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Each week TheHorse.com polls users about health care problems, concerns, procedures and more. Share your answer in our most-recent poll below or browse through past polls to see what other users have to say about common horse health issues and situations.

Mosquito Net

Ended 6/30/2009 with 3591 Votes

What mosquito control measures do you utilize?
(Please select all that apply)
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A Tiny Threat?

Ended 6/23/2009 with 896 Votes

Do you believe West Nile is still a threat to your horse(s)?
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WNV Vaccination

Ended 6/16/2009 with 1277 Votes

Do you vaccinate for West Nile virus annually?
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Gotcha Covered

Ended 6/9/2009 with 2523 Votes

Which two vaccinations do you feel are most important?
(Pick only two)
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Exercise Time

Ended 6/2/2009 with 1156 Votes

During peak riding times in your region, how often do you ride or exercise your horses?
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Let's Watch A Show

Ended 5/26/2009 with 460 Votes

What length of videos would you like to see on TheHorse.com?
(Select all that apply)
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Bright and Shiny

Ended 5/19/2009 with 1055 Votes

How often do you do a full cleaning (polish silver, clean/condition leather, etc.) of your tack?
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Ride On

Ended 5/12/2009 with 1251 Votes

What kind of footing does your riding area have?
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Vaccination Nation

Ended 5/5/2009 with 1611 Votes

Who primarily gives vaccinations to your horse?
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Health Concerns

Ended 4/28/2009 with 1556 Votes

What is your biggest equine health concern?
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Health Advice

Ended 4/21/2009 with 874 Votes

Who is your primary source of information for equine health?
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Yearly Checkups

Ended 4/14/2009 with 1123 Votes

Do you schedule yearly wellness exams with your veterinarian?
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Spending on Safety

Ended 4/7/2009 with 1091 Votes

How much would you spend on a helmet?
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Live and Learn

Ended 3/31/2009 with 1260 Votes

Some people never wear helmets. What would change their minds?
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The Replacements

Ended 3/24/2009 with 1261 Votes

What would most likely influence you to replace your helmet?
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Required Equipment

Ended 3/17/2009 with 1986 Votes

Do you think riding helmets should be required by law?
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Fashion Forward

Ended 3/10/2009 with 1228 Votes

When it comes to riding helmets, what is more important to you?
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A Bad, Bad Thing

Ended 3/3/2009 with 1399 Votes

What "bad habits" do your horses have?
(Check all that apply)
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Workout Venue

Ended 2/24/2009 with 3710 Votes

Where do you work your horses?
(Check all that apply)
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Load 'Em Up!

Ended 2/17/2009 with 2029 Votes

Which type of horse trailer do you prefer?
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License, Please

Ended 2/10/2009 with 1601 Votes

Are you in favor of horse licensing as identification?
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Companion Animals

Ended 2/3/2009 with 1484 Votes

Would you like to see a special section on TheHorse.com that is about your other companion animals (dogs and cats)?
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Open Wide

Ended 1/27/2009 with 2038 Votes

How often do you have your horse's teeth floated?
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A Spoonful of Sugar

Ended 1/20/2009 with 1421 Votes

What's your favorite "mixer" to encourage horses to consume oral medications?
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Scaling Back

Ended 1/13/2009 with 1429 Votes

Will you spend more or less on your horse(s) in 2009? View Results