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Racehorse Awareness

Ended 4/1/2008 with 2798 Votes

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing the welfare and safety of racehorses?
(Check all that apply)
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Breeding Barrier

Ended 3/25/2008 with 1086 Votes

Have you ever had a veterinarian perform a Caslick's procedure on a mare?
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Just Ain't Right

Ended 3/18/2008 with 1918 Votes

What do you do when your horse isn't acting normal, but doesn't show specific clinical signs?
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Battling Rain Rot

Ended 3/11/2008 with 1576 Votes

Has your horse had rain rot?
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Feed Me!

Ended 3/4/2008 with 1786 Votes

How do you measure your horse's feed?
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Night Mare

Ended 2/26/2008 with 1114 Votes

How many nights annually do you spend in the barn with a sick or pregnant horse?
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Calling the Shots

Ended 2/19/2008 with 1819 Votes

When do you vaccinate your horse(s)?
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Hold Your Horses

Ended 2/12/2008 with 1073 Votes

Do you use imprinting or desensitization techniques with your foals?
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Horse Slaughter Incentives

Ended 2/5/2008 with 3123 Votes

Would you have supported the proposed South Dakota horse slaughter plant incentive?
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Encountering EPM

Ended 1/29/2008 with 1328 Votes

Have horses close to you experienced EPM?
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Bunking Up

Ended 1/22/2008 with 1987 Votes

Do uninvited guests bunk in your barn during the winter?
(Check all that apply)
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Winter Refreshment

Ended 1/15/2008 with 2221 Votes

How do you encourage adequate hydration during cold weather?
(Check all that apply)
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Internet Movies

Ended 1/8/2008 with 961 Votes

Do you watch videos online?
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Equine Resolutions

Ended 1/1/2008 with 722 Votes

Do you have any equine-related New Year's resolutions?
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Spreading Holiday Cheer

Ended 12/25/2007 with 926 Votes

Do you support any equine-related charities or nonprofit groups?
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Picture This

Ended 12/17/2007 with 3012 Votes

If a photo store was provided on TheHorse.com, what types of photos would you be interested in purchasing for personal use?
(Check all that apply)
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Diagnosing Laminitis

Ended 12/11/2007 with 3039 Votes

What have you seen used to diagnose and evaluate laminitis at the onset and throughout the treatment period?
(Check all that apply)
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All I Want for Christmas

Ended 12/4/2007 with 1528 Votes

What are you planning to get your equine family member(s) this holiday season?
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Laminitis Treatment, Past and Present

Ended 11/27/2007 with

What treatments have you seen used for laminitis, effective or otherwise?
(Please check all that apply)
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Barn Sweet Barn

Ended 11/27/2007 with 1140 Votes

Does your barn have adequate ventilation?
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Hitting High Hay Prices

Ended 11/20/2007 with 2391 Votes

How much are you paying for small square bales of hay?
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Double-Decker Dilemma

Ended 11/13/2007 with 2444 Votes

Do you support federal legislation banning equine transport in double-decker trailers for any purpose?
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Open Wide

Ended 11/6/2007 with 2000 Votes

Does someone maintain your horse's teeth?
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Equine Insurance

Ended 10/30/2007 with 1310 Votes

Do you buy insurance for your horse(s)?
(Check all that apply)
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Mold? Geh!

Ended 10/23/2007 with 1361 Votes

Have you dealt with mold in your horses' feed or hay before? View Results