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Laminitis Treatment, Past and Present

Ended 11/27/2007 with

What treatments have you seen used for laminitis, effective or otherwise?
(Please check all that apply)
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Barn Sweet Barn

Ended 11/27/2007 with 1140 Votes

Does your barn have adequate ventilation?
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Hitting High Hay Prices

Ended 11/20/2007 with 2391 Votes

How much are you paying for small square bales of hay?
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Double-Decker Dilemma

Ended 11/13/2007 with 2444 Votes

Do you support federal legislation banning equine transport in double-decker trailers for any purpose?
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Open Wide

Ended 11/6/2007 with 2000 Votes

Does someone maintain your horse's teeth?
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Equine Insurance

Ended 10/30/2007 with 1310 Votes

Do you buy insurance for your horse(s)?
(Check all that apply)
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Mold? Geh!

Ended 10/23/2007 with 1361 Votes

Have you dealt with mold in your horses' feed or hay before? View Results

Memorializing Your Best Friend

Ended 10/16/2007 with 1555 Votes

How do you remember a beloved equine you've lost?
(Check all that apply)
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Learning Through the Web

Ended 10/9/2007 with 608 Votes

What is the best time of day to attend a live online seminar (EDT)? View Results

Horse Owner's Fear: Strangles

Ended 10/2/2007 with 951 Votes

Would you know how to manage an outbreak of strangles (caused by Streptococcus equi) in your barn? View Results

Where's the Hay?

Ended 9/25/2007 with 1496 Votes

Are you doing any of the following to decrease your dependence on hay this winter?
(Check all that apply)

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Emergency Preparedness

Ended 9/18/2007 with 556 Votes

Have you made any special preparations to get your horses safely through emergencies?

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Hay There!

Ended 9/11/2007 with 2186 Votes

How do you feed hay to your horse(s)? View Results

Hot Enough for Ya?

Ended 9/4/2007 with 5876 Votes

How do you keep your horse cool when it's hot outside?
Check all that apply
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Calamity Jane?

Ended 8/28/2007 with 1174 Votes

How often does your horse sustain injuries? View Results

No Hoof, No Horse

Ended 8/21/2007 with 1492 Votes

What do you think are the top problems relating to the health of a horse's foot? View Results

25 Horse Health Happenings

Ended 8/14/2007 with 2482 Votes

What do you think have been the most significant horse health innovations in the past 25 years?
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Horse Owner's Fear:
West Nile Virus

Ended 8/7/2007 with 1160 Votes

Are you prepared to deal with West Nile virus? View Results

All Wrapped Up

Ended 7/30/2007 with 1936 Votes

When does your horse wear bandages, wraps, or boots?
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What's That Supposed to Mean?

Ended 7/24/2007 with 830 Votes

What type of behaviors do you most often wonder about in your horses?
Send questions about behavior to Editorial@ TheHorse.com. View Results

Read All About It

Ended 7/17/2007 with 3177 Votes

What stories would you like to see covered in the print edition of The Horse?
Please check all that apply.
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A Place to Call Home

Ended 7/10/2007 with 1762 Votes

What sort of shelter does your horse call home? View Results

Something's Brewing

Ended 7/3/2007 with 1390 Votes

Have you encountered a foot abscess in your horse(s)? View Results

Add a Touch of This...

Ended 6/26/2007 with 1170 Votes

Do you use supplements?
If so, who recommended them? View Results

Stop Buggin' Me

Ended 6/19/2007 with 4204 Votes

What insect control methods are you using at your farm this year? View Results