Abuse & Neglect News


Pony Rescued from Abandoned Well

May 16, 2007

A pony that fell into an abandoned well in Killingworth, Conn., Monday morning was rescued unharmed after crews used a tow truck from a local auto repair shop to lift it to safety.

The pint-sized equine was reported trapped in the well on... Read More


Starving, Neglected Horses Found in Oklahoma

May 12, 2007

Tulsa County sheriff's deputies have taken custody of several horses that were found allegedly starving and neglected on a Bixby couple's property (south of Tulsa, Okla.).

Darrell and Roberta Christian have been accused in at least 13... Read More


Horse Abandonment

May 01, 2007

Any domestic horse in the United States that doesn't have an owner who is managing the horse on a regular basis is abandoned. All domestic horses start out life in the United States as the property of someone. Even the Bureau of Land Management... Read More


New Madrid Fault: Earthquakes in Kentucky

April 22, 2007

An earthquake at the New Madrid Fault along the central Mississippi River Valley would devastate horse farms.... Read More


Plea Agreement Releases Seized Maryland Horses for Adoption

April 05, 2007



Maryland Woman Given Probation in Sharpsburg Horse Neglect Case

April 03, 2007

The owner of 74 horses seized from a Sharpsburg, Md., farm in December 2006, was sentenced to five years of probation today, NBC... Read More


Maryland Horse Abuse Trial Set for April 3

March 30, 2007

A Sharpsburg, Md., woman facing multiple animal abuse, neglect, and aggravated animal cruelty charges will plead her case before a jury at 1 p.m. on Monday April 3, according to Joseph Michael, Deputy State's Attorney for Washington County,... Read More


Debate Concerning Horse Abandonment Continues

March 26, 2007

The Associated Press today (March 26) released a new article by Jeffrey McMurray concerning horse abandonment in Eastern Kentucky and the alleged link to the closure of U.S. slaughter facilities.

The new story, which can be read via Read More


Humane Society Refutes Horse Abandonment Claims

March 18, 2007

The Humane Society of the United States released a statement on March 16 stating that recent claims that thousands of horses have been abandoned in Kentucky are unfounded, and is calling it a campaign of fear mongering by a foreign-owned horse... Read More


Horses Rescued From New York Flood; Cruelty Investigation Underway

March 18, 2007

Several horses were stranded and one died after a creek flooded their Manilus, N.Y., pasture, The Post-Standard reported. An SPCA... Read More


Trial Delayed in Maryland Neglect Case

March 15, 2007

The trial of Barbara Reinken, which was to begin March 19, will be rescheduled.

Officials removed 74 horses from Reinken's Sharpsburg, Md., farm in December 2006

The delay occurred because Reinken requested a jury trial. This transfers... Read More


Lack of Options Leading to Increase in Horse Abandonment

March 14, 2007

The bidding for the black pony started at $500, then took a nosedive.

There were no takers at $300, $200, even $100. With a high bid of just $75, the auctioneer gave the seller the choice of taking the animal off the auction block. But the... Read More


More Than 700 Bales of Hay Donated to Seized Horses

March 13, 2007

A group of volunteers Sunday (March 11) delivered donations including more than 500 bales of hay, 250 pounds of carrots, 40 large salt blocks, and various treats to the more than 70 horses seized from a Sharpsburg, Md., farm in early December.... Read More


Abandoned Ponies, Donkey, Other Animals Await Adoption

March 11, 2007

Wanted: a good home for 23 neglected and abandoned ponies, 10 dogs, some goats, and one donkey.

The animals were rescued Mar. 7 from a ranch in Menifee, Calif., where they were abandoned several weeks ago. A concerned resident contacted... Read More


Arkansas Legislature Considering Tougher Cruelty Laws

March 08, 2007

Arkansas animal activists are hoping companion animals and horses will soon be protected by harsher penalties for any person who tortures or cruelly kills them, or fails to provide sufficient care.

Bills have been introduced in both houses... Read More


Second Hay Caravan Planned for Seized Maryland Horses

March 08, 2007

Another hay caravan to assist in the care of horses seized from a Sharpsburg, Md., farm in early December is heading to Washington County this weekend for a Sunday (March 11) delivery.

Monkton residents Fran Burns, Maureen Haley and Joanna... Read More


Research Fund to Support Three New WCVM Projects

March 06, 2007

 The Heather Ryan and L. David Dubé Veterinary Health and Research Fund has awarded $410,000 for three cutting-edge research investigations of equine endotoxemia, neonatal Rhodococcus equi pneumonia and genetic ocular disorders a... Read More


PETA Submits Letter Regarding Georgia Neglect Case

March 05, 2007

A representative of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent a letter to Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard today (March 5) regarding the animal cruelty case in which two Pike County, Ga., residents have been... Read More


New Trial Date Set for Sharpsburg Horse Neglect Case

February 27, 2007

Barbara Reinken, the Sharpsburg, Md., woman whose 74 horses were seized in December 2006, appeared in Washington County District Court on Thursday Feb. 22. The State requested the matter be rapidly set for its trial date and Judge Mark D. Thomas... Read More


Georgia Neglect Case: Defense Team Questions Seizure

February 20, 2007

The debate over seizure of 99 horses from a Pike County, Ga., farm rages on. While a veterinarian and the Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture felt the seizure was the right thing to do, a family friend and the lawyer for the two people now... Read More


Maryland Caravan to Deliver Hay to Seized Horses

February 13, 2007

A caravan of 10 trailers will set out on Saturday (Feb. 17), carrying more than 480 donated hay bales to 72 horses seized from a Sharpsburg, Md., farm in early December.

The horses are in the custody of the Washington County Humane Society... Read More


Volunteers Rescue Struggling Horse from Icy Mont. Pond

February 12, 2007

Several rescuers managed to pull a horse from a pond in Kalispell, Mont., where the animal struggled in the water after breaking through thin ice.

Jerry Fredericks glanced out the window of his home Saturday morning and saw the horse in the... Read More


State Requesting Separate Trial Date for Md. Neglect Case

February 09, 2007

The Sharpsburg, Md., woman whose 74 horses were seized by animal welfare officials in December is scheduled to appear in Washington County District Court Feb. 22 at 1 p.m. The State has elected to not summon the volunteers and veterinarians... Read More


Horse Trainer Acquitted of Animal Cruelty

February 08, 2007

A former leading harness racing trainer was acquitted Tuesday (Feb. 6) of a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge that has kept him from racing since 2005, Read More


Ga. Horse Neglect Case: Officials Impounding Horses

February 02, 2007

Georgia agriculture officials said today (Feb. 2) they have found a private facility willing to house the 98 horses found in an alleged state of neglect in Pike County, Ga. The horses will be impounded as soon as final arrangements with the... Read More