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Each week TheHorse.com polls users about health care problems, concerns, procedures and more. Share your answer in our most-recent poll below or browse through past polls to see what other users have to say about common horse health issues and situations.

Horsey Holiday Traditions

Ended 12/21/2009 with 862 Votes

What holiday tradition(s) do you share with your equine family member(s)?
(Select all that apply)
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Where There's Smoke...

Ended 12/15/2009 with 1651 Votes

What fire prevention measures do you employ around your barn?
(Select all that apply)
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Show & Tell

Ended 12/8/2009 with 1281 Votes

On what horse health care topics would you like to see in-depth videos?
(Check all that apply)
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Animal Companions

Ended 12/1/2009 with 2333 Votes

What non-equids do you have living in/around your barn?
(Select all that apply)
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Piro Problem

Ended 11/24/2009 with 673 Votes

Would you like to know more about Piroplasmosis?
(Choose all that apply)
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A Forever Home

Ended 11/17/2009 with 1046 Votes

Have you ever adopted a horse?
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A Worrisome Future

Ended 11/10/2009 with 2104 Votes

What are you most worried about for the future in the equine industry?
(Choose top two)
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Haunted Horses

Ended 11/3/2009 with 577 Votes

Are you dressing your horse up for Halloween?
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Video Stars

Ended 10/27/2009 with 745 Votes

On what topics would you like to see short-form videos? (Pick all that apply.)
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Weedy Situation

Ended 10/20/2009 with 840 Votes

How do you manage weeds in your pastures?
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Signs of Life

Ended 10/13/2009 with 816 Votes

Do you know how to check your horse's vital signs?
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Rabies Prevention

Ended 10/6/2009 with 653 Votes

Does your horse receive an equine-specific or multi-species vaccine?
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Seeing Red

Ended 9/29/2009 with 874 Votes

Have you ever had a first-hand experience with a rabid horse?
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Rabies Smarts

Ended 9/22/2009 with 792 Votes

How knowledgeable are you about equine rabies?
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Rabies Reasonings

Ended 9/15/2009 with 286 Votes

If you do not vaccinate your horse for rabies, why do you choose not to?
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High Alert

Ended 9/8/2009 with 1415 Votes

Do you vaccinate your horse for rabies?
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Purchasing Power

Ended 9/1/2009 with 783 Votes

What drives your deworming product selection decision?
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Make 'Em Count

Ended 8/25/2009 with 612 Votes

How often do you utilize fecal egg count exams?
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Worm Free Youth

Ended 8/18/2009 with 466 Votes

How often do you deworm your young horses?
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Bye, Bye Wormie

Ended 8/11/2009 with 1409 Votes

How often do you deworm your adult horses?
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Telephone Tree

Ended 8/4/2009 with 899 Votes

What type of mobile device do you use?
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Another Option

Ended 7/28/2009 with 779 Votes

Would you like to have more information on therapeutic options on TheHorse.com?
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Fly, Fly Away

Ended 7/21/2009 with 2192 Votes

How do you deal with flies at your barn?
(Check all that apply)
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A Pinch of Salt

Ended 7/14/2009 with 2055 Votes

What types of salt block do your horses use?
Select all that apply.
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Preventive Medicine

Ended 7/7/2009 with 478 Votes

Do you know which WNV vaccine your veterinarian uses on your horse(s)?
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