Communication With Your Horse


The Educated Equestrian

May 01, 2001

How can you become a better, more informed rider, owner, breeder, manager, groom, conformation judge, health spotter, tack fitter, and just all-around horse person? By allowing yourself the time to learn. Many horse owners take... Read More


Communication With Horses: Gaining Unity

September 01, 1998

Learning to communicate with equines can, and, should be, a lifelong endeavor on the part of the horse enthusiast. There is no quick fix in learning the art of communication because each horse is different. What works for one will not necessarily ... Read More


Communication: Horse Whispering

August 01, 1998

Learning to understand what a horse is communicating, whether to other horses or to humans, and how to communicate in return can be a lifelong endeavor for the avid horse owner because horses are not all the same.... Read More