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Hay Hauling

Ended 6/17/2014 with 1112 Votes

Do you haul and stack your own hay? (If you get help, please share who helps you in the comments below.) View Results

2014 Hay Costs

Ended 6/10/2014 with 599 Votes

How much do you expect/have you paid for hay per ton this year? (Please share the price, kind, quality, and whether delivery is included in the comments section.) View Results

Summer Horse Plans

Ended 6/3/2014 with 473 Votes

Summer is right around the corner! What horse-related plans are you most excited about for Summer 2014? Please tell us about your plans in the comment section. View Results

Truth or Fiction: Farmers' Almanac

Ended 5/27/2014 with 294 Votes

Do you rely on the Farmers' Almanac to make horse management decisions? Please tell your experiences and why or why not. View Results

Riding Lesson Expenses

Ended 5/20/2014 with 1031 Votes

How much do you pay for individual private riding lessons? View Results

Hoof Care Costs

Ended 5/13/2014 with 1142 Votes

How much do you spend per horse on regular hoof care each time the farrier or trimmer visits? View Results

Equine Leg Protection

Ended 5/6/2014 with 756 Votes

Does your horse wear leg protection when exercising? View Results

Spring Cleaning: Blankets

Ended 4/29/2014 with 1160 Votes

How do you get your horse's winter blankets clean once spring arrives? View Results

Fly Control Methods

Ended 4/22/2014 with 487 Votes

What's your favorite fly-control method around the barn? View Results

Longeing Lessons

Ended 4/15/2014 with 797 Votes

How do you use longeing for training and exercising your horse? View Results

Identification Methods

Ended 4/8/2014 with 521 Votes

What type of identification methods do you use for your horses? View Results

Spring Conditioning

Ended 4/1/2014 with 554 Votes

When do you plan to start your horse's spring conditioning? View Results

Weather-Related Emergency Plans

Ended 3/25/2014 with 388 Votes

What types of weather-related emergencies do you plan for on your horse facility? View Results

Nutrition Knowledge

Ended 3/18/2014 with 1127 Votes

What equine nutrition topics would you like to know more about? View Results

Mud Woes

Ended 3/11/2014 with 758 Votes

What is your biggest horse vs. mud woe this spring? View Results

Mind Your Manners

Ended 3/4/2014 with 896 Votes

Is your horse well-behaved for the farrier? View Results

Gastric Ulcers

Ended 2/25/2014 with 608 Votes

Has your horse ever been diagnosed as having gastric ulcers? View Results

Lush Spring Pastures

Ended 2/18/2014 with 991 Votes

How will you be restricting your horses' spring pasture intake? View Results

Savvy Seniors

Ended 2/11/2014 with 1638 Votes

How old is your oldest horse? View Results

Conformation Concerns

Ended 2/4/2014 with 652 Votes

What common hind-leg conformation is least worrisome to you in horses? View Results

Parasite Control

Ended 1/28/2014 with 764 Votes

What is your farm's primary parasite control strategy? View Results

Saddle Fit

Ended 1/21/2014 with 1139 Votes

Have you ever had a saddle professionally fitted to you and your horse? View Results

Saddle Up!

Ended 1/14/2014 with 2580 Votes

If you went outside to ride right now, what kind of saddle would you most likely use? View Results

New Year's Resolutions

Ended 1/7/2014 with 264 Votes

Do you have a horse-related New Year's resolution for 2014? Tell us about it! View Results

Horsey Holiday Gifts

Ended 12/30/2013 with 463 Votes

What kinds of gifts is your horse receiving this holiday season? View Results