hardtrigger, Black Mountain, and Sands Basin herd management areas. ... Read More