Truth or Fiction: Farmers' Almanac

Do you rely on the Farmers' Almanac to make horse management decisions? Please tell your experiences and why or why not.


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While its predictions are useful for some things, I don't think they're useful for horsekeeping.

5/26/2014 7:47:59 PM

I rely on my own preferences and experiences

5/26/2014 4:35:15 PM

I read it for fun.

5/26/2014 4:25:08 PM

I trust in myself and my horse to influence my choises, not some random pearson.

5/26/2014 8:50:06 AM

Haven't really seen it around

5/25/2014 4:06:28 PM

I geld on the moon signs and watch full moon reports for possible foaling dates.

5/25/2014 12:36:44 PM

I suggest using anything that used the scientific method to achieve the information.

5/23/2014 11:23:29 PM

hadn't considered doing so... maybe I should...

5/23/2014 7:39:37 PM

Castrations by the sign of the moon.

5/23/2014 3:25:39 PM

I trust the horse management decisions being made by wild horse and burro specialists.

5/23/2014 2:41:48 PM

mostly things are true

5/23/2014 1:52:41 PM

Weaned my filly according to moon signs and incredibly fast, positive adjustment1

5/23/2014 9:46:44 AM

gild the boys... and most all non emergency surgeries

5/23/2014 9:18:36 AM

I have to plan on the market. I don't think that can predict it.

5/23/2014 2:29:10 AM

wean & castrate using moon signs

5/22/2014 7:03:18 PM

I rely on trainer, vet, farrier and my own experience.

5/22/2014 6:23:49 PM

But I often check it after the fact to see "what if I had".

5/22/2014 5:41:38 PM

Often predicts events, not no.

5/22/2014 4:14:41 PM

I find the almanac quite interesting, but it does not infuence my decisions.

5/22/2014 4:12:36 PM

I don't rely on it, but am usually interested in the predictions. Especially in winter..

5/22/2014 12:11:00 PM

from when to geld, to spray for weeds

5/22/2014 8:24:22 AM

only used for light entertainment

5/22/2014 1:45:26 AM

I prefer to use scientific information for decisions

5/22/2014 12:39:46 AM


5/22/2014 12:28:32 AM

not their expertise

5/21/2014 10:15:30 PM

it is proved that if one summer is hot it will be followed by a cold winter, then a mild winter and

5/21/2014 5:48:32 PM

It's utter nonsense

5/21/2014 5:03:05 PM

Only geld or castrate when moon in feet! Less complications.

5/21/2014 4:41:35 PM

No evidence for effectiveness

5/21/2014 4:40:17 PM

gelding. Had wonderful results with the almanac as a guide.

5/21/2014 4:32:25 PM

It's always right.

5/21/2014 2:14:26 PM

Casterating yearlings

5/21/2014 2:04:46 PM

What for? I already know our multi-year drought isn't ending any time soon.

5/21/2014 1:36:57 PM

Have never looked at it, hardly know what it is or even where to get one...

5/21/2014 11:54:25 AM

No, The predictions are far too vague.

5/21/2014 10:00:49 AM

I've gone by it for years and have had great results.

5/21/2014 8:36:14 AM

We consult it for weaning and castrating and have had great success.

5/21/2014 8:29:27 AM

Usually don't read the almanac, tho have used it for gardening info.

5/21/2014 7:28:06 AM

Never even thought about it.....

5/21/2014 1:36:17 AM

Nope, can't see how they could predict the future.

5/20/2014 10:23:28 PM

I rely on the latest current information to make decisions.

5/20/2014 10:01:28 PM

They really make sense. Old ideas based on making a living on the land often are best today too.

5/20/2014 9:52:58 PM

I use it to tell when riding season will come to an end.

5/20/2014 9:19:13 PM

No clue what it is or why I would do that

5/20/2014 8:56:37 PM

It's interesting but not scientific.

5/20/2014 8:30:18 PM

Most reliable weather, crop management & show planning guide over 50 yrs of farming and horses.

5/20/2014 7:45:04 PM

No more accurate than the weather man!

5/20/2014 7:25:42 PM

I never thought about it. I know people use it for planting

5/20/2014 6:30:59 PM

I take my advise from a third generation farmer...he know his stuff....been right for 14 yrs now...

5/20/2014 4:19:10 PM

We don`t use it for management decisions as it is not based on scientific principles.

5/20/2014 12:50:06 PM

No, but I do consider the FA credible info

5/20/2014 11:22:18 AM

Show me the science

5/20/2014 11:14:51 AM

Always castrate when the signs are in the feet

5/20/2014 10:41:34 AM

Including signs/suggestions for best times to wean foals and castrate colts.

5/20/2014 10:22:08 AM

don't read it

5/20/2014 8:51:13 AM

why in the world would I do that?

5/20/2014 8:42:58 AM

I never have. It's easier to make decisions based on whatever it's doing outside at the moment.

5/20/2014 8:41:04 AM

I use real time real life to manage my horse

5/20/2014 7:42:19 AM

no, I think watching hornets nests are more accurate. High nests mean bad winter coming.

5/20/2014 6:01:19 AM