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Little Big Horses

Ended 7/29/2013 with 705 Votes

Do you or have you ever owned a Miniature Horse? View Results

Horse Camping

Ended 7/22/2013 with 472 Votes

Do you include your horses in your summer camping plans? View Results

Complementary Therapies

Ended 7/15/2013 with 503 Votes

Which complementary therapies have you integrated into your horse's care? View Results

Surviving the Summer Heat

Ended 7/8/2013 with 692 Votes

What is the main way you help keep your horses cool during the hot months? View Results

Weight Watchers for Horses

Ended 7/2/2013 with 688 Votes

Have you ever put a horse on a diet (restricted calories and increased exercise) to aid in his weight loss?

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Gaited Horse

Ended 6/24/2013 with 1026 Votes

Research shows horse "gaitedness" (displaying a natural gait other than walk, trot, and canter) is likely related to genetics. Have you ever owned a gaited horse?

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Finding a Farrier

Ended 6/17/2013 with 612 Votes

How did you find/select your farrier?
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Common Hoof Problems

Ended 6/11/2013 with 1065 Votes

What hoof condition do you deal with most often?
(Please select only one.)
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Choosing a Vet

Ended 6/4/2013 with 604 Votes

How did you choose your equine veterinarian? View Results

Dental Check-Up

Ended 5/28/2013 with 1235 Votes

How often do you have your horse's teeth examined by your veterinarian?
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Harsh and Soft Training Tones

Ended 5/21/2013 with 1486 Votes

A study found no difference in stress levels of horses that received soft or harsh verbal tones from handlers during training, a result that surprised the researchers. Do you feel like your horse responds to the tone of your voice?
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Pasture Weed Maintenance

Ended 5/14/2013 with 1095 Votes

How do you manage pasture weeds on your horse property?
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Longe Lessons

Ended 5/7/2013 with 549 Votes

How often and why do you longe your horses?
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Wheat Free?

Ended 4/30/2013 with 400 Votes

How important are wheat-free ingredients in your equine supplements and horse feed?
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Saddle Pad Science

Ended 4/23/2013 with 608 Votes

Do you use a therapeutic saddle blanket, pad, or insert on your horse?
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Taking Care of Our Elders

Ended 4/16/2013 with 814 Votes

What senior horse health condition are you most concerned about?
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Horsemeat Scandal

Ended 4/9/2013 with 793 Votes

Has the horsemeat scandal in Europe changed your purchasing habits of processed meat products?
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Spring Cleaning

Ended 4/2/2013 with 787 Votes

What is the first item on your spring cleaning to-do list? View Results

Hauling Horses

Ended 3/26/2013 with 1583 Votes

Do you regularly tow a horse trailer yourself?
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Your Biggest Fear

Ended 3/19/2013 with 844 Votes

Of the following, which equine condition or disease is the most concerning to you? (Explain why at the bottom.)
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EHV-1 Protection

Ended 3/12/2013 with 1354 Votes

With equine herpesvirus back in the news, which one thing will you most likely do to protect your horse?
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The Scale Says...

Ended 3/5/2013 with 1386 Votes

How much does your horse weigh?
(If you own more than one horse, choose the range in which the majority of your horses weigh.)
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Proper Dosing

Ended 2/26/2013 with 1072 Votes

When using a paste product dosed by weight you:
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Eye Issues

Ended 2/19/2013 with 488 Votes

What equine eye issue are you most concerned about?
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Arthritis on a Budget

Ended 2/12/2013 with 693 Votes

How important is budget when considering how you'll treat arthritis in your horses?
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