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Deworming Protocol

Ended 3/22/2011 with 565 Votes

Does your barn follow a standardized deworming program, using the same product at the same time for every horse?
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On The Rise

Ended 3/15/2011 with 841 Votes

How have rising gas prices affected your horse activities?
(Check all that apply)
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Muddy Muck

Ended 3/8/2011 with 891 Votes

How do you manage mud around your barn?
(Check all that apply)
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Tackling Parasites

Ended 3/1/2011 with 775 Votes

When do you administer dewormer for the first time in a new year?
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Fighting Boredom

Ended 2/22/2011 with 622 Votes

How do you promote the health (both physical and emotional) of your stall-confined horse?
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Coming Home

Ended 2/15/2011 with 522 Votes

Do you quarantine horses upon return from being off the farm (e.g., vet clinic, horse shows, etc.) and in contact with other horses?
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Drink Up

Ended 2/8/2011 with 854 Votes

Do you supplement your horse's diet with electrolytes?
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Fit to Ride?

Ended 2/1/2011 with 687 Votes

Do you take extra steps to keep in shape for riding your horse?
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Horse Town?

Ended 1/25/2011 with 815 Votes

Do you live in a horse-friendly community?
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A Clean Slate

Ended 1/18/2011 with 862 Votes

How often do you wipe down your tack after riding?
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Warm and Snuggly

Ended 1/11/2011 with 2092 Votes

Do you blanket your horses in winter?
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Resolution Complete?

Ended 1/4/2011 with 337 Votes

Did you fulfill for your horsey resolution for 2010?
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Cold Weather Riding

Ended 12/28/2010 with 1001 Votes

Do you continue to ride your horse(s) during the winter?
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Horsey Holiday

Ended 12/21/2010 with 1418 Votes

What are your horse's favorite holiday treats?
(Select all that apply)
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Oi Vey!

Ended 12/14/2010 with 728 Votes

Have you ever had to treat your horse(s) for gastric ulcers?
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Foal Foundations

Ended 12/7/2010 with 499 Votes

At what age do you start feeding your foal(s) supplements?
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Snow Shoes

Ended 11/30/2010 with 920 Votes

Do you change your horse's shoes during the winter?
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Ice Water

Ended 11/23/2010 with 1086 Votes

How do you keep your horses' water in the barn from freezing during the winter?
(Choose your top two answers)
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Foaling Problems

Ended 11/16/2010 with 333 Votes

Have you ever experienced a foaling dystocia?
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ID, Please

Ended 11/9/2010 with 868 Votes

What kind of identification does your horse have?
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Prime Target

Ended 11/2/2010 with 938 Votes

Which domestic animal do you think is most likely to contract rabies?
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Rabies Knowledge

Ended 10/26/2010 with 487 Votes

How knowledgeable are you about equine rabies?
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Vaccination Regimen

Ended 10/19/2010 with 739 Votes

How often do you vaccinate your horse for rabies?
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Rabies Vaccination

Ended 10/12/2010 with 846 Votes

Is your horse vaccinated against rabies?
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Deworming Decisions

Ended 10/5/2010 with 475 Votes

What drives your deworming product selection decision?
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