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Horsey Vacations

Ended 5/5/2015 with 571 Votes

How do you typically use the majority of your vacation days? View Results

Horse Shopping Distance

Ended 4/28/2015 with 652 Votes

When shopping or looking for a new horse, how far do you extend your geographical search? View Results

Horse Watering Options

Ended 4/21/2015 with 1144 Votes

How do you currently water your horses? View Results

The Organized Horse Owner

Ended 4/14/2015 with 664 Votes

How do you keep and store your horse's health, training, and/or management records? View Results

Spring Fever!

Ended 4/7/2015 with 577 Votes

What gives you the biggest case of horse-related spring fever? View Results

Adopting a Wild Horse

Ended 3/31/2015 with 620 Votes

Have you considered adopting a wild horse from the BLM or National Parks Service? (Tell us why or why not, or about your experience!) View Results

Starting Horses Under Saddle

Ended 3/24/2015 with 700 Votes

Have you ever started a horse under saddle yourself? Please tell us why or why not and about your experiences! View Results

Flooding and Horse Facilities

Ended 3/17/2015 with 585 Votes

How do you manage flooding near or around your horse barn or facility? View Results

Veterinarian Communication

Ended 3/10/2015 with 690 Votes

How do you communicate most with your horse's vet? View Results

Mare, Gelding, or Stallion

Ended 3/3/2015 with 1485 Votes

Which do you prefer to own? View Results

Stall vs. Turnout Time

Ended 2/24/2015 with 2015 Votes

How often is your horse stabled in a barn? View Results

Sweeping Horse Barn Aisles

Ended 2/17/2015 with 1370 Votes

How often is your barn aisle swept? View Results

Members Only

Ended 2/10/2015 with 506 Votes

Do you belong to any horse-related clubs, associations, teams or organizations? Please tell us why or why not, and if so, which ones. View Results

Trail Hoof Wear

Ended 2/3/2015 with 1003 Votes

What hoof protection does your horse wear on the trail? View Results

Eliminating Ammonia in Horse Barns

Ended 1/27/2015 with 915 Votes

How do you eliminate harmful ammonia and odors in your stalls/barn? View Results

Staying Warm in the Winter

Ended 1/20/2015 with 760 Votes

What one piece of winter clothing would you never give up? While you're at it, tell us what makes it special? View Results

New Year's Resolution

Ended 1/13/2015 with 618 Votes

What is your horse-related resolution for 2015? Tell us about your plans! View Results

Horse Birthdays

Ended 1/6/2015 with 904 Votes

When do you celebrate your horse's birthday? View Results

Holiday Traditions

Ended 12/30/2014 with 433 Votes

What traditions do you have celebrating the holidays with your horses? View Results

Breeding Plans for 2015

Ended 12/23/2014 with 535 Votes

Are you planning on breeding a mare in 2015? (Please tell us why or why not, and if so, what are your plans for the foal?) View Results

Hay Soaking

Ended 12/16/2014 with 755 Votes

Do you soak your horse's hay? Why or why not? View Results

Halter Preferences

Ended 12/9/2014 with 1228 Votes

What type of halter do you primarily use (and please tell us why!)? View Results

Thanksgiving Horse Care

Ended 12/2/2014 with 1096 Votes

Who cares for your horses during the long Thanksgiving weekend? View Results

Mud Management

Ended 11/25/2014 with 600 Votes

What is the main way you deal with mud in your horse's habitat during the wet months? View Results

Conformation Flaws You Can Live With

Ended 11/18/2014 with 1074 Votes

What conformation flaw can you live with in a riding horse? View Results