Breeding Planning


Ovuplant: Improving the Odds

October 15, 2001

If you're a breeder, frankly, it pays to be in the livestock business. Cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs all make life easy for those trying to produce young stock--they are all "facultative-induced ovulators," meaning that matings early in their... Read More


Preparing for Foaling

October 11, 2001

This article will describe procedures that should be done before foaling, the events that take place just prior to foaling, what events take place during a normal foaling--along with the normal post-foaling events--and will describe some of... Read More


Stallion Insurance

October 11, 2001

There is virtually no investment in the horse business, short of buying a farm, that equals the investment in a stallion. Whether an individual is buying a horse or several members get together to form a syndicate, the price can run well into th... Read More


Mare Fertility Insurance

October 11, 2001

Each year horse breeders, regardless of the breed they nurture, make their biggest financial decisions when they decide on matings. Those decisions involve the allure of the equine business and its... Read More


Breeding on Foal Heat

October 10, 2001

The mare has a long gestational period and to be a yearly producer she must be back in foal, on average, 25 days from giving birth. It is important to understand all the processes that take place in the period from parturition to the restoration... Read More


Dual Hemisphere Breeding

October 03, 2001

Thoroughbred breeding stallions truly have joined the jet set. These four-legged  Romeos are flying from one part of the world to another these days as they perform breeding duties on both sides of the equator. Hundreds of... Read More


Embryo Transfer for Horses

September 18, 2001

One plus one plus one equals one. The stallion, dam, and surrogate dam probably never met, but all three contributed to produce a foal. Today's assisted breeding technologies can overcome the constraints of distance, competitive involvement,... Read More


Advice On Getting Mares In Foal After Losses

June 07, 2001

Bob Douglas, PhD, owner of BET Labs in Kentucky, specializes in working with veterinarians and farm owners to assist in reproductive problems of mares and stallions. He works with Northern and Southern Hemisphere breeders, and said his clients... Read More


Can You Breed for Speed or Stamina?

March 01, 2001

For centuries, horsemen have tried to breed for speed and endurance and found that the greatest genetic potential can yield disappointment as easily as reward. Consider the indomitable Secretariat, who sired a string of mostly unremarkable... Read More


Short Cycling Mares

May 01, 2000

Nature has done a commendable job in developing the equine reproductive system, but it did not take into consideration man's special needs for the production of horses at certain times or under specific circumstances. The first man-made rule for... Read More


Shed Ready? Breeding Soundness Exam

March 01, 2000

Reproduction, from Nature’s viewpoint, is a pretty straightforward procedure that begins with breeding and ends with parturition. From the horse owner’s viewpoint, it isn’t all that simple or easy. Many things can happen between those two points... Read More


Reading Pedigrees

February 01, 1999

The horse you see--or the foal you envision--reflects generations of ancestors. Owners of those ancestors made decisions on mating horses, planning each generation. They selected animals by examining the successes of previous horsemen, as... Read More


Regulating Estrus in Mares

December 01, 1998

Having mares come into estrus at regular intervals can be an important assist in maintaining his fertility.... Read More


Cosmetic Alteration Of Arabian Horses

March 02, 1998

Surgical alteration of any Arabian horse to enhance its appearance is not in the breed's best interest.... Read More


Foal Sharing

February 01, 1998

Foal sharing, by definition, is an agreement under which a mare owner puts up the use of a mare while the stallion owner puts up the use of a season. Together, the two partners own the resulting foal with no currency having changed hands for a stud... Read More


Estrous Cycle Primer

January 01, 1998

For all things there is a time and a season. Nowhere is this more true than in equine reproduction. Nature has established a definite time and season for mares to conceive and bear foals. It is a very sensible approach on the part of... Read More


Prepping Stallions

February 01, 1996

It's getting close to the breeding season. What are some tips on getting my stallion, my crew, and myself ready for the onslaught?

How you get a stallion ready for the breeding season depends on many things, but basically you... Read More