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Winter Shoes

Ended 12/23/2013 with 1190 Votes

Are your horses shod during the winter months? View Results

Winter Fitness

Ended 12/16/2013 with 905 Votes

How do you exercise your horse during the winter months? View Results

Beet Pulp Buffet

Ended 12/9/2013 with 1286 Votes

Do you feed your horse beet pulp? View Results

A Time of Thanks

Ended 12/2/2013 with 709 Votes

Who in your horse-life are you most thankful for and why? View Results

Body Clipping Conundrum

Ended 11/25/2013 with 1410 Votes

Do you body clip your horse during the winter? View Results

Winter Hay Stores

Ended 11/18/2013 with 748 Votes

How much hay do you order and store for the winter months? View Results

Whisker Decisions

Ended 11/11/2013 with 1212 Votes

Do you clip your horse's whiskers? View Results

Draft Horse Fans

Ended 11/4/2013 with 737 Votes

Have you ever owned a draft horse or draft-cross? View Results

Hay Feeder Options

Ended 10/28/2013 with 1473 Votes

What kind of feeder do you use for your horse's hay? View Results

Wash and Wear

Ended 10/21/2013 with 1063 Votes

How do you maintain and clean your horse's blankets? View Results

Confounding Conformation

Ended 10/14/2013 with 766 Votes

Which forelimb conformation defect worries you most? View Results

Blanketing Headaches

Ended 10/7/2013 with 810 Votes

What's your biggest blanketing headache? View Results

Lawsonia intracellularis : An Uncommon Disease

Ended 9/30/2013 with 400 Votes

Do you have any experience with Lawsonia intracellularis infection or equine proliferative enteropathy? View Results

When More Horsepower's Needed

Ended 9/23/2013 with 530 Votes

When you need a tractor for tough horse chores, which statement applies? View Results

Colic Surgery Experiences

Ended 9/16/2013 with 577 Votes

Have you ever had colic surgery performed on one or more of your horses? View Results

A Soft Spot to Rest

Ended 9/9/2013 with 1013 Votes

What kind of bedding do you use for your horses? View Results

Hoof Emergencies

Ended 9/2/2013 with 371 Votes

Have you ever dealt with a critical hoof-related emergency? View Results

Club Foot Clues

Ended 8/26/2013 with 631 Votes

How competent do you feel when it comes to identifying a horse with a club foot? View Results

Supplement Seal of Approval

Ended 8/20/2013 with 396 Votes

Do you look for the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) seal on equine supplements you buy? View Results

Joint Injections

Ended 8/13/2013 with 703 Votes

Do you ever have your veterinarian inject your horse's joints? View Results

Beauty from the Back of a Horse

Ended 8/6/2013 with 942 Votes

Where is the most beautiful place you've ridden a horse? View Results

Little Big Horses

Ended 7/29/2013 with 705 Votes

Do you or have you ever owned a Miniature Horse? View Results

Horse Camping

Ended 7/22/2013 with 472 Votes

Do you include your horses in your summer camping plans? View Results

Complementary Therapies

Ended 7/15/2013 with 503 Votes

Which complementary therapies have you integrated into your horse's care? View Results

Surviving the Summer Heat

Ended 7/8/2013 with 692 Votes

What is the main way you help keep your horses cool during the hot months? View Results