Stressful Situations

What situations does your horse find stressful?
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Veterinary/farrier visits
Herd separation/weaning
All of the above
Other (please specify)

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Comments & Write-in Answers

They don't like to be left alone.

3/12/2012 10:22:57 PM

Fireworks and hunting season

3/12/2012 9:20:44 PM

2 worry about vet, 1 about separate due to eye issue

3/12/2012 5:00:21 PM

she's fine once she gets to wherever we're going...but hates the traveling in the trailer part

3/12/2012 4:34:20 PM

only stresses if breakfast or dinner is late!

3/12/2012 3:37:45 PM

they hate being apart, while I. ride.

3/12/2012 8:05:45 AM

My Warmblood is very attached to me and gets stressed If i do not haul him but meet him at the show

3/11/2012 3:08:02 PM

Riding with a large group. Always needing to be in the front when riding in a large group.

3/11/2012 2:52:39 PM

The unhandled ones find separation difficult. But using NH, nothing else really stresses our horses

3/11/2012 1:44:22 PM

having the full door to her paddock closed when she is in her stall;doesn't mind the bottom half

3/11/2012 1:06:15 PM

Being around unusual objects. Needs more exposure.

3/11/2012 3:20:07 AM

If I don't move them around and away from each other, the get herd bound

3/9/2012 10:36:04 PM

injury keeping him stall bound

3/9/2012 10:01:34 PM

Retired girls whinny a bit when new horse leaves for clinic/show, but they settle quickly

3/9/2012 7:29:32 AM

none of the above

3/9/2012 6:57:03 AM

Strangers riding her

3/8/2012 9:50:20 PM

Snow falling off roof of the arena

3/8/2012 4:49:13 PM

At age 34, she's OK w/everything, but don't keep her from her buddies!

3/8/2012 4:49:12 PM

He does not like any member of the herd leaving even if he has company left with him

3/8/2012 4:37:07 PM

Seems to take most events in stride, comfortable in so many situations, lovely mare!

3/8/2012 3:28:16 PM

warm up rings, movement in the woods when she can't see what is making the noise and horses gallop

3/8/2012 3:24:42 PM

She shows mild anxiety at al of the above. Basically anything out of her routine/environment.

3/8/2012 3:10:02 PM

encountering moose, but we work thru it

3/8/2012 12:06:22 PM

Standing still when being rode

3/8/2012 11:42:01 AM

My 1/4 horse gelding goes nuts when I take another horse into the barn where he can't see them

3/8/2012 11:09:01 AM

Trail rides with a large group - especially if he is not in front.

3/8/2012 10:15:01 AM

when riding with unfamiliar horses and/or mares (he's a gelding but dosen't know it for sure)

3/8/2012 9:42:02 AM

High winds, dirt bikes, gun shors

3/8/2012 6:17:48 AM

i notice mine get stressful when weather changes from warm to cold and if soomeone other then me do

3/7/2012 11:32:22 PM

Trailering only

3/7/2012 11:24:58 PM

Herd separation and some training situations

3/7/2012 9:01:21 PM

does fine after herd is out of sight, and then gets nervous only at shows, not trailrides

3/7/2012 8:08:26 PM

long trailer trips

3/7/2012 7:41:40 PM

none above she is a only child

3/7/2012 7:21:34 PM

the first few minutes of chiropractic sessions are stressful for him. He doesn't like the noise.

3/7/2012 5:50:13 PM

Trailering. Ladders. Things over her head.

3/7/2012 5:10:54 PM

my gelding had been abused so it is stressful for new people to handle him

3/7/2012 2:33:17 PM

large group of horses

3/7/2012 12:19:00 PM

Taking one horse away from his/her buddy seems to always cause stress.

3/7/2012 11:52:30 AM

Being groomed

3/7/2012 9:48:51 AM

Four days at a show is the max my horses can deal with-they get stressed & ready to go home!

3/7/2012 9:38:40 AM

when another horse blows up, she flips out

3/7/2012 8:48:44 AM

she shakes so bad that i have to stay with her for 1/2 hour after the other horse is back

3/7/2012 8:38:26 AM

We have several horses, each has their own issue, mostly separation

3/7/2012 12:17:04 AM

certain "scary objects" stress her

3/6/2012 9:48:24 PM

Working in the arena

3/6/2012 9:32:49 PM

My mare gets upset when others go out before she does

3/6/2012 9:16:02 PM

They are fairly confident in all normal situations. Only unusual circumstances seem to stress them.

3/6/2012 8:38:09 PM


3/6/2012 7:38:03 PM

New herd members

3/6/2012 7:34:20 PM

when owner is stressed

3/6/2012 7:29:27 PM

Trail rides with large groups of unfamiliar horses get my appy worked up.

3/6/2012 7:13:12 PM


3/6/2012 6:49:50 PM

claustrophobia - either in small spaces or as a mental state during training

3/6/2012 5:46:09 PM

trailer loading

3/6/2012 5:42:33 PM

Being in a stall by himself

3/6/2012 5:20:35 PM

none of the above

3/6/2012 5:12:22 PM

Not much stresses her!

3/6/2012 5:11:13 PM

taking bad tasting medicine

3/6/2012 5:10:21 PM

late feeding & new things in the ring or on the trail (e.g., artificial flowers and escaped calves)

3/6/2012 5:05:41 PM

And everything else in the world

3/6/2012 5:02:12 PM

My one mare gets upset if any herd member leaves, inc her people! The 2 geldings don't care.

3/6/2012 4:53:14 PM

Meeting new horses.

3/6/2012 4:45:34 PM

they only find something stressful when they want to most times they just ignore the situation

3/6/2012 4:34:38 PM

just 1 of our horses is herd bound

3/6/2012 4:34:13 PM

She is really neurotic and can't even be left alone in the pasture without my being there.

3/6/2012 4:33:19 PM

I don't have any problems with any of this with my three.They take it all in stride-no pun intended.

3/6/2012 4:33:04 PM

tractors and 18 wheelers

3/6/2012 4:27:48 PM

Being saddled up for foxhunting!

3/6/2012 4:18:34 PM

None of the above; I don't show I have a great vet and farrier, no separation issues

3/6/2012 4:11:14 PM

Not feeding on time

3/6/2012 4:04:05 PM

Our two, Dad 16 y.o. & his son 7 y. o., both geldings now, have terrible separation anxiety.

3/6/2012 4:01:40 PM

My OTTB sweats out and gets nervous on trailer trips

3/6/2012 3:59:49 PM

Tractors, water trucks, & heavy equipment! Also hail on the metal roof.

3/6/2012 3:57:36 PM

anything out of his routine

3/6/2012 3:37:33 PM

separation when you are away from home only

3/6/2012 3:33:45 PM

Being crowded by other horses

3/6/2012 3:32:32 PM

My horse only freaks out on the trailer on the way home from trail rides/shows, but never on the way

3/6/2012 3:28:30 PM

He finds stressful anything that I find stressful--calm handler/rider, calm horse

3/6/2012 3:26:18 PM

Staying in pasture while other horse being ridden

3/6/2012 3:11:54 PM

my mare is totally laid back and 100% bombproof so never gets stressed

3/6/2012 2:40:24 PM

sometimes saddling, training

3/6/2012 1:35:27 PM

In a herd of 2, separation is a key stressor

3/6/2012 11:35:42 AM

Very confident, difficult movements, bring out tension.

3/6/2012 10:48:36 AM

I have a horse for each stressful event.

3/6/2012 9:38:39 AM

Bicycles coming up from behind and riding in 30+ mph winds especially near trees and tall grass.

3/6/2012 9:36:24 AM

I know he's in the minority, but my horse doesn't find any of the above stressful.

3/6/2012 8:16:38 AM


3/6/2012 2:22:07 AM