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Battling Resistance

Ended 8/24/2010 with 280 Votes

Have you experienced parasite resistance to anthelmintics with your deworming program?
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Worrisome Worms

Ended 8/17/2010 with 395 Votes

What is your most important parasite concern?
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Testing, Testing

Ended 8/10/2010 with 591 Votes

Does your veterinarian recommend fecal egg count exams?
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Wild Problem

Ended 8/3/2010 with 1666 Votes

What do you think should happen with wild/feral horses?
(Select all that apply)
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Cool Housing

Ended 7/27/2010 with 931 Votes

How do you keep your barn cool during the summer?
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Online Education

Ended 7/20/2010 with 467 Votes

What time of day (or night) would be best for you to catch an online webinar or live chat event related to horse health care? (All times Eastern U.S.)
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Ended 7/13/2010 with 3254 Votes

What precautions do you take during hot weather when riding your horse?
(Select all that apply)
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Play Time

Ended 7/6/2010 with 994 Votes

What are your summer horse plans?
(Select all that apply)
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Aches & Pains

Ended 6/29/2010 with 942 Votes

What do you use when your horse is sore from training, competing, traveling, etc.?
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Summer Vaccinations

Ended 6/22/2010 with 366 Votes

Does your summer activity level influence your equine influenza vaccination schedule?
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Travel Worries

Ended 6/15/2010 with 665 Votes

What is your biggest health concern when traveling with your horse?
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Summer Worries

Ended 6/8/2010 with 672 Votes

What is your top horse health concern for summer?
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History in Action

Ended 6/1/2010 with 459 Votes

Are you planning on attending the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in person?
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Spreadin' the Love

Ended 5/25/2010 with 831 Votes

What do you do with the manure in your pastures/paddocks?
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Other Options

Ended 5/18/2010 with 1656 Votes

What alternative therapeutic options have you used on your horse?
(Select all that apply)
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Sore Feet?

Ended 5/11/2010 with 2055 Votes

What type of hoof lameness have you experienced with your horse?
(Select all that apply)
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Brand Conscious?

Ended 5/4/2010 with 634 Votes

How do you determine which brand of vaccines to give to your horse?
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WNV Threat

Ended 4/27/2010 with 539 Votes

Was West Nile virus a threat in your area last year? If so, where do you live?
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This Won't Hurt A Bit

Ended 4/20/2010 with 1153 Votes

Who administers vaccinations to your horse?
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Spring Shots

Ended 4/13/2010 with 4388 Votes

What is included in your spring vaccination protocol?
(Select all that apply)
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Green Wise

Ended 4/6/2010 with 1560 Votes

What steps is your barn taking to stay "green" or eco-friendly?
(Check all that apply)
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Show Time!

Ended 3/30/2010 with 451 Votes

Have you started your horse show season?
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Hoofin' It

Ended 3/23/2010 with 1603 Votes

Does your horse wear shoes or go barefoot?
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The Future?

Ended 3/16/2010 with 766 Votes

What do you think about stem cell research for treatment of injuries in horses?
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Bye-Bye, Worms

Ended 3/9/2010 with 1373 Votes

How often do you deworm your horse(s)?
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