A Healthy New Year

What are your horse health resolutions for 2012?
(Select all that apply)

Try a new supplement
Try a fecal egg count deworming program
Have my veterinarian perform my horse's vaccinations regularly
Try an alternative therapy like chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, etc.
Help my overweight horse drop a few pounds
Other (please explain below)

Total votes cast: 332

Comments & Write-in Answers

Try to manage my senior horse better, as she has lost weight,etc.

12/26/2011 11:01:10 PM

to get my horse to stop bucking when transition from a walk to trot

12/26/2011 10:53:11 PM

Trailer my horse out every month.

12/26/2011 9:04:44 PM

Have 2 obese, insuline-dependent equines, so frustrating!

12/26/2011 3:45:25 PM

Ride more. Had a really bad year have not been able to ride all year. My Health. My poor Girls.

12/26/2011 3:07:05 PM

continue to take care of my horses the right way.

12/26/2011 11:26:25 AM

New footing for runs

12/25/2011 10:33:45 PM

exercise them more

12/24/2011 11:12:56 PM

Train more with my horses.

12/24/2011 8:55:35 AM


12/24/2011 1:16:29 AM

Spend more time w/grooming incl feet

12/23/2011 5:38:22 PM

keep my senior gelding moving and supple

12/23/2011 4:25:10 PM

Do my own shots and deworming; get everyone in to have their teeth done and sheaths cleaned.

12/23/2011 3:15:58 PM

really, I don't make any.

12/23/2011 7:51:51 AM

My 13 yr old Warmblood is overweight due to abundant grazing on our farm. Will cut down concentrates

12/23/2011 4:22:41 AM

Get a horse more suited to my riding ability & style

12/22/2011 10:25:56 PM

just ride a lot more , everything else is already routine or unneccessary

12/22/2011 9:39:32 PM

Better hoof care. Nearest farrier lives 2 hrs away!

12/22/2011 9:31:41 PM

get teeth floated

12/22/2011 7:23:47 PM

Ride and train more.

12/22/2011 7:21:45 PM

Carve out more time to spend with them all

12/22/2011 5:38:24 PM

yearly teeth floating

12/22/2011 5:14:40 PM

Teeth Floating

12/22/2011 5:08:41 PM

Keep my 26 yr old TB in good shape and weight

12/22/2011 4:58:01 PM

Exercise my horses daily on the free flow walker

12/22/2011 4:11:14 PM

I all ready do all of the above for my horse. I'm Blessed to have her.

12/22/2011 3:40:02 PM

I already do all of those choices.

12/22/2011 2:28:00 PM

Establish a regular training/exercise program for my horse (and me)

12/22/2011 2:09:40 PM

get horses' teeth checked

12/22/2011 11:12:32 AM

Add additional natural treatments and products to the current program.

12/22/2011 1:46:51 AM

Ride more for horse and my fitness

12/21/2011 7:18:12 PM

Get my horses in top physical condition.

12/21/2011 4:52:48 PM

find a horse who is a better match

12/21/2011 2:25:02 PM

Try to keep our seniors active and fit. It's worked so far!

12/21/2011 1:28:10 PM


12/21/2011 1:25:36 PM

Get her back in shape!!

12/21/2011 10:34:40 AM

Keep all my ridding horses conditioned.

12/21/2011 8:38:41 AM

As always, to do my best for my horses.

12/21/2011 8:10:32 AM

I'd like to get some massages for my guy...they worked wonders on him the first time he had one!

12/21/2011 7:59:06 AM

Help my horse gain weight

12/21/2011 7:53:00 AM

Reiki works well - my horse is very receptive and loves a treatment

12/21/2011 1:50:36 AM

Ride more! And get him & I both into better shape.

12/21/2011 12:50:26 AM

hopefully afford to keep up the quality of care we provide now - purely on social security!

12/20/2011 9:50:20 PM

already using FEC's& vaccs by vet, planning weight loss & dental checks

12/20/2011 9:36:30 PM

I don't make resolutiions

12/20/2011 8:50:39 PM

Help my underweight gelding gain a few pounds.

12/20/2011 8:42:52 PM

saving money figure out what corners to cut

12/20/2011 8:24:25 PM

ride more

12/20/2011 8:06:25 PM

Keep closer check on joints

12/20/2011 7:56:21 PM

will not be over vaccinating any of my animals ever again

12/20/2011 7:37:54 PM

Minimize standing time and maximize turn out and exercise.

12/20/2011 6:58:12 PM

Being a better guardian--doing what's best for HIM, not me

12/20/2011 6:32:26 PM

keep weight at right level

12/20/2011 6:29:05 PM

Get my horse fitter

12/20/2011 6:18:51 PM

spend more time with them

12/20/2011 4:49:55 PM

Get her better conditioned!

12/20/2011 4:29:09 PM

Try to pay more attention to his flat feet issues

12/20/2011 4:23:25 PM

keep weight on the tb

12/20/2011 4:08:57 PM

Have a dental exam and float her teeth.

12/20/2011 3:53:23 PM

Start pergolide for PPID

12/20/2011 3:51:18 PM

Increase endurance fitness to attempt our first 75-mile ride! =D

12/20/2011 3:39:33 PM

Ride more.

12/20/2011 3:28:16 PM

Sharing more quality time -- the best thing for my horse's health and the best thing for mine.

12/20/2011 3:20:01 PM

properly fitted saddle

12/20/2011 3:04:13 PM

Get them out riding for exercise

12/20/2011 2:30:07 PM

get my horses suspensory ligament healed!

12/20/2011 1:09:43 PM

I'd like to find the ideal shoeing rotation--traditional ones are too short for my guy's great feet!

12/20/2011 10:32:12 AM

I have a beautiful mare that injured her neck in a fall, will be trying "chiro" for her this spring.

12/20/2011 10:05:48 AM