Eye Matters

Does your horse have an annual eye exam from your veterinarian? Tell us why or why not in the comments!


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My horses have had eye issues that my vet keeps tabs on. Also, my vet is really awesome!

12/4/2017 11:12:17 PM

My vet is not very good at performing eye exams

12/4/2017 10:41:53 PM

My vet never mentioned the need.

12/4/2017 10:29:54 PM

I've never considered it for my horses, besides the old ones

12/4/2017 10:22:13 PM

I never thought it necessary. I vet never recommended it every year when I have the annual shots in

12/4/2017 9:25:51 PM

of course! sight is an important sense

12/4/2017 6:13:04 PM

yes, only because of previous eye issues

12/4/2017 6:03:25 PM

Only horse that had cancer on 3rd eyelid

12/4/2017 5:45:44 PM

I never thought about an eye exam! :(

12/4/2017 1:22:25 AM

Nope, never heard it recommended!

12/4/2017 1:21:19 AM

No vet available

12/3/2017 8:35:47 PM

Vet looks at. Eyes twice a year. The only issues are injuries obvious

12/3/2017 3:54:45 PM

Never recommended

12/3/2017 3:52:48 PM

not unless they are showing some symptoms of problems.

12/3/2017 3:49:04 PM

My mare is recovering from surgery to remove a squamous cell carcinoma from her eyeball.

12/3/2017 10:24:29 AM

The one with ERU has frequent checks and others annually to ensure no ERU, etc

12/3/2017 4:20:00 AM

Because the Vet has NEVER mentioned that as important, or if she did it I was not made aware.

12/2/2017 3:36:12 PM

Included in his wellness check-up spring & fall.

12/2/2017 8:40:52 AM

my horse had a corneal transplant

12/1/2017 2:22:14 PM

i dont have a horse

12/1/2017 1:48:47 PM

No probs with eyes so far and no behavior changes to suggest an issue

12/1/2017 9:27:11 AM

Vet never mentioned doing one and I never thougth about it

12/1/2017 8:57:59 AM

Our last horse had uveitis, and went in twice a yr. for exams to monitor. Good to catch early.

12/1/2017 8:34:13 AM

When one has experience and a close relationship with ones horse it is not as necessary

12/1/2017 8:21:09 AM

I only call the vet if I'm concerned there is an eye problem.

12/1/2017 3:38:20 AM

I get eyes examined when I think there is a problem. Just like with my own eyes!

11/30/2017 9:01:27 PM

as well as when any issues arise,

11/30/2017 8:53:00 PM

Yes, because he's had issues with his left eye in the past.

11/30/2017 7:49:23 PM

At time of spring vaccines/Coggins but not in depth

11/30/2017 7:02:11 PM

She has recurrent uveitis in one eye and has had an injury in her other. We want to keep her vision

11/30/2017 6:41:39 PM

Part of yearly physicsl.

11/30/2017 6:40:33 PM

Has an annual general physical exam each spring.

11/30/2017 6:07:20 PM

One of my horses lost an eye to injury. His remaining eye is extremely important.

11/30/2017 6:01:09 PM

not needed

11/30/2017 5:56:25 PM

Never been offered.

11/30/2017 4:19:24 PM

Very few vets where I live do I exams.

11/30/2017 4:16:24 PM

yes because what if we are in a race and we have to do the jump we will hit it

11/30/2017 3:56:20 PM

Money is Really Tight at moment

11/30/2017 2:41:54 PM

no vets here check eyes

11/30/2017 1:40:32 PM

Because I don't feel the exam is anything we don't do ourselves.

11/30/2017 11:44:54 AM

Never heard of _that_ one. Regular checkup 2X/yr.

11/29/2017 9:49:19 PM

No good reason to where there is no indication of eye problems

11/29/2017 8:13:44 PM

Part of the Wellness Programme my vet offers.

11/29/2017 5:38:09 PM

I often wonder why it isn't part of a regualar checkup

11/29/2017 5:03:47 PM

Was born with spots that might but probably won't turn into cataracts. He's 11 and so far, so good.

11/29/2017 3:08:36 PM

Said no but noticed white spot on far back part of eye vet said normal but watch it.

11/29/2017 12:55:27 PM

No need for it; eye problems are easy enough to recognize, and then call in the vet.

11/29/2017 12:35:56 PM

Because it is healthy to do so

11/29/2017 12:16:13 PM

It's not included in the general physical but I'll ask next time.

11/29/2017 10:48:37 AM

Visual detection but not with opthalmascope

11/29/2017 9:56:48 AM

Antique Appy.....

11/29/2017 7:49:51 AM

not had any reason to worry about the eyes

11/29/2017 5:46:50 AM

Not something my vet has offered. Only when having eye issues.

11/29/2017 12:59:56 AM

If the horse isnt spooking at little things i dont worry. if they spook too much i would have them e

11/28/2017 8:35:25 PM

He is always in a hurry

11/28/2017 8:34:13 PM

I had a horse with eye canver

11/28/2017 7:56:37 PM

Mine don't get an annual exam by a vet

11/28/2017 7:51:47 PM

Always have the Vet look at the eyes. Never know when problems will arise.

11/28/2017 7:22:20 PM

Previous eye injury checked regularly over past 7 years. Eye remind cloudy but horse has limited vi

11/28/2017 6:25:13 PM

She's a 20 yr old Morgan mare with the typical large eyes so can frequently be irritated by various

11/28/2017 5:57:27 PM

No, but my vet does check ups when giving vaccinations or other procedures.

11/28/2017 4:38:06 PM

The vet checks his eyes when I have him in for his vaccinations.

11/28/2017 4:08:30 PM

Never heard of that. They go to vet annually.

11/28/2017 3:43:35 PM

My horse is old and accident-prone, so the vet checks his eyes every time he sees him!

11/28/2017 1:41:57 PM

I get an annual check up, hopefully they check the eyes.

11/28/2017 11:09:55 AM

As part of an annual check up or if I see an issue

11/28/2017 11:03:08 AM

Part of the annual physical

11/28/2017 10:20:03 AM