Providing Care for Your Senior Horse

August 01, 2002

Technology and advances in medicine have given us tools to keep our horses alive longer.... Read More


Don't You Stick Your Tongue Out at Me!

May 01, 2002

My 5-year-old Thoroughbred mare sticks her tongue out when I ride her, especially when asked to accept the bit... Read More


Dental Correction and Feed Digestibility

March 13, 2002

Equine dental abnormalities are among the top five most common medical problems encountered by equine veterinarians. Clinical evidence has shown that horses with severe tooth hooks and points that were corrected gained weight... Read More


Bits and Bitting (AAEP 2001)

February 01, 2002

"Bits and bridles are for communication," Bennett told the sizable group that gathered to hear the three-person presentation. "They are not handles to stabilize the rider in the saddle or instruments for punishing the horse."... Read More


More Than a Toothache

October 16, 2001

Many practitioners have developed great dental skills and have expanded their dental services. However, clients aren't using them! Dental care is more that just "floating" teeth. There are many steps you can integrate into your program to improv... Read More


Understanding Your Horse's Teeth

October 05, 2001

Horses have a unique dental structure. Their teeth are divided into two major sections: the incisors, which are the teeth seen in the front of the horse's mouth, and the cheek teeth, made up of the premolars and molars. The molars and... Read More


Baby Teeth

March 01, 2001

Perhaps one of the most neglected aspects of equine health, until a problem manifests itself, is the monitoring and care of a young horse's baby teeth. After all, they are only temporary and are shed at various stages to make way for permanent... Read More


Bizarre Behavior

January 01, 2001

We have a new problem with our old family pony. Pokey is a Shetland gelding that we have had since our first of five daughters was five years old. We figured he was about 10 years old in 1978 when we got him, so he is now just over 30. Pokey... Read More


Thoughts on Equine Dentistry

January 01, 2001

I believe very few aspects of equine health care have attracted as much attention and advanced as rapidly in the past five years as the practice of equine dentistry. There have been rapid technological developments in the equipment and... Read More


Holding Off on Treatment to "Save Money"

November 01, 2000

Often, holding off on treatment to save money in the form of vet bills results in longer, more expensive treatment, with the horse's performance or reproductive career being placed in jeopardy. ... Read More


Health Scheduling

August 01, 2000

For first-time horse owners, getting a new horse can border on the overwhelming. You have to find a suitable boarding barn or create adequate stabling on your own property and buy tack, grooming equipment, cooling sheets and/or blankets. Yo... Read More


Long in the Tooth

July 01, 2000

Old age treats some horses better than others. Many continue to lead happy, healthy lives well into their 30s--a little slower, maybe, with some loss of muscle tone or a bit of a swayback, but otherwise in good flesh and good spirits until... Read More


Feeding Older Horses: Cuisine For The Golden Years

May 01, 2000

Horses which have been correctly fed all their lives are far more likely to live to a ripe old age.... Read More


Equine Dental Care is More Than Just Floating Teeth

October 01, 1999

When you schedule an appointment for yourself at the dentist’s office, you usually mark off a whole afternoon on your calendar. You have X rays, get a thorough cleaning of each and every tooth, maybe get a tooth or two filled—and you almost... Read More


Do I Need a Dental Exam For My Horse?

March 01, 1999

Q: I have a Morgan mare who, I think, might have something wrong with her teeth. What should I expect from a dental examination for my horse?... Read More


Equine Dentistry Update

September 01, 1998

One of the oldest of adages in the horse world is, "No feet, no horse." We could add another that is just as appropriate, "No teeth, no horse." The teeth are one of the most important parts of a horse's anatomy, yet they often... Read More


Veterinarian Indicted In Clenbuterol Smuggling Case

June 18, 1998

On May 22, 1998, a Federal grand jury indicted Dr. Jerry M. Bonham, a veterinarian from Cordell, Oklahoma, on charges of conspiring to buy illegal clenbuterol that had been smuggled into the U.S. from Canada. Dr. Bonham owns... Read More


Your Aging Horse is Only as Old as He Feels

February 01, 1997

So, rather than gauging a horse's age by years, Ralston recommends horse owners base an animal's retirement and/or health care management on the horse's physical fitness.... Read More