Horse Info Sources

How do you primarily receive information regarding your horse's health?

From my veterinarian
Equine magazines

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We have accumulated a substantial library supplemented by online and magazine articles. .

8/20/2012 9:53:20 PM

Aside from when I need to call in the vet, I relie on "The Horse" to keep me well informed.

8/20/2012 6:23:49 PM

I supplement this info with online, peers and magazines

8/20/2012 2:47:31 PM

Articles in magazines stimulate me to do more research online.

8/19/2012 8:05:00 PM

Too few vets in Alaska, makes it difficult for them to have tiem to answer questions

8/19/2012 3:15:25 AM

I use The Horse.com

8/17/2012 10:14:09 PM

Online, since medical problems thus far have been typical and minor--thank the Lord!

8/17/2012 3:12:33 PM

i work in a Veterinary hospital

8/16/2012 8:28:43 PM

Yearly check ups, more often if needed

8/16/2012 12:25:39 AM

TheHorse.com is also a fantastic resource!

8/15/2012 10:17:28 PM

Horse and Equus

8/15/2012 8:44:32 PM

there's still nothing better than "hands on" diagnosis by a professional

8/15/2012 6:01:03 PM

Share impressions, confer w/vet when possible

8/15/2012 2:53:05 PM

I read everything I possibly can to keep up to date on equine health.

8/15/2012 10:20:47 AM

from TheHorse.com, of course.

8/15/2012 9:24:34 AM

"The Horse" rocks!

8/15/2012 7:05:19 AM

I receive information from ALL Sources ! Veterinarian, Online, Peers, Equine Magazines

8/15/2012 2:46:59 AM

Four magazines every month - loaded with information and vet care

8/15/2012 2:01:33 AM

Being an avid reader I've always gotten my information from a few select magazines

8/15/2012 12:02:04 AM

TheHorse.com is the best!

8/14/2012 10:02:20 PM

i am also a vet so i also to some research on my own

8/14/2012 9:31:48 PM

My peers are veterinarians : D

8/14/2012 9:00:36 PM

My Vet, but also pay attention to Online & Mag. info.

8/14/2012 8:38:09 PM

Any online information is confirmed with a vet.

8/14/2012 7:42:26 PM

I also consult online sources such as The Horse.Com

8/14/2012 6:30:37 PM

your website is an excellent source with your weekly newsletters.

8/14/2012 5:41:24 PM

I work at a Verterinary Teaching Hospital

8/14/2012 5:38:16 PM

Our horses see our Vet twice a year unless there is a problem, so I read all I can on the internet .

8/14/2012 5:10:27 PM

I have several sources and try to educate myself, but our vet is most reliable source and his opinio

8/14/2012 4:35:01 PM

I get a little from all,but rely on my vet when I need a solid answer.

8/14/2012 3:33:41 PM